TV Talk – 13 Reasons Why – Season One

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So, I’ve watched this show when it first hit Netflix but I wanted to have a talk about it because I know this show had an impact on a lot of people. A spoiler alert is in full effect, so if you haven’t yet seen this show, do not proceed until you do. You have been warned.

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I first read the book that this series is based on about five years ago when I was studying to get my writing degree. At the time I found the story to be intriguing and such a bold topic. The book touched me, but the show left me shaken up.

I’ve seen so many people who were not happy about the fact that they chose to show the actual suicide and even went as far as to say that the show was glorifying suicide and I do not think that is the case. I one hundred percent think that showing the suicide was needed. It brought everything that we had watched during twelve episodes come full circle in a way.

People commit suicide for all types of reasons. Hannah gave us clear reasons as to why she was pushed to the point that the only solution was to take her own life. It wasn’t just one reason, but the collection of them all that made her feel as if she had no other option and actually watching her do it showed us how difficult it was. I also think that it could possibly help who may be a part of bullying. Watching someone take their own life is not an easy thing to do.

At first, I wondered how the writers and producers thought they would manage to get more than one season out of this show but the ending left me feeling like there needed to be more to get to a resolution so I am happy about a second season. Hopefully, we will learn what happened to Alex and Mr. Porter and also how Hannah’s parents are going to handle things now that they have the recordings.

I just hope that no one takes as long as Clay took to get through those tapes. It happened exactly as it did in the book, but watching the show I just wanted to yell at him to just listen to the darn tapes already and stop trying to approach everyone. He had this need to try and fix things but he didn’t take the time to do so when Hannah was alive. That was probably my biggest pet peeve about the show, but then again, if he had just listened like everyone else, there might have been a need for thirteen episodes.

What are your thoughts on this show? Let me know.

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TV Talk – Riverdale – Season One

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Who killed Jason Blossom?

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13 Episode review and spoilers are a strong possibility.

That is the primary focus of the first season and it was not what I thought this show was going to be.

When I first heard that the Archie comics would be adapted into a television show, I was excited. I loved the comics and thought a show would be a good idea. I honestly thought that it would be set in the time the comics were which, if memories serves me correctly, was the sixties. Boy, was I wrong. It’s set in modern times and it is a full on thriller and I loved every second of it.

Let’s talk about what I absolutely loved about this show. Luke Perry, Skeet Ulrich, Cole Sprouse and Archie’s abs. Okay, there were other things to love about this show but these are a few that stood out.

I’m trying to remember the last show I saw that starred or featured Perry or Ulrich and I can’t find one. It was good to have them on my TV (rather computer) screen and they were perfectly cast in their roles as Jughead and Archie’s dads.

I am very familiar with the Sprouse twins. I watched Big Daddy, Friends and even caught the Suite Life a few times. I couldn’t imagine how either of them would do in the acting world away from Disney. Disney is all about big and overly dramatic acting and not everyone can make that transition. Cole Sprouse did it so seamlessly. I bought every bit of his performance and I loved him with the darker hair. Who knew that he would grow up to such a knockout? That’s physically and talent wise. He was probably my favorite part of this show because I got to see what a great actor he is. I rooted for him and Bett, weird because in the comics I wanted Betty and Archie together, and I was so happy when she chose him and moved on from her feelings for Archie. Though I don’t believe that Archie has no feelings for her. He likes Veronica but I think he secretly wants to be with Betty. It all goes back to that Dawson’s Creek love triangle. Joey told Dawson about her feelings for him. He didn’t want her. Someone else found her attractive and suddenly Dawson is in love.

I definitely got the feeling that it would and will eventually go there.For now, I am going to relish in the joy of Betty and Jughead together.

I really enjoyed this thriller aspect of the show. A murder happened and whodunit. That is what is going on in everyone’s mind in the little town of Riverdale. I suspected at least everyone minus the kids. Well, there was that moment I thought Cheryl might have killed her twin brother, but then I moved on past that. It was clear that it was one of the parents and they all had their secrets. Betty’s mom pissed me off until about the ninth or tenth episode when she found out that her husband hand tried to make their oldest daughter Polly have an abortion. It was clear that it bothered her because he tried to make her have one too when they were teens. She was so controlling in the beginning that I wanted Betty to just tell her off one good time.

The only honest parent in the bunch was Fred Andrews, Archie’s dad. Jughead’s dad, FP, was hiding something and turns out that he had cleaned up the murder of Jason and was holding onto the proof that he knew who was responsible as leverage. For what? I don’t know. He never said.

The last three episodes I knew that it had to be Jason’s dad who killed him but I was sure that I would be wrong.

The biggest shocker or at least one of them was the revelation that the Cooper’s and the Blossom’s were related. So Polly Cooper and Jason Blossom were cousins who slept together and made twins. That’s not weird at all. What a secret to hold on to. When the two started dating, I don’t understand how their parents could go on keeping that secret. They tried to pull them apart but never told them, “hey, that’s your cousin you’re kissing”. Jason might still be alive.

Then again, Jason found out his father was a drug lord, so maybe not.

Now going into Season two we will learn how Betty feels about Jughead being accepted into the Southside Serpents and more importantly the fact that he seemed to want to be accepted. Will Fred Andrews live and who was the guy who shot him and why?

I’m excited guys, what about you? Overall, I give this season four point five stars.

What did you guys think? Let me know.

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Dawson’s Creek – Complete Series Thoughts – Click Image

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So, I just completed binge watching Dawson’s Creek, over ten years too late, and I am going to share with you my thoughts whether you like it or not. This will likely be filled with spoilers, so if you waited to watch this show like I did, click off this post watch it and come back to see if you agree with my ramblings or not. Now on to my post.

I am widely known as a repeat offender, to the people who know me that is. Which means that if I love a show I WILL watch it again. There is some debate on whether I have watched The Vampire Diaries four or five times and it is no secret that once I complete it, I will watch something else and then return to TVD for the fifth or sixth time. But enough about my intense love for all things Delena, Damon Salvatore and Stefan’s abs. I’ll give you a post on my thoughts if you ask really nice. This post is about what I thought of Dawson’s Creek.

Now, I don’t want to upset any of you Creekers, is that what you call yourselves? If not, that’s your new name.

It’s not that I hated the show. I laughed, I swooned, I fell in love with actors I had never paid much attention to and I even shed a few tears. Okay, more than a few. Call me a sucker for a death scene. Give me a death, words some great writer has written, fantastic acting, sad music playing in the background and then in the forefront as a sappy montage is playing and it’s no wonder I’m sitting on my bed balling my eyes out like I knew these characters personally. The series finale was even pretty good.

In fact, the show was good. I just would never watch it a second time. It made me mad. Quite often. To begin with, it apparently took me six seasons to figure out what the show was really about, or rather who. It’s titled Dawson’s Creek for crying out loud. Yes, it has all of the makings of an ensemble cast but I was under the impression that the show was about Dawson Leery. Yet, when Dawson is describing his movie about his life he says it’s about a girl i.e. Joey. So, was the actual show about Joey? This confuses me and pisses me off. I wondered why poor Dawson continually got the shitty end of the stick. He loved so hard and so fully yet, every girl he loved left him and that whole thing with Joey. Man could that girl have been more flaky? You long after a guy for fifteen years, get him and then tell him you need to be alone? Then she wasn’t alone. She fell right into Jack’s arms. When he turned out to be gay she went back to Dawson. Dawson didn’t work out and then came Pacey and then back to Dawson.

The girl gave me whiplash. I love that they figured it out and remained friends and Dawson could be happy that his soulmate choice his best friend over him, but let’s be realistic. I don’t know one friends, guy or girl, that could have survived that. Plus, Joey went on and on about wanting Pacey and Dawson to be friends again, but refused to let either of them really go. That would have been the mature thing to do. All this talk of growing up and she couldn’t find one guy to be with other than the two of them and she had options. The next time one of my guy friends talks about taking us out of the friend zone I’m going to make him watch this show. Bad things happen when you hook up with your friends.

Forget about the fact that she show was actually good and that Kerr Smith was amazing. I could never watch this show again because I can’t deal with being mad for a good six seasons. Did I mention how cute Jenson Ackles was? Anyways.

I think that about covers my rant. Comment if yo agree or if you think I’m just plan crazy. Plus, leave a comment on what show you want me to binge and review next from Hulu or Netflix.

Until we meet again… I love you, thanks for stopping by and be sure to bring your sexy asses back. (Was that too much? Oh well. Can’t take it back now. Or can I?)