Journey To Full-Time Writer – OSTS – Chapter Eight

Hey 172 followers,

I’m back with another writing update. I haven’t done much in the last few days so it shouldn’t be a surprise that I am only on chapter eight in my journey to edit my upcoming book One Shot, Two Shots. With the way things are going it’s no surprise that I won’t be releasing this book when I originally planned. I really need to buckle down and get some serious work done. I have so many projects planned and procrastinating is just throwing me all of track.

With that said I think I’ll try to get some editing done today.

Dated: August 3, 2018


Journey To Full-Time Writer – When Was The Last Time I Wrote?

Hey guys,

So, I was on a roll. Formatting one book, editing another… and then I stopped. I’m not really sure why. I haven’t been doing much of anything so I don’t have anything to post about.


How’s your day going?

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Journey To Full-Time Writer – Update

Hey guys,

So quick writing update. I am busy trying to get my first book to perfection. It has been removed from Amazon and I am just trying to beef it up a bit and make some necessary changes. Changes that are needed for the second book in the series. I’m not entirely sure how this publishing thing works when you make changes to a book. Do I release a second edition or can I just rerelease considering I’m self-published?

I just don’t know.

I mean, I have sold some copies but not enough to make a living off of so not many people have read this story. How much harm could it do if I just fix this book and then rerelease?

Moving on…

I’m not really sure how people manage to put out multiple books a year. I’m just struggling to find the time to work on a book that’s already been released.

I miss not working. LOL. Granted, I don’t miss being broke but I miss having the free time. Yet, when I wasn’t working, I wasn’t really writing. I just haven’t had that spark that I began with when I sat down and initially wrote the first book in The Five Sisters series. That is a feeling I’m just not sure I will ever get back and I don’t know why.

That Moment When I’m On The Verge Of A Breakdown

It is ten o’clock at night and I am struggling. My brain is working overtime and I can’t seem to settle it down. Today I had plans on purchasing my ISBN for my new book but when I visited the site I wasn’t sure what option to select. When I published my first book POWER I paid for one ISBN and that seemed to be the right decision. My book is available in paperback and eBook. This time around I want to sell it from this site (my site), iBooks, Amazon, Nook and possible bookstores. Now I think I may need to purchase more than one ISBN.

Which brings me to my breakdown.

I am so confused right now. Do I purchase the one ISBN for $125 or ten for $295? I haven’t the slightest clue.

I am all about taking the cheaper way out. Mainly because I like holding on to my money. Plus, when I started this whole self publishing journey, I wasn’t aware of how difficult and costly it could turn out (that’s for a whole different post).

I am willingly to shell out the dough if it’s what I need to do so help. What do I do?

***** UPDATE *****

I have found the answer!

I am no longer confused and now I am ready to pass this information on to my fellow self-publishers in case you were having the same problem.

The answer is… if you are going to publish in multiple formats (i.e. paperback, hardcover, ebook) you will need to purchase multiple ISBN’s.

Glad I have solved that problem.

I’m also going to share a LINK to the page where you can purchase your package as a freshman self-publisher.

If I was able to help at all I’m glad. Until next time Love Bugs, Love, Peace & Chicken Grease.