Getting Friends and Family Support

Hey 133 Followers,

This week I want to talk about the role friends and family play in your success.

Anyone who knows me knows that I’ve wanted nothing else but to be in the entertainment industry. My first passion is acting and it has been since I was three years old. Writing was a happy accident at the age of fourteen and I hope to one day produce and direct.

Everyone knows this. Everyone supports this. With words.

There are tons of, “I’m going to purchase your book/movie when you put it out”, “you’re going to be big”, “I will support you in any way I can.” That is until you actually ask for that support.

This is something I’m experiencing at the moment. This is not a negative towards the few that purchased my first book. I truly appreciate the support. This is more about the wide lack of support.

It’s no secret that I quit my job to pursue writing full-time (plus the job was sucking the life out of me) and when I did, I thought of ways to supplement my income until I started making income from my writing. One of the ways was creating fun t-shirts on teespring. The other was starting a Gofundme account. I felt weird about the latter, like I quit my job and then ask for donations? It’s safe to say that page did not last long (although several people do it). I then discovered a platform that made me feel less scavie. Patreon. It’s dedicated to helping artistic types fund their careers. How great is that? So, I created an account.

They tell you to share your Patreon account on your personal Facebook page. That your first patrons should generate from family and friends.

So… What does it mean when your friends and family doesn’t become a patron?

I had this sinking feeling that if I can’t even get my F&F to pledge $1 towards my career endeavors, how do I get complete strangers to do it?

Then there’s the feeling of maybe no one really believes in you.

It’s an awful feeling but it’s what floats to the surface. I mean, it’s a dollar. I couldn’t even get one dollar from ONE person. No wonder no one else will do it, my own mama won’t.

These thoughts and feelings are not good for my depression. My anxiety flares up. I feel like I’m standing in quick sand sinking fast.

So, I had to realize something. Your family and friends do not determine your worth. If you sit and wait for them to acknowledge you, you will be waiting forever and completely missed out on making your dreams come true.

This is a sad realization but a necessary one.

You have to go out there and fight for what you believe is yours. For me, it’s my place in the entertainment industry. When at first my feelings would be hurt, now I am more determined.

I hope this courage so anyone in a similar situation. It’s very unlikely that anyone will even read this because no one reads my posts. If you do happen to read this and would like to become a patron, click the image below.

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Review: The Viscount’s Christmas Temptation By Erica Ridley

A cute and fun romance. Lady Amelia Ravenwood is ready to take a husband so that her brother, the Duke, will feel it’s okay to take a wife. She has chosen several prospects and needs an event to entertain them all. When the Viscount Benedict Sheffield’s Christmas party is cancelled, she works to have it reinstated and in the process finds love.

Hard to get into at the beginning. Story picks u pace in the second chapter. It was cute and fun and interesting to watch these two people fall in love. I was left wanting so much more, which is expected in a novella. The characters met, fell in love and then that was that.

I expected more to come out of the wooing process but as I said this is a novella so things are a bit rushed to get the point across. However, this is set in a time when wooing or courting was how you went about marrying. These characters seemed to almost jump right into.

It was a cute story but not one that I would pick up to read again as a just because read.

Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️

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Reviewless: Sort Of

Hey 128 followers,

I didn’t have enough time to read a book so that I could get a review up for you but I didn’t want to leave you guys hanging. I have some exciting news.

Yesterday I happened to log onto Author Central, as I often do, and I noticed that I had a new review for my book Power. So being the curious girl that I am, I checked out the review and could not wipe the smile from my face.

It was five stars!

There are times when I doubt whether I am a good writer and if my book is any good, but when I see something like that it makes me proud.

Another five star.

Not my first and hopefully not my last.

Now I’ve got to get writing because I can’t leave everyone hanging for that second book.

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Radish Reads #1

Happy Friday my wonderful 128 followers,

As a writer, I think it is important to read, and I like to read. Actually, I think like is too soft a word for how I feel about reading.

On this glorious Friday I want to talk about a story I read on Radish. If you are not familiar with Radish and you read my last post, Radish is a lot like Wattpad. You write stories and share them with readers. The difference is, with Radish you can make money. Now, I’m not too sure how that works, whether it’s based off of reads, votes or shares. Plus, you have to put in an application to be consider a writer for the app (still waiting to hear back about mine by the way).

Moving on.

Like with my Wattpad posts, I I’ll not be sharing the name of the story or author.

Yesterday I clicked on the first story that popped up and I didn’t put my iPad down until I finished it. At least I’m hoping that I didn’t finish it because where the author left off at was just cruel.

There was so much going on with this story. It had paranormal entities, a bunch of mystery/triller vibes and whole lot of erotic scenes.

It was actually labeled a mystery but if I had to place it in a genre category, it would be Erotic Mystery (if such a genre existed).

It almost felt like the author wanted to tell a sex story and needed a new and fresh way to do it. A way that hasn’t been done. So, why not throw in a girl with physic abilities, a couple ghost and a murder mystery?

I’m telling, you I could not put it down and I like a good erotic novel like the next girl but it was the murder mystery that held me. I legit need this case solved and I hope that the author isn’t going to leave me hanging because it’s been months since she’s posted. Which is a downside to apps like this because you could get so wrapped up in a story and then the author decides to stop posting.

I just want to scream at the top of my lunges, “why!?”

I have been left with this big hole in my gut. It’s almost like my sister telling me that she’s going to make backed Mac n cheese for dinner but when I get to her house she’s changed her mind. I feel so empty right now. I need to know what happened.

Ugh, I think I’m going to go drown my misery in another book.

Until we meet again followers…

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Wattpad Stories: Post I

Hey guys,

Welcome back to my blog. Before we dive into the point of this post I wanted to go over a few things.

1: I am going to start blogging three times a week. That’s right. Three times. Monday’s will feature my musings of a starving artist. Wednesday’s will be all about sharing my writing and Friday’s will be book reviews. So, this will be the last Wednesday you have a review related post.

2: At the end of each blog will be a icon for the FEATURED BOOK OF THE WEEK. This will likely be the last published book that I reviewed. If you’re interested in purchasing a copy, just click the photo.

3: My book will also be at the end of each post if you are interested in purchasing (I hope you are).

4: I will also feature a link for some fun t-shirts available for purchase and a Gofundme account for anyone interested in making a small donation.

Now onto the blog.

So Wattpad. For those of you who are not familiar with Wattpad, in a nutshell it is a free story sharing app. That’s it. Professional and amateur writers and write stories and share them with the large community.

I learned of Wattpad about a year ago and started sharing my work on the site. In the process, I’ve read a bit as well. Some really good ones that should be professionally published.

This post is not about those great stories, however.

This is about the story I just had to DNF (Do Not Finish).

I will not share the name of the book or author.

I was so frustrated reading this last story. It is hugely popular on the app, gaining thousands of reads, votes and comments, but this book was horrible and no one seemed to notice. It had a good premise that is working but something went horribly wrong with this book.

I don’t have a big problem with insta-romances, but this was super insta. The way the two MC’s fell for each other gave me whiplash. Things weren’t adding up within this story. The entire week that I pushed myself to try and finish this book I kept trying to keep everything in order in my head. There were just so many inconsistencies.

I’m still trying to understand how a book that needs a major overhaul, could be one of the most popular books on the site. That was the whole reason why I wanted to read it (lol).

Back to the drawing board, or the Wattpad story recommendations.

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Until the next time…

Review: Highlander’s Desire by Joanne Wadsworth

GENRE: Paranoral Romance

HOW DID I COME ACROSS THIS BOOK: I received this book as a free gift for signing up for the authors newsletter.


READER SYNOPSIS: Isla and Iain Matheson are destined to be together to bring forth a prophecy. Isla has spent time running from Iain, not ready to bond with her mate but they do come face to face they can not deny the pull they feel. They soon learn why their bond was prophesied.

WHAT I LIKED: I often cringe at inta-romances or romances where one character (likely the female) is adamant about staying away from the other and then quickly fall head over heels with them but not this time. The author very clearly stated that once they found their mate that they wouldn’t be able to deny their need to be with them. So, it made sense that once Isla and Iain came face to face for the first time that she didn’t try to reject him. It was very different in which I’ve read about wolf shifters but not bears. The story was very clearly set up, so that once you reached the end you completely understood the story. Wadsworth did a good job with building this world in which these shifters exist and giving insight to their culture.

WHAT I DIDN’T LIKE: It ended too quickly. I could not put it down so there is not much that I didn’t like.

RATING: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ I’m interested in reading the rest of the trilogy.

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Review: Cartel Dreams: A Love Story by Nicety

GENRE: Urban Drama

HOW DID I COME ACROSS THIS BOOK: This has been on my idle for quite some time. I believe that I got it for free.


READER SYNOPSIS: Twenty-three year old Daisy is a all around good girl and thinking about grad school. She finds herself tempted by the bad boy next door Quince. Daisy is hiding a secret and Quince is making moves to change his life.

WHAT I LIKED: This is a interesting story with a lot of potential. It has all of the makings of a story that could draw you in. The cliff hanger does make me want to read the second book to see what is going on, if there is a second book.

WHAT I DIDN’T LIKE: I had a hard time getting through this book. This book was not formatted properly, which I found very distracting. Chapters bled into each other. The awful formatting made me feel as if the author did not care enough about the project.

A bit of the story is unrealistic. Daisy lives in an urban neighborhood, yet she is naive to Quince’s job considering he has tons of cash stashed around. I think it’s pretty obvious that he sells drugs but somehow she manages to be completely clueless. Also she drops her best friend for this guy. They’ve been friends for years yet a guy she didn’t initially want manages to tear apart her friendship?

It was also a bit more explicit than I like.

RATING: ⭐️⭐️⭐️ Had the formatting been better this book might have received a higher rating.


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