Short Story – The Five Sisters – Revealed – Chapter Five

Eve walked through the entrance to the Coney Island Aquarium. New York City wasn’t the easiest place to live but it was where she felt she needed to be and because she wasn’t much of a party girl, she settled on spending her twenty-first birthday at the aquarium.

She walked the boardwalk and looked around. At the people, the animals, the amusements. It was the most excitement she’s had in a while.

Eve came to a halt in the middle of the boardwalk as a chill ran up her spine. She felt dizzy and lightweight. She stumbled forward as a man bumped into her.

“I’m so sorry,” he said turning to face her. He smiled. “Hi.”

“Hi,” Eve said absentmindedly. She turned around scanning the area.

“My name is Adam.”

“Anthony,” Eve breathed out as he eyes fell on the brother she hadn’t seen since their birthday five years ago.

“No, it’s Adam.”

As if sensing her, Anthony looked up and they locked eyes. He handed the small girl in his arms to the woman beside him and moved through the crowd away from them. Eve moved away from Adam and in the direction Anthony was headed.

She found him in an empty corner.

“Anthony,” she said excitedly.

“Hey, Eve,” he said as he took her in his arms. “What are you doing here?”

“I live here.” Anthony released her. “Do you live here?”

“No, birthday present from my wife. More for my daughter than for me,” he chuckled.

“I saw them. When can I meet them?”

“You can’t, because not that I know you’re here, we’re going to have to leave.”

“You don’t have to go.”

“Yes we do. Do you release that I sensed you. Before I saw you, I knew you were here. I can’t stay.”

“Please Anthony. I’ve been by myself for three years and it’s my birthday. It’s our birthday. Don’t make me be alone.”

“I’m sorry Eve,” Anthony said sadly. “My wife has already taken my daughter and got a head start. Please don’t follow me. Happy birthday.”

Anthony disappeared and Eve found herself staring at the empty space.

“What the hell was that?”

Eve spun around throwing her hand up. Adam went flying into a wall. She ran over to him, a ball of fire floating in the palm of her hand.

“Who are you?” she asked.

“Adam,” he choked out. “The question is, who are you?”

“Why are you following me?”

“I was trying to talk to you. Thought you were cute.”

Eve shook her hand and the fire went out.

“I’m sorry for throwing you.”

“That’s okay. It’s not everyday a pretty girl whips me around without touching me.” He got to his feet. “Now, will you tell me your name?”

Eve laughed, shaking her head. “It’s Eve.”

“Nice to meet you, Eve.”


Journey To Full-Time Writer – TFS – Book One – Chapter Four

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I’m just here to give you guys a quick update. I am currently formatting chapter four in book one to The Five Sisters. I really have to get cracking with this so that I can re-release this book and move onto my second book.

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Short Story – The Five Sisters – Revealed – Chapter Four

Eve stood in the doorway of her now empty bedroom. She had lived in that room since she was three and now at eighteen she was leaving it all behind. She was leaving everything behind. She carried the box in her arms out of the room and down the stairs. Eve passed through the kitchen and fought back tears as she passed all of the kitchen furniture unplugged and covered in white sheets. Making it through the living room was just as hard as she passed more furniture draped in white sheets.

Eve stepped out of the house and unto the porch. Marcus was shutting the trunk of his car after having loaded everything he deemed important enough to take with him. He walked over and took the box from Eve as she made her way down the porch steps.

“Do you know where you’re going?”

“Not really,” she answered. “I was thinking-”

“No,” Marcus cut her off. “Don’t tell me. It would be better if I didn’t know.” He put the box in her car and shut the door.

Eve breathed a heavy sigh. Marcus walked over to his car and removed a small box. He walked back over and held it out.

“This is everything you need to start your life over.”

Eve took the box from his and looked down at it. “So this is it huh? The last time we’ll ever see each other.”

“If I could change it, I would, but I can’t so we just have to accept it and move on.” Marcus raised her chin and gave her a kiss on the cheek. “So long Pretty Girl.” He turned and walked back to his car, climbing in. Without looking back, he waved out the window and drove away.

Eve turned back and looked at the house that she had grown up. The house that she so desperately wanted to spend the rest of her life in. She looked off in the direction Marcus’ car had headed. Who would know if she went back inside, she asked herself.

“Don’t do it.”

Eve turned her head and let out a gasp. “Mommy?” she asked staring in the face of woman who had given birth to her and whom she had buried so many years ago. “How are you here?”

“I’ve always been here. You can see me now,” Carol Battle said. “You need to go Eve.”

“Why?” Eve asked. “Why can’t I stay here and live out the rest of my life?”

“Your place is not here anymore, child.”

“You,” Eve said in a whisper. The other woman walked over and stood beside Carol. Eve stared at eyes that were so much like her own. A mystical swirl that looked like someone had dumped several colors on a canvas and painted eyes for Eve’s. Eyes that none of Eve’s siblings shared. “Lillie.”

Lillie and Carol smiled at each other. Lillie placed her hand on Carol’s shoulder before passing her and stepping over to Eve. She took Eve’s hands in her own.

“Your destiny is not here,” Lillie said.

A shudder ran through Eve’s body. She suddenly felt compelled to get into her car and drive away. The desire to remain in her childhood home was no longer there. Lillie released Eve and stepped back. Without another word, Eve climbed into her car and drove away.

Journey To Full-Time Writer – OSTS – Chapter Eight

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I’m back with another writing update. I haven’t done much in the last few days so it shouldn’t be a surprise that I am only on chapter eight in my journey to edit my upcoming book One Shot, Two Shots. With the way things are going it’s no surprise that I won’t be releasing this book when I originally planned. I really need to buckle down and get some serious work done. I have so many projects planned and procrastinating is just throwing me all of track.

With that said I think I’ll try to get some editing done today.

Dated: August 3, 2018

Short Story – The Five Sisters – Revealed – Chapter Three

Eve stepped outside to a yard full of her friends. She was dressed in a pretty purple dress. It was her sixteenth birthday and her brother Anthony’s eighteenth. Anthony had decided not to have a birthday so that Eve could enjoy her sixteenth.

Eve moved through the backyard and mingled amongst her friends. Everyone was talking and laughing. She glanced over at the table filled with gifts and smiled. She liked having a day that was all about her. She walked over to the food table where Anthony was making plates of food for the kids.

“Any of those gifts on that table for you?” Eve asked.

“No. This day is all about you. I don’t need anything.,” Anthony said.

The smile that Eve was wearing slowly fell away. Anthony’s back stiffened. “Eve don’t.” Eve slowly turned around and scanned the crowd. The hairs on her arms were standing up. Her eyes fell on the light skinned woman standing by the large tree near the front of the yard.

“Jasmine,” she breathed out.

Eve moved quickly through the crowd. Jasmine broke out into a smile and held her arms out. Eve ran into them and Jasmine picked her up. They held each other for a moment.

“Hi Anthony,” Jasmine said over Eve’s shoulder. Jasmine lowered Eve and released her.

“Hi Jasmine,” Anthony said.

“Do I get a hug?”

Anthony stepped over and pulled her into his arms.

“I can’t believe you’re here,” Eve said.

“Me neither.” They all turned to find Marcus standing behind them. “Inside. Now.” They all stepped into the house and Marcus closed the door behind them. “What are you doing here Jasmine?”

“Hi to you too Marcus,” Jasmine said.

“You know the rules Jasmine. Is Nikki with you?”

“Don’t worry about Nikki. She She sent me packing the moment I showed up.”

“Good for her. Now I think you should leave.”

“I just had to see them on their birthday,” Jasmine said. “You couldn’t think that I would just stay away.”

“Yes, I did. I think you should leave now.”

“Don’t make her leave,” Eve begged.

“I’ll leave,” Jasmine said. “Happy birthday Pretty Girl.” She pulled Eve into her arms.

“Please, don’t go,” Eve cried.

“Anthony, come with me,” Jasmine said releasing Eve.

“No,” Marcus said. “Anthony will leave on his own after the party.”

“What? He’s not leaving,” Eve said.

“Eve. I’m eighteen,” Anthony said.


“So, I can be on my own now. I don’t need a guardian.”

“This is all your fault!” Eve yelled at Marcus. “You’re making them leave. You made Nikki leave. I hate you!”

Eve ran up the stairs and into her bedroom, slamming the door shut. Jasmine shook her head. “Sorry.” She waved goodbye to them both and then she was gone.

Journey To Full-Time Writer – So Many Projects

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So, I have decided that I’ve put way too much time between my projects. Not that that’s a bad thing but I’ve sort of been in a bit of a slump while taking my sweet time to publish again. With that said, I decided to no longer wait.

Right now I am editing OSTS book one in the THD series. Writing the first book in The Vampire Hunter series and plotting the first book in my Thicker Than Water series.

I know. So many projects. Will I be able to juggle them all?

We’ll just have to wait and see.

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Short Story – The Five Sisters – Revealed – Chapter Two

“Eve!” A girl, thirteen with light skin and unusual multicolored eyes lifted her head and turned in the direction of the voice. A girl, late teens with the same light skin complexion, long curly hair and brown eyes ran over to her and wrapped her arms tightly around her. “Oh, Pretty Girl.”

Thirteen-year-old Eve stood motionless in her sisters’ arms. She couldn’t bring herself to move. Not even to wrap her arms back around her sister.


They both turned to see a tall girl running towards them. She was a darker complexion and wore her hair straight. Jasmine released Eve and caught the other girl in a tight embrace as she flew towards them.

“Please tell me it’s not true. She’s not gone. She can’t be gone,” she sobbed.

Jasmine held her as she cried. She reached over and grabbed Eve and pulled her into their embrace. They held tightly unto each other until the door behind them opened. Jasmine raised her head and turned to the door. The tall dark skinned boy standing in the doorway stepped out and walked over to them. He hugged them each and wrapped his arm around Eve’s shoulder.

A nurse walked by, quickly excusing herself.

“Come on,” he said. He led Eve into the room, the girls following behind.

“Jasmine. Nikki.”

“Marcus,” Jasmine said. She walked over and gave him a quick hug. He was tall, the same complexion and the younger boy and very handsome.

Nikki barely spared the man standing in the corner a glance. Her eyes were focused on the woman lying in the hospital bed. No monitors beeped. Her chest didn’t rise and fall with her steady breathing. She was still. Too still. Nikki walked over and sat down on the bed beside her. Nikki picked up the woman’s hand and held it.

“How did this happen?” Nikki asked.

“Doctor said it was a heart attack,” Marcus said.

“I don’t get it.”

“her heart failed,” he said. “Anthony and Eve were home when it happened and they got her here but there was nothing the doctors could do.”

“No,” Nikki said. “I don’t understand how a woman who can heal herself dies of a heart attack. Why didn’t she heal herself?”

“Nikki-” Marcus started.

Jasmine shook her head and walked over to Nikki. She placed her hands on her shoulders and rubbed them gently.

“It was just her time,” Jasmine said.

“I just want her here,” Nikki sobbed.

“Me too.” Jasmine wiped a tear away.

No one spoke for a while. Anthony held onto Eve. No tears fell from her eyes. She didn’t utter a sound. Nikki glanced over her shoulder at Eve before turning back to their mother.

“Is she okay?” she asked.

“She hasn’t said a word since we got here,” Anthony said.

Nikki wiped her tears and cleared her throat. She got up from the bed, Jasmine taking her place, and walked over to Anthony and Eve. She ran her hand down the side of her face and looked at her lovingly.

“Hey, Pretty Girl. Do you want to go for a walk with me?” Eve didn’t say anything. She didn’t move. Nikki looked over to Marcus. He shook his head.

“I gotta get out of here,” Jasmine said getting up from the bed. Her face was stained with tears. She quickly rushed from the hospital room not waiting for her siblings to follow her.

“We should all go,” Marcus said. “We have a funeral to plan and other arrangements to make.”

Eve looked up and caught the look that Marcus and Nikki shared. Anthony took her hand and led her from the room. Marcus draped his arm around Nikki’s shoulder and they followed them out of the room and down the corridor. Jasmine was nowhere in sight.

Marcus handled everything for their mother’s funeral all while packing his things and moving them back into the family home. Eve got up from her bed when she heard the front door open. She walked downstairs and through the house. She stopped at the back door and looked out. Nikki and Marcus were in a heated discussion. Eve couldn’t make out what they were saying.

“She should come with me. I understand you keeping Anything, but Eve should come with me.”

“We’ve been over this. They both stay here. With me,” Marcus said.

“What could you possibly know about raising a young girl?” Nikki asked.

“I helped mama and papa raise both you and Jasmine. I think I can handle our thirteen-year-old sister,” Marcus said. “Besides, I think it will be better all around if she stays with me.”

“And why is that?” Nikki asked. “Is it because you don’t think I’ll be able to do what needs to be done? You don’t think I’ll be able to let her go.” Marcus didn’t say anything. Nikki chuckled and shook her head. “I can do it, you know.”


“No!” she yelled cutting him off. Nikki ran her hands through her hair. “I can let her go. When it’s time.”

“It’s time now,” Marcus said.”As the oldest I will raise both Anthony and Eve and all of the hard decisions will fall on my shoulders.”

“Fine. Whatever,” Nikki spun on her heels and stalked around the side of the house. Marcus turned to walk into the house and spotted Eve standing in the doorway. He walked up the steps and entered the house.

“You should get some sleep. We have a long day tomorrow.”

Without uttering a word Eve turned and walked back through the house and up to her bedroom.

Eve woke the next morning and dressed in the black dress that Jasmine had laid out for her. She sat down at the kitchen table and had breakfast. Marcus, Nikki, Jasmine, and Anthony joined her. When they were done they left the house, Nikki and Jasmine taking their own cars.

They sat in the front pew of the church while the minister presided over the funeral. Jasmine wiped the tears from her face. Her other hand held Anthony’s. She glanced over at Eve who was staring straight ahead. Jasmine held her hand out for Nikki to take. Nikki glanced down confused before taking her hand.

Jasmine’s voice flooded her head. She’s not even crying.

Nikki glanced over at Eve. She might be in shock.

Did you talk to Marcus? Is he going to let you take her?

No. He’s not budging on that.