Book Discussion – Never Kiss A Stranger – Never Series – Book One

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As always, spoilers are a strong possibility, so if you haven’t had the chance to read this book, click out, read it and come back and tell me what you thought.

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Now onto the discussion…

I really liked this book. Addison doesn’t do relationships. She lonely and once a year decides to have a one night stand. Which is how she met Wilder, who is only interested in one night stands. Things get interesting after that one night though because Wilder enjoyed himself so much that he wants to do it again. Addison is hesitant at first because she doesn’t want feeling to get involved but she soon agrees to a standing date every Friday where they both can relieve some stress. This is a romance however so feelings are bound to become involved.

Wilder soon become obsessed with her, even going as far as to break her rules, going out to dinner, sleeping over and getting to know each other.

I loved the twist that came in the story when they turned out to be stepsiblings after their parents got secretly married.I felt for poor Wilder because the woman he loved was taken from him. Of course, they sleep together several times even after this discovery is made. I was rooting for them and was so happy when they finally got to be together after their parents divorced.

I just thought that not only was this book sexy but it was sweet as well. Four stars from me.

What did you guys think? Let me know in the comments.

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Short Story – Committed – Chapter Five

Natalia walked into her mother’s house and looked around. She was told to come over but she didn’t see anyone. She made her way to the back of the house and found everyone outside in the yard. Everyone. Her father and her sisters guys were in attendance. She slid the door opened and stepped on the porch. Natima noticed her first and rose from her seat and crossed the yard to her. She stopped in front of her with a small smile on her face.

“I’m glad you came.”

“I wouldn’t have if I had known,” Natalia said.

“Come with me.” Natima stepped into the house. Natalia reluctantly followed her, closing the door behind her. She followed Natima into the living room. “Sit.” Natalia sat down beside her mother on the couch. “I get how pissed off you are.”

“Do you really? Did grandma ever interfere in your life?”

“How do you think I met your father?” Natalia looked up shocked. “Oh, yes. I was what you would call a party girl. I was enjoying my early twenties and your grandmother met this “sweet young man” who was so nice to her at church that she invited him over from Sunday dinner and that was all it took. I later found out that she invited him in the hopes that I would want to give up my party girl ways and try something with some “substance”. Plus, she thought he was just my type.”

“Absent is your type?” Natalia asked her eyebrows arched.

“We were young Tal. Neither one of us knew what it meant to be parents.”

“Yeah, but you stayed.”

“Because you’re my kids.”

“And we’re not his?”

“You know, everything isn’t always so white and black. People make mistakes Natalia. They also learn from them. That is all Nate is trying to do. You could learn a little forgiveness. Now if you can’t show a little respect to your father, then you can leave.”

Natima stood and moved through the house heading back outside. Natalia sunk back into the couch cushions and let out a heavy sigh. Forgiveness was a hell of a thing. One that she didn’t know if she had the ability to do. She looked up at the sound of heels clinking across the floor. Natanya and Natasha stood in the door. They looked at her with understanding in their eyes and walked over to her. They each held out a hand for her to take.

Natalia took their hands and they helped her to her feet, walking through the house hand in hand. They stopped on the back porch and looked out at the people in the yard.

“So, whose who?” Natalia asked.

“Eric is the one talking to dad,” Natasha said.

“That doesn’t bother you?”

“He was looking for a location for his store and dad being the realtor that he is, showed him the vacant spot next to me and he took it.”


“And Mike is talking to Kat,” Natanya said. “Before you ask, we talked and mommy mentioned to dad that I was looked for a contractor and dad had her refer him to me.”

“He’s hot,” Natalia commented.

“Not sexiest man alive?” Natanya asked.

Natalia cleared and throat and fidgeted on the spot. She noticed the way Mike looked over at Natanya and his entire face lit up. She glanced over at her sister and saw that she too was wearing a face breaking grin. Without saying so much as “be right back,” Natanya stepped off of the porch and walked over to where Kat and Mike were talking. He didn’t miss a beat in his conversation with their cousin as he slid his arm around Natanya’s waist and pulled her taut to his body. Natanya slipped her arm around his shoulder and placed her free hand on his chest snuggling close.

“Hey, why don’t you come meet Eric? Mike too?” Natasha asked. She looked over at Natalia with a worried glance.

“In a minute. You go ahead,” Natalia said. She crossed her arms over her chest and balanced on the balls of her shoes before teetering back on the heels.

“Are you sure?”


Natasha rubbed her hand soothingly down Natalia’s arm before walking down the steps of the porch and crossing the yard over to Eric. He held his arm out to her and she stepped into his embrace snuggling up into his side. Natalia watched them slightly envious. Her eyes fell on her father and she saw that he was looking at her. They stared at each other for a moment before Natalie turned and re-entered the house.

She stood in the living room looking out the large picture window her arms crossed. She didn’t need to turn around to know who had just entered the room. She stood there for a moment not saying a word and he didn’t speak either. Finally she broke the silence.

“My life was perfectly fine before you stuck your nose where it didn’t belong.” She continued looking out the window, not ready to turn around and face him.

“Natalia, I didn’t mean to hurt you,” Nathan said, his voice low.

“But you did,” she said. Natalia slowly turned around to face her father. Tears fell silently down her cheeks. “That’s what you do. You hurt the people you claim to love. Do you want to know when I realized that?”

Nathan didn’t speak. He didn’t want to interrupt her and upset her more. He let her talk and get everything off of her chest.

“It wasn’t when I was five and you left and didn’t tell us when you were coming back,” she said. “It wasn’t the year I spent waiting up wondering if you were going to walk through the door. It wasn’t even when I was ten and you came back and promised that things were going to be better and then you took off again.” The tears fell steadily from her eyes and she didn’t make an attempt to wipe them away.

“It was when I was sixteen. You moved back to town and I saw you a week before my birthday. I was so excited about having a party, but what I was most excited about you being there. The birthday in years. You promised you would be there. But you weren’t. You never showed up.” She finally wiped her hand angrily across her face. “So I went by your house, but before I could get close enough, I saw you in a moving truck.

“I thought you left town but then I saw you a week later when I was out with friends. You were having lunch. With Kat. On her birthday.”

Nathan dropped his head. He remembered clearly the time Natalia was talking about. It was a low point for him. “Natalia, I-” he tried.

“No!” she cut him off. “We I saw you I knew. I finally got what you were saying. You weren’t going to be a part of my life. But you broke your promise! And you made me break mine! I promised myself that I would never let another man hurt me the way you did, but he’s in here!” She jabbed a finger at her heart. “He’s in here and I can’t get him out. I don’t want to feel like this.” Natalia sobbed. “Please. I don’t want to feel like this.” Natalia sank down to the floor crying. “Please, just get him out,” she begged. “Please, daddy. Please.”

Nathan moved and sank to the floor beside her. He held her in his arms while she cried and tried to sooth her, running his hand up and down her back. He lifted her head, her tears falling faster, her shoulders rising and falling with each sob that racked her body. He wiped the tears a way and held her head in his hands so that she looked at him.

“I. Am. So. Sorry.” he said enunciating each word. “The pain that I’ve caused you. I’m sorry. I didn’t want you to close yourself off from love. That’s why I did what I did, but I would take it back if I could if it would ease your pain. Natalia, I’m sorry.”

She lowered her head and he cradled her against his chest and rocked her while she cried.


Natalia stepped off the elevator on her floor but instead of turning towards her apartment, she walked down to Chris’. She stopped outside the closed door and pressed her ear against it listening for any movement inside. She didn’t hear any so she straightened and started to walk away but stopped. She turned back and stopped in front of the door. Natalia raised her hand to knock but didn’t touch the door. What was she going to say to him? She lowered her hand and stared at the door as if it would just open or she would get a sign as to what she should do next.

She took a deep breath and raised her hand again only to drop it. She knew she was acting silly and shook her head chastising herself. Another deep breath and she raised her hand but couldn’t make herself knock.

“You going to knock or just stand there all night?”

Natalia lowered her hand and closed her eyes. Chris stood just inside the door leading to the roof.

“They should really put some sort of alarm on that door,” she said. “How long have you been standing there?”

“Long enough,” he said walking towards her. She had yet to turn and face him. He heard her let out a shaky sigh. “You don’t get embarrassed though, so it’s cool.” He was teasing her.

“Then why does my face suddenly feel hot?”

Chris unlocked the door and stood back, “Coming in?”

She walked past him, never looking up and breezed into the apartment. Her heels clinked along the tiled floor as she walked over to the window to stare out. It was the only place she could look. Chris shut the door and walked in, perching on the arm of the couch. They didn’t speak.

“Why did you ask me out?” she finally asked.

“What do you mean?”

“That first day. When we went to go get pizza. Why did you ask me out?”


“Yeah,” she said. She glanced over her shoulder at him.

“I was hungry and didn’t really want to eat alone,” he said.

“So, it wasn’t in some sneaky attempt to get me to lower my guard and fall for you?” She turned fully to face him, crossing her arms protectively.

“Do you really want the truth?”

“No, I want you to lie to me Chris<' she said sarcastically. "Yes, I want the truth."

"Natalia, I wasn't checking for you," he said and shrugged his shoulders.

"Gay," she said and rolled her eyes.

"I'm not gay," he said standing and moving towards her. "I wasn't checking for you because I didn't think you were my type. I thought you were too brash for my taste." He stopped in front of her, pinning her against the window. "But I get it. Why those other guys fell for you. You don't make it easy not to."

Natalia giggled.

"What?" Chris asked, tilting his head.

"You should like those corny romance novels Tasha reads."

"I do, do I?"

"Yeah," she said in a hushed tone. "Got any other corny things you want to say?"

"Just one." Chris placed his finger under her chin and tilted her head up. He brought his lips down to meet hers in a soft kiss. He placed soft kisses on her lips before kissing her like he would die if he didn't.

When they came up for air, Natalia said, "Am I finally going to get laid?" and laughed. Chris laughed to and wrapped his arm around her waist and pulled her close to him before bringing his lips crashing down on hers.

Natalia didn't think she had ever been kissed like that before. With so much love. She could feel his heart beating against her chest, matching hers beat for beat. She found herself wanting to lift one leg the way they did in movies but stopped herself.

Even that was too cheesy for her.

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Book Discussion – The Boss – Managing The Boss – Book One

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Lexy Timms has redeemed herself.

As always, spoilers are very likely, so if you haven’t yet read this book, step away, read it and come back and tell me what you thought.

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As you may remember I wasn’t all that impressed with the book Alex Reid by Lexy Timms. Well, Alex is back in The Boss and I got my romance you guys.

Now, these stories can only be described as novellas, so we’re not getting the full story here but that’s okay.

Told from the perspective of Jamie Connors, we go into the live of a young girl with a few extras pounds on he, who gets a lot of flak from her family. Her ex-boyfriend is currently engaged to her baby sister and her family is all over her about losing weight before the wedding so that she fits into the dress.

Um, how rude?

When she can’t take it anymore while out at dinner, she excuses herself to the bathroom where she overhears her ex talking to a friend and offering her up as a possible candidate for a personal assistant. First, the way this guy talked about her was disgusting and I wanted to kick Stephen in the face. Second, he was talking to Alex Reid and we learned in the book by the same name that Alex liked beautiful women but he also had a thing for women with a little meat on their bones. I can’t be the only one who saw exactly where this was going, right?

So, Jamie takes a job with with Alex and this is where stuff gets good. Christine, Jamie’s sister is a self centered bitch and I hated her. Uh, have I ever hated someone so much? Probably but I really, really hated her. In fact, I hated most of her family. Like they didn’t care to properly celebrate her birthday and I have a thing about birthdays going unnoticed so that irked me. What I liked is that Timms made me hate these characters. That’s how well written they were. I had genuine hate for them and I try not to hate anyone but considering their fictional I think I get a pass.

The attraction between Alex and Jamie was so evident. When they eventually got together in the final chapter I wasn’t surprised but I was upset that that was how it ended. I was happy that Jamie got some of her self esteem back in time to “open” up to her boss, lol.

It was cute and I would be interested in reading book two see see this romance unfold.

What did you think? Leave me a comment and let me know.

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Committed – Short Story – Chapter Four

Kat wrote some notes down in a patient’s file and placed it in the filing cabinet. A soft knock at her door had her whirling around. Her face beamed at the tall stocky man who filled the space between the door frame.

“Uncle Nate,” she said as she crossed the space with her arms wide. They embraced tenderly. Nathan Williams was her deceased mothers older brother. Although he had been absent for most of her childhood, she still cared for him dearly. Their closeness had allowed for her to be raised with his three daughters. “I’m so happy to see you,” she said releasing him.

“You too, baby girl,” Nathan said stepping further into the office. “What has been going on?”

“Are you asking about be or about the Nat’s?” She smiled up at him a knowing smile.

“I want to hear all about you.”

“But you also want to hear about them.”

“Natima has been trying to fill me in but it doesn’t seem like the girls are feeling her in that much,” he said.

“So,of course come to me?”

“I’m sorry. Tell me what’s going on with you.”

“I’m teasing, Uncle Nate.” Kat laughed.

“Well, I’m serious. Tell me about you and we’ll talk about… what did you call them again?”

“The Nat’s.”

“The Nat’s,” he repeated. Nathan sat down on the couch. Kat shook her head and sat down beside him. They caught up on everything that has been going on in each other’s lives. Kat enjoyed her meeting with her uncle. She was even bothered about his true intentions for the visit. She was just glad to be able to spend some time with him.

“Okay, so the real reason that you’re here,” she said. “I don’t know why the girls have been tight lipped with Mama Nat, but I have been in constant contact with them, Natalia not so much, which is suspicious.”

“Why is it suspicious?” Nathan asked concerned.

“Because I speak to Tal at least once a week.” Kat stood and crossed to her desk. “Although my visits with the family are off the books, I still keep a detailed record of all of our visits.” Kat picked up her calendar and flipped back. “Natalia hasn’t been to see me in almost two months.”

“Have you tried reaching out to her?” Nathan stood and crossed over to where Kat stood.

“I have, but she’s usually busy when I do.”

“What do you think that means?”

“I think it means that the plan is working.” Kat picked up a book and flipped through it. Tasha and Eric are officially dating and from what she tells me things are going great. Tanya and Mike are practically living together-”

“Living together?” Nathan cut her off. “It’s too soon for that.”

“Hey, don’t be mad about the outcome after you set this up,” Kat laughed. “She tells me that their fixing up her house together and the good thing is that she’s dating. Now, I don’t have much on Tal and…”

“Chris,” Nathan offered.

“Chris,” she repeated. “At this point I can only speculate what’s going on with those two until she comes to talk to me.”

“Maybe I can arrange a meeting with Chris and find out for myself.”

“No. Stay out of it. Your part is over with. The rest is up to her.” Nathan nodded his head thoughtfully. “How did you find these guys to begin with?”

“Most of that was Nat. I just made sure the guys were where they needed to me after you convinced them to take the challenge.”

“You have got to be kidding me.”

Nathan turned around and Kat moved so that she could see behind him. Natalia stood in the doorway a look of devastation on her face.

“Tal, what are you doing here?” Kat asked stepping around Nathan.

“Well, I cam to talk to my cousin about this guy I met and coincidentally enough I find you talking about the same guy with him,” Natalia said pointing disdainfully at Nathan.

“Natalia-” Nathan started.

“You do not get to talk to me,” she said her voice laced with venom. “You lost that right when I was five. It was reinforced when I was ten and set in stone when you missed my high school graduation.”

“Okay,” Kat stepped forward with her hands up in surrender. “How about I explain?”

“You don’t have to explain Kat. I heard everything. You, my controlling mother and deadbeat father, set me and my sisters up. That’s what happened right?” Kat didn’t say anything. She didn’t know what to say. “Unbelievable.”

Natalia turned and stormed from the office. Kat looked defeated. Nathan apologized to her and went after Natalia.

“Natalia!” She continued walking down the street. “Natalia! Don’t run away from me!”

Natalia stopped and whirled around. “What? You don’t like the look of someone’s back walking away from you? Worried about the next time you’ll see me? Welcome to my life dad.” She threw her arms out wide. “I thought there was nothing that could suck more, but I was so wrong. This sucks.” What you did sucks! You had no right.”

“I was only trying to help.”

She stormed up over to him pointing an accusing finger at him. “The only way you can help is by staying the hell out of our lives.” Natalia spun on her heels and continued towards the parking lot, leaving her father alone on the street.

Kat stepped outside and stood behind him. They both watched as Natalia turned around the building into the parking lot. “I’m sorry. She shouldn’t have said that.”

“That’s not true. She had every right.” Nathan placed a quick kiss on Kat’s cheek before turning in the opposite direction.

Kat let out a deep sigh and went back to her office.


Natalia sat on Natasha’s couch in between her and Natanya, their hands linked in solidarity.

“Are you sure you heard them right?” Natasha asked.

“Oh, I’m sure and they didn’t deny it.”

“What does this mean?”

“It means we were set up,” Natalia said. “Your sneaker guy is playing you and your contractor is playing you.” She looked at them both.

“And the sexiest man alive?” Natanya asked.

Natalia scoffed. “He got to know me.”

“What’s wrong with that?” Natasha asked.

“I don’t DO getting to know you. I never have.”

“So, he played you,” Natanya said.

“Like a fucking fiddle. How could I be so stupid?”

“I don’t think you were being stupid. Just because he got to know you doesn’t mean anything,” Natasha said.

Natalia looked at her and rolled her eyes.

“It means everything,” Natanya spoke. They both turned to look at her. “It means you let him in. In a way you’ve only let your family in. The people you love.”

“You’re in love with him?” Natalia threw her head back and sighed. “Well, join the club. You Nat’s in love.”

“Make that three,” Natanya said.

They sat for a second not speaking.

“So, how do you fall out of it?” Natalia asked.

“Who knows, sister. Who knows.” Natasha said.

“This royally sucks.”

“Royally,” Natanya agreed.

“Mind if I stay here for awhile?” Natalia asked looking over to Natasha.

“Of course not. Tanya?”

“I couldn’t possibly go home. Mike will be there.”

“So we’ll have a slumber party,” Natasha said.


Natalia moved to step off of the elevator and almost ran into Chris. She squeezed past him and the elevator doors closed.

“Hey, where have you been? I haven’t seen you in days,” Chris said.

“I stayed at Natasha’a place.” Natalia walked towards her apartment and Chris followed.

“Okay, well I tried calling but you weren’t answering. I got tickets to the Saturdays game. Thought we could go.”


“No?” Chris asked surprised. Surprised because she had never refused to hang out with him.

“No,” she repeated. Natalia opened her door.

“Is something wrong?

“You can drop the act, Chris,” she said turning to him.

“What act?”

“I know.”

“Know what?” Chris didn’t get what she was hinting at. “Can you just tell me what’s going on?”

“Does the name Nathan Williams mean anything to you?”

Recognition washed over his face. “Oh, listen Tal, he helped me get this apartment. I don’t know what you’re insinuating.”

“But that’s the thing. I think you do. So, I would like it if you stayed away from me.” She slammed the door and sank to the floor. It took a moment but then she heard his footsteps as he walked away. She heaved out a heavy sigh.

She felt so exhausted. Getting up didn’t seem like an option at the moment, so she kicked off her shoes and sat with her back against the door. Natalia thought about moving because she didn’t think she could handle seeing Chris everyday in the building. In the elevator. In the hall. He was everywhere. Her eyes fell on his clothes that were folded neatly on the arm of her couch. He was even in her apartment.

She crawled over to the couch and pulled the clothes down. Remaining on the floor, she stripped out of her clothes and pulled Chris’s things on. Natalia raised the collar and inhaled. She had washed the clothes but they still held his scent. She curled up on the floor and fell asleep, breathing in Chris.

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Short Story – Committed – Chapter Three

A month later Natalia ran down the street beside Chris. He was dressed in his usually gray sweats. Natalia was dressed in dark pink tight pants and a pink sports bra. She came to a stop and nearly toppled over, placing her hands on her knees and gasping for air.

“I feel like your goal is to kill me,” she said through pants.

“Oh come on. I know you’re no stranger to working out.” Chris jogged in place.

Natalia straightened and placed her hands on her hips and inhaled deeply. She did workout but not nearly as strenuously as Chris had been pushing her lately. Chris draped his arm around her shoulders.

“Come on, let’s go get cleaned up and then we’ll just relax.”

“Can there be pizza involved?” she asked as they walked to the front door.

“Pizza after working out?”

“Think of it like a reward.”

Chris laughed. “Alright, I’ll order pizza.”

“Yay,” Natalia clapped enthusiastically.

They laughed as they stepped off the elevator. Natalia turned to head to her apartment and her smile dropped when she found her mother walking towards her.

“Ma, what are you doing here?”

“Well, I feel like I haven’t seen or spoken to you and your sisters in weeks, so I thought I would stop by and see you and Tanya,” Natima said eyeing Chris.

“Natanya moved out like a week ago,” Natalia said tilting her head to the side so that her mother would focus on her and not Chris.

“Really? I thought the house was being renovated?”

“It is but she decided to be there while it was.” Natima’s eyes drifted back to Chris. “Ma, this is my neighbor Chris. Chris, this is my mother Natima.” Natalia decided to give introductions because it seemed that her mother wasn’t going to leave without one.

“How are you ma’am?” Chris asked offering his hand.

“Just fine, thank you,” Natima said shaking his hand. “It seems that you’re busy. Why don’t you give me a call? Sooner than later.” She didn’t wait for a response and stepped onto the elevator. Natalia waved goodbye to her mother and shook her head.

“Okay, I’m going to go shower and I’ll be right down,” Natalia said backing away.

“And I’ll order the pizza.” Chris turned and headed down to his apartment.


Natalia and Chris sat on the floor across from each other the end credits of a movie scrolling and the pizza box sitting between them.

“I see you eyeing that last slice of pizza,” Chris said looking at the TV.

“Like you haven’t been?” Natalia asked.

“I would say ladies first, but since I did pay for it,” Chris reached for the pizza and Natalia caught his hand.

“Rock, paper, scissors,” she said.


“Come on,” she laughed. “Rock, paper, scissors.”

It was a challenge. One she was sure that he would accept. They had gotten to know each other well over the past month and during all the time they spent together, it was nothing but fun. Enjoying each other’s company.

“You’re on. Best out of three.”

They both positioned themselves on their knees. Stares that said this little game is about to get serious. One hand went behind their backs and they counted down. “Rock. Paper. Scissor. Shoot.” Natalia formed her hand into a fist representing a rock and Chris laid his hand flat for paper.

“Typical. Paper covers rock,” Chris said tauntingly.

Their hands went back behind their back. Again they threw them out. Natalia scissors. Chris paper.

“Oh, now who’s typical?”

“Last one.”

They put their hands behind their backs and then threw them out. Chris had presented scissors and Natalia went back to rock. Her arms shot up in the air in victory.

“Yes!” she exclaimed. She swooped down and grabbed the last slice of pizza and took a big bite.

“How does running five miles sound?” Chris asked.

Natalia turned scornful eyes on him. “You wouldn’t dare,” she said around her pizza.

Chris wagged his eyebrows at her playfully.


Natalia laid across her bed flipping mindlessly through a magazine. She barely read the articles but focused on the advertisements. It was important for her to stay up to date with what other advertisers were doing. She glanced up when she heard a knock at her door. Natalia jumped out of bed and pulled a pair of cut-off shorts on over her lace panties and ran to the door. Chris stood on the other side sweat beading his forehead.

“What are you doing?” he asked.

“Nothing? Why? What’s up?” she asked in a rush. They spent all of their free time together and Natalia thought they both needed a little break from each other. While her sisters were apparently busy, her weekend was wide open, so she planned on staying in. Alone. Chris standing outside her door meant that plan was slowly spiraling down the drain.

“The AC in my apartment is busted.”

“Oh,” she heard her plan making that final suction noise as it was flushed away. “Want to hang out over here?”

“No. I have a better idea.”

“What?” He grabbed her hand without answering her and pulled her from the apartment. They headed down the hall towards his apartment but didn’t stop. Chris opened the door to the stairwell and lead her up to the roof.

Natalia looked around confused and she noticed tow bins filled with water balloons on opposite sides of the roof along with water guns.

“Um, what is this?” she asked pointing to the guns and balloons.

“It’s like ninety degrees. I have no air, so I thought we could cool off.”

“You expect me to play with water guns?”

“I mean, you don’t have to but,” he picked up one of the guns. “That would just leave you soaked.”

“You wouldn’t?” It was like a dare and Chris was happy to accept it. He pumped the gun and then sprayed her in the chest, effectively soaking her. Natalia yelped in surprise.

“I can’t believe you did that!” Chris aimed again and Natalia dived for her gun and took aim at him.

They ran around the roof spraying each other with the water guns. When they were empty, they threw water balloons back and forth. By the time all of the balloons were gone, the roof was covered in water and balloon fragments and Natalia and Chris were soaked from head to toe and laughing hysterically.

They headed back down to their floor, trailing water behind them. Natalia started to walk past Chris’ apartment. “Come on,” he said holding the door open. “You know where the bathroom is. I’ll grab you something to put on.” Chris went off to his room and Natalia turned to the bathroom.

Chris walked to the bathroom carrying a pair of sweats and a t-shirt. He was still dressed in his wet clothes. He stopped outside the bathroom door, which was partially open. He stood motionless for a moment watching Natalia, her back to him. She draped her wet shirt over the side of his tub and unfastened her shorts. She pushed them down her legs, which took some effort because the water was making them stick to her. The shorts followed her shirt to the side of the tub. She reached behind her to unclasp her bra and Chris cleared his throat, stopping her.

Natalia looked over her shoulder at Chris. He held out the clothes not saying anything. “Thank you,” she said taking them. Chris pulled the door closed. She put the clothes on the edge of the sink and removed her bra and panties, laying them with her other clothes to dry, or at least until she headed back to her apartment. She grabbed Chris’ shirt and pulled it over her head, inhaling his scent in the process. she lift the collar of the shirt to her nose and inhaled deeply. She liked the way he smelled. Always did. It was so wonderfully male. And that surprised her. Being intoxicated by the scent of a man. One man in particular had to be a bad sign. She dropped the collar and slipped into the sweats. They were too big for her so she had to roll the waist a couple of times to keep them secured to her waist.

Natalia left the bathroom and found Chris in the living room, on the floor dressed in dry clothes. She laughed when she saw a deck of UNO cards on the coffee table.

“I believe we have a tournament to get back to,” he said looking up at her.

“See, the problem is, I think you cheat.” Natalia plopped down across from him.

“I do not cheat.”

“Then how is it that you always win?” Natalia picked up the beer he offered her and took a big swig.

“Cause I’m just a better player.”


Chris laughed as he dealt out the cards. The sheet of paper they used to keep score had him clearly in the lead ten to three. The game started out slow and quiet. Neither of them spoke. Both too busy thinking. Natalia thought about trying to get through the game quickly so that she could back to her apartment. The deck got smaller and Natalia had a full hand. Chris put down a draw four card and announced the new color. Natalia rolled her eyes and picked up four new cards. While she did, Chris put down a skip.

“You better not,” she said.

He smiled at her and started putting his cards down, one at a time. “Skip,skip, reverse, reverse, UNO, out.”

Natalia dropped all of her cards down annoyed and fell back on the floor. “I hate playing with you.”

Chris laughed and got up to answer his intercom. “Be right back,” he said and left the apartment. Natalia finished her beer and shuffled the cards. Though she wanted to leave, she dealt the cards out for another game. Chris returned ten minutes later with Chinese food. He handed Natalia the food he order for her and a new drink.

They sat and played another round. Natalia threw her final card down triumphantly, “Out!” She jumped to her feet and threw her arms up. “I won! I won!” She did a little dance, mocking Chris with her victory. He let it go on for a minute before grabbing her around the waist and pulling her down beside him.

“You are a terrible winner,” he said.

“Whatever. You’re just mad that I kicked you butt,” she breathed heavily beside him. Chris leaned forward and gave her her point before sitting back against the couch. Their shoulders bumped. Natalia could smell him. She closed her eyes and took slow breaths.

“What do you want to watch?” Chris asked grabbing the remote.

“Something funny,” she said.

He turned the TV on and searched for something to watch. They sat closely and Chris made no attempt to move. Natalia wondered if she should but opted against it. She liked being close to him. Even if they were only friends.

The second movie ended and Chris looked down at Natalia. Her head rested on his shoulder and she breathed evenly, sleeping. She looked so peaceful. Chris turned the TV off and moved slowly careful not to wake her. He raised his arm under her head and put the other one under her legs and picked her up. He carried her into the bedroom and placed her slowly onto the bed. He turned off the lights and climbed in beside her.


Natalia woke before the sun had fully risen. Her head rested on Chris chest and her arm was draped over him. She slowly lifted the cover and saw that they were both still fully dressed. Her face turned up in agony and she slowly raised her head and tried to sit up.

“Where are you going?” Chris asked groggily. His eyes were still shut and he didn’t move.

“I was going to head home,” Natalia said quietly.

“”You have to work?”


So go back to sleep,” he said. Chris put his arm back around her and gave her a slight push. Natalia laid back on his chest. He pulled her close and she could hear his breathing even out as he fell back to sleep. She laid there for a while before drifting back to sleep.

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Book Discussion – Alex Reid – Rich & Single – Book One

Hey Love Bugs,

I may have just encountered my first fairly disappointing book since we embarked on the journey. As always spoilers are inevitable (though I may not spend long going through this one), so if you haven’t had a chance to read this one, leave, grab a copy and then come back and tell me what you thought.

Kindle –

Paperback –

Now, onto the discussion…

Typically with books like this you get a cute little romance and a lot of sex. This one gave you… a lot of sex. There was absolutely no romance. Rich & Single. That is exactly what the MC is and I’m guessing he nor the author had any plans of changing that.

Alex Reid is 27, a billionaire who runs his own investment firm. Typical, in the sense that most male characters in books like this are very wealthy and usually young. What was disappointing was the fact that there was absolutely no growth from this character by the end of the book. Women basically dropped their panties at the sight of him because he was oh so good-looking, which again is a bit typical but with all the talk of liking a warm body next to him while he slept you would have thought he would have tried to meet and possibly fall for someone.


All we get is an endless round of one night stands.

I don’t even think there is anything else to say about this book except it was disappointing. I eventually gave it three stars but that may have been generous.

What did you guys think? Let me know in the comments.

The next book up for discussion is…

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Short Story – Committed – Chapter Two

A week later, Natalia pulled open the door to her apartment building and strutted inside. She stopped at the mailboxes. She removed her mailbox key and opened the box as her phone rang in her hand. Natalia answered the phone without checking who was calling.

“Yeah,” she said into the phone.

“I need a favor,” Natanya’s voice said into her ear.

Natalia removed her mail, locked the mailbox and began sorted through the mail as she walked towards the elevators.

“What’s the favor?”

“Can I come stay with you for awhile?” Natalia could hear the hesitation in her voice.

Natanya had bought a small house that in it’s earlier years could have been beautiful. Now, it was run down and needed a lot of work to make it look like something.

“I could ask mommy, but moving in with your mother… On the other hand, moving in with your sister doesn’t sound that bad.”

Natalia’s hand reached out to push the button for the elevator. She glanced up just in time to watch another hand beat her to it. Her eyes followed the hand up a very toned and bulky arm. A man she had never seen before, especially in her building stood beside her. Gray sweats covered his lower half while his chest was bare. Natalia could see sweat glistening on his brown skin and watched as his muscular chest heaved heavily. She suspected that he had just come from working out.

“Good God,” Natalia said as the elevator dinged and the doors opened. He stood back to let her step into the elevator first. Natalia stepped to the back forgetting to select her floor but was pleasantly surprised when the floor he selected was hers. She stared at his toned back and firm butt as the doors closed.

“What is it?” Natanya asked slightly alarmed.

“I think I may have just come across the sexist man alive,” Natalia said into the phone.

“Oh, you say that all the time.”

“I was completely wrong the other times. You should see him. His ass alone is amazing.”

The stranger shook his head. “You do realize that I can hear you, right?” he asked over his shoulder.

“That’s fine. I don’t embarrass easily,” Natalia said.

“So, can I or what?” Natanya asked, pulling Natalia’s focus back to the phone call.

“Of course you can,” Natalia said simply. The elevator stopped at the top floor and they both stepped off. Only two apartments occupied the top level. Natalia owned one, so she assumed he had taken over the second. She said goodbye to Natanya and disconnected the call. “So, you’re my neighbor.”

“Yeah. I moved in a couple weeks ago,” he said walking down to his end of the hall.

Natalia stood there and watched him walk away. Although she had just come home from work, she knew that she looked hot in her black skirt that hugged her hips and stopped inches above her knees. Her red bottom heels accentuated her legs and her sleeveless top showed off her great chest. He didn’t so much as acknowledge her.

“Gay,” she muttered and turned around heading to her apartment.

When Natanya moved in Natalia expected them to spend a lot of time together when they weren’t working. What else did they have going on? Yet, Natalia hardly saw her sister and Natanya had been staying with her for two weeks.

Natalia walked into her room where the two of them shared her king-sized bed. Her second bedroom substituted as her office and she didn’t care to clear it out for Natanya, so they shared the large bed. Natanya pulled on a pair of jeans and pulled her long hair back into a ponytail.

“Where are you going?”

“I have to go by the house,” Natanya said tugging her sneakers on. “Want to make sure the new contractor isn’t screwing my place up.”

Natalia was slightly disappointed. She had the next day off and figured the two of them could have a girls night. It still smarted that Natanya had failed to tell her a huge secret and she wanted them to reconnect and find out if there were other secrets being kept from her.

“I’ll see you later,” Natanya said as she breezed past her.

Natalia shrugged her shoulders and slipped on a pair of heels that looked great with the pair of black jeans she was wearing and grabbed her bag. She looked her door and pulled out her ringing phone.


“I am freaking out,” Natasha shrieked into the phone.

Natalia pressed the button for the elevator. “Why are you freaking out Tash?”

“So, I just got back from this date with this guy-”

“It’s like seven, right now,” Natalia interrupted.

“I know. We went out a little early to kind of take the pressure off of the whole dating thing.”

The elevator dinged and the doors slid open.

“So what’s the problem?”

Her neighbor ran onto the elevator before the doors slid close.

“I want to call him,” Natasha said in a rush.

“Oh, gosh. Where did you meet this guy?”

“He opened a store next to mine.” Natasha opened a little specialty candle shop. It started out as an online store for fun and grew to the point where she quit her job and opened a store.

“How long ago did he drop you off?”

“About a good ten minutes before I called you.”

“Oh, please don’t call him.”

“Why do you think I called you?” Natasha asked. “Kat said not to cling and I figured calling a guy after he drops you off to find out if and when you are going to go out again, is clinging.”

“That’s because it is. Uh, I can’t believe you’re actually taking that stupid assignment serious.” The elevator doors opened and Natalia stepped out. She headed out the front doors and stopped just under the awning. “This is what you’re going to do. You’re going to make some candles.”

“Make some candles?”

“Yes. Make some candles. Get your mind off of this guy and wait for him to call you.”

“Make some candles and wait for him to call me,” Natasha repeated.

“And Tash.”


“If he doesn’t call you, do. not call him. Do you hear me?”

“I hear you,” she said softly.

“You guys work next door to each other.You can start casual conversation at work and mention the date.”

Natasha sighed heavily. “Okay.”

Natalia shook her head and disconnected the call.

“Where are you headed?”

She turned and found her neighbor standing a few steps behind her. She hadn’t noticed that he didn’t pass her when they stepped outside. In fact, she had completely forgot about him.

“I don’t know, but I think to get food.”

“Alright, let’s go.”

“Are you serious?”

“Can you walk in those?” he asked looking down at her shoes.

“Do I look like I can walk in them?” she countered.

“Then let’s go get food.” He turned and started down the street. Natalia watched him walk away and for the life of her she couldn’t figure out why she put one foot in front of the other and followed him.

They sat across from each other in a pizza shop. They ordered a large pepperoni and sausage pizza and their drinks. The waiter returned with their sodas and disappeared.

“If I’m going to share a pizza with you, I should at least know your name,” she said.

“Nobody forced you to come.” Natalia shook her head and looked out the window wondering why she followed him. “It’s Chris.” She focused back on him. “Your turn.”


“So, Natalia. What’s this assignment?” he asked.

She arched her brows. “Snoop much?”

“Hey, you don’t talk quietly on the phone and I couldn’t help but overhear.”

Natalia sat back in her seat and crossed her arms. She didn’t embarrass easily and what was the harm in telling him about the ‘assignment’?

“My therapist cousin has decided that me and my sisters needed a little exercise in dealing with men,” she said nonchalantly.

“What?” he laughed.

“Natasha, who I was on the phone with, is what you would call a stage five clinger. So, she had to do the opposite. Natanya, who you have probably seen around the building-”

“She lives with you.”

“Yeah. She doesn’t date so now she has to.”

“And you?” She remained silent. “You don’t get embarrassed remember?”

She wondered what his reaction would be to her assignment. “I have to try a relationship without sex.” She didn’t know what she was expecting but his stone faced stare was not it.

“Why?” he asked seriously.

“Because those are the only relationships I do. No feelings. Just sex.”

He nodded his head as if he was considering what she had just said. “Natasha, Natanya and Natalia. Meaning behind the names?”

Natalia rolled her eyes. “Yeah. My mother originality.”

“I think it’s kind of original.”

“Her name is Natima and bless our hearts, she fell for someone named Nathan, hence our names.” She always sorted hated the similarities in their names. Mainly because it included a similarity in his name. “Make matters worse, we each have the same middle name, which also happens to be our cousins name.”

“Okay, I can kinda see where you’re coming from,” he chuckled. The waiter returned with pizza and plates. “I half expected you to want a salad. Isn’t that what most girls eat on dates?”

“I’m not like most girls and this isn’t a date.” She grabbed a slice and took a huge bite.

“So, Natalia,” he said around his food. “Are you going to do this assignment?”

“Absolutely not. I expect Tasha to. Tanya not a chance and Kat more then likely knew that I wouldn’t.”

“Kat’s the cousin and therapist?”


They spent the time devouring the large pizza and talking. Natalia learned that he was an only child and had just moved to town after taking a job at the city’s largest bank. When the waiter returned with the check, Natalia sat back as Chris picked it up.

“$10.50,” he said.

“Men don’t pay for dates where you come from?” she asked.

“This isn’t a date,” he countered.

Natalia laughed and removed the cash from her purse adding it to his on the table. She caught him smirking as they stood to leave.

“Don’t be smug,” she said.

He laughed and held the door open for her.

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