Chapter Two

Chapter 2: Isis


Isis watched as her sister hurried out of the hospital. She couldn’t believe that she had been here and worse Isis had almost missed her.

Isis loved her job and when she stepped through the automatic doors, that was what she had been thinking about. She saw Genesis’ partner Chris standing by the door when she had entered. His presence hadn’t fully registered at first. It wasn’t until she was almost at the admissions desk when it hit her.

Isis spun around to ask him where Genesis was and then she saw her. Genesis had actually tried sneaking out. Like putting her hair in her face was going to make it hard to recognize her.

Isis knew that Genesis was probably trying to avoid explaining her presence but it didn’t matter. She had to know why her sister was in the emergency room.

Although Isis loved her job, the thought that one of her sisters needed emergency medical care made her stomach hurt. For now she would let Genesis leave but would hold her to her promise and find out what happened once she got home or find out from someone working.

“Hey Isis.”

She turned around to face Adrianna who was sitting behind the admission desk.

“Hey girl,” Isis said. “Do you know why my sister was here?”

“Something happened at work and if you want to know more ask her,” Adrianna answered.

When it came to Adrianna’s job she was very serious about it. Most doctors and nurses gossiped about different patients but Adrianna was squeaky clean in that department. She took patient confidentiality very seriously.

“I wouldn’t dare have you tell me anything you weren’t comfortable sharing.” Isis knew she wouldn’t get anywhere with her. “Who saw her?”

“Dr. Taylor and if he knows what is good for him he wouldn’t say anything either,” Adrianna said.

“What do you mean?”

“I mean if you want to know what is up with your sister than you should ask your sister,” Adrianna responded.

“Got it,” Isis said.

Isis figured she would just get the truth out of Dr. Taylor. She walked through the automatic doors and straight to the locker room to change.

Isis dressed in a pair of clean scrubs, pulled her hair back into a ponytail and left the locker room. Her first mission was to find Dr. Taylor. She needed to know what happened to Genesis and she couldn’t wait until she got home later. She walked over to the nurse’s station.

“Hey Lee.” Isis greeted the cute and very gay male nurse sitting in front of one of the computers.

“Oh good, you’re here. Dr. Taylor is in room 2,” he said.

“How did you know I was looking for him?”

“I didn’t. He said for you to meet him when you got in.”

“Oh. Thanks.”

Maybe Dr. Taylor knew how worried Isis would be and had already planned to tell her what had happened.

She raised her hand to knock on the door before entering and instead pressed her hand on the door to steady herself. She was feeling a little dizzy. The dizzy spell passed and she knocked on the door and then opened it.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to interrupt.”

Dr. Taylor was seeing a patient.

“You’re not interrupting. You are right on time.” Dr. Taylor said. He glanced over his shoulder and smiled at her.

Dr. Taylor was a beautiful man. The nurse’s had taken to calling him Dr. McDreamy. Not because he favored Patrick Dempsey but because Grey’s Anatomy made it acceptable to lust after handsome doctors. If there were going to be a McDreamy in this hospital it would be Dr. Taylor.

“Can I help with anything?” Isis asked.

“Yes. You can help me explain to Mrs. Carter that she is going to be just fine,” he said.

Mrs. Carter was clutching her chest in pain and moaning in agony. She certainly didn’t look okay. Isis looked at Dr. Taylor questioning him silently. He mouthed ‘gas’ to her. Isis nodded in understanding. Dr. Taylor checked Mrs. Carter out and she was merely experiencing gas pains.

Dr. Taylor picked up her chart and began writing.

“Mrs. Carter, the pain that you are feeling is from gas. It will subside,” Isis said reassuringly.

“How do you know? You just got here,” Mrs. Carter groaned.

“Ma’am what you have is gas. Now I can give you something to help make you feel a little more comfortable but the pain will pass,” Dr. Taylor said.

“I want a different doctor,” she managed to say.

“Okay.” Dr. Taylor didn’t seem fazed by the request at all.

Isis followed him out of the room.

“Get her something for the gas,” he said and handed her the chart. He was going to ignore her request for a different doctor.

“Okay. You saw my sister today.” Isis said.

“Yes I did.”


“Well what?”

“What happened?”

“I can’t discuss that with you.”

“You discuss patients with me all the time.”

“Not when that patient is your family,” he said. “Look, I’ll tell you this and only this.” He placed his hand on her arm. “Your sister is fine.”

“Really? That’s it?”

“Really,” he laughed. “Don’t worry. Your sister is one tough chick.”

“Yeah. I know.”

“I really want to kiss you right now,” he said. He was leaning really close to her now.

“If you did, someone would see us.”

“Then I’ll wait until we’re alone. Don’t worry about your sister.” He turned and walked away.

Easy for him to say. Isis knew she shouldn’t worry but she couldn’t help herself and she didn’t think she should be the only one. Before Isis took care of Mrs. Carter and her gas, she needed to make a phone call.

Isis took her phone out of the pocket on her scrubs and hit one of the speed dials. Jonah answered after a couple of rings.

“What’s up?”

“Genesis was in the ER.”

“What?” Jonah’s voice raised a few octaves. Isis knew her sister would join in on the worrying.

“She was leaving as I was coming in.”

“Did you find out what happened? Is she okay?”

“She said she would tell me when I got home tonight.”

“I’m going to call her.”

“Okay. Bye.”


They disconnected the call.

Isis walked back into Mrs. Carter’s room with what Dr. Taylor suggested. The air got knocked out of her. There was such a foul smell in the room. Mrs. Carter must have relieved her gas.

She was out of her hospital gown and dressed in her clothes.

“I feel much better dear. I guess you two were right,” she said.

Isis was too afraid to speak, so she just nodded. She wished she had a mask or a giant can of air freshener. One person should not be able to make that much stink.

“I’ll get your discharge papers.” Isis tried not to breath in the smell.

“Okay,” Mrs. Carter said. She opened her mouth and let lose the foulest burp, which was followed by an even fouler fart.

Isis hurried from the room as fast as she could and gasped for clean air the moment the door was closed. Why couldn’t she have waited until she was home before she had done that.

Isis walked to the nurse’s station and found Adrianna at one of the computers. She took a seat at the next computer.

“You’re still here?” Isis asked.

“Yeah. I have to take care of a few things and then I am out of here,” she answered.

“Do you want to do me a favor?”

“Depends on the favor.”

“I was wondering if you could discharge a patient for me.”

“What’s wrong with the patient?”

“Nothing,” Isis lied. Adrianna stopped what she was doing and looked at her. “Alright, gas.”

“Must be some bad gas.”

“You have no idea.”

“I’ll do it for you. If you tell me what is up with you and McDreamy.”

Adrianna wasn’t a fan of gossiping about patients but when it came to other’s personal lives she was all in. You could usually find her at the center of most of that gossip.

“I don’t know what you are talking about.” Isis turned to the computer and began printing Mrs. Carter’s discharge papers.

“Nurse Lee said he saw the two of you and you were looking awfully close. So spill,” she said.

“There’s nothing to spill. You know what? I can handle the discharge.” Sometimes you had to pick your battles and this was one battle she didn’t want to have.

Isis stood, retrieved the papers from the printer and left the area. She could hear Adrianna snicker behind her. They were best friends and Isis would have loved to tell her every juicy detail, but she and Dr. Taylor had agreed to keep things quiet.

Isis braced herself as she walked into Mrs. Carter’s room. If it were possible the smell had worsened.

“I have your discharge papers. I just need you to sign and then you are free to go,” Isis choked out.

“Okay. Thank you. I need to get home and eat something. I feel so empty,” she said.

Isis held her lips together to keep from laughing. She could only imagine why Mrs. Carter felt empty. She took the signed papers and left the room.

Dr. Taylor headed in Isis’ direction. She started thinking of ways to trick him into the room. He had pulled her onto the case and it was only right that he suffered as well.


“Hey.” Dr. Taylor said as he continued past her. She felt a little hurt by the rejection. They weren’t all over each other in public but she did expect him to at least acknowledge her.

He walked down the corridor and approached a woman. She was beautiful, like a movie star. She smiled up at him and touched him lightly on the arm. The touch was very familiar to the touch he had given Isis earlier.

Isis wasn’t a jealous person but she felt signs of jealousy when she saw him with that woman. There was also a bit of worry mixed in there.

Dr. Taylor placed his hand on the small of the woman’s back and led her down the corridor. Isis didn’t want to but she couldn’t help herself. She followed them.

They seemed very familiar with each other and that made her feel uneasy.

They ducked into the stairwell and Isis walked over to the door. She stepped closer to look inside and heard a noise from behind her. Trying not to look suspicious, Isis moved from the door and turned to face whoever was approaching.

An orderly pushed a patient by on a gurney. He nodded at her and she smiled in return. Isis hoped she didn’t look as guilty as she felt.

The orderly continued past and Isis started to move but another wave of dizziness hit her. She pressed her back against the wall and took a deep breath. The dizzy spell passed. I hope I’m not coming down with anything. Isis went back to the door and peered inside.

They were gone. Where did they go?

Isis opened the door and stepped into the stairwell. She was about to go up when she heard voices coming from below. She shouldn’t be here. She should be minding her own business but curiosity was killing her. She had to know who the woman was.

Isis stepped up to the railing and peered over. They looked like they were in a heated discussion.

“Maybe you should stop ignoring me.” The woman was saying.

Dr. Taylor stepped away from the woman. Isis couldn’t see him. She grabbed the rail and leaned forward. The papers slipped from her hand. Oh crap.

“Who’s there?” Dr. Taylor yelled up.

Isis ran to the door to leave but it wouldn’t open. She could hear Dr. Taylor ascending the stairs. Please let me be anywhere but here.

Dr. Taylor was going to catch her snooping and that wouldn’t be good. Isis knew that she shouldn’t have followed him. Why isn’t this door opening?

Isis could hear him getting closer. She closed her eyes and sent up a silent prayer to God, to please get her out of this stairwell. Another dizzy spell came over her. She leaned forward to steady herself. Isis closed her eyes pressed her hand on the door. It felt weird.

The texture she felt against her hand was familiar but she knew that it wasn’t the door. She opened her eyes and took a quick intake of breath.

Her hand was pressed firmly against a locker door, her locker door to be exact. Isis moved her hand and stood upright. She looked slowly around the locker room.

How did I get here? The last thing Isis remembered was being on the stairs and praying that Dr. Taylor wouldn’t find her. She had felt a little sick but then that was it. She didn’t remember leaving the stairs or walking to the locker room.

This doesn’t make any sense.

Isis could hear someone turning the knob on the door. That small noise spooked her. She felt like she was about to be caught doing something she shouldn’t be doing. Isis practically jumped out of her skin.

Isis stood in the middle of the floor and looked around. She was in one of the women’s bathrooms. If she had to guess it was the one near the nurse’s station.

How did I get here? Something wasn’t right. She had just been in the locker room and now she was in the bathroom. She couldn’t have just appeared here. That was impossible. There had to be a rational, scientific, maybe even medical reason for this.

Medical. Of course. Why didn’t I think of that before? She hadn’t been feeling well before. She must have experienced a blackout. She just couldn’t think of what could be so wrong with her that she was blacking out. She had to sit down.

Isis walked into one of the stalls and sat down on the seat. The door opened and frightened her. She threw her arms out and held the walls of the stall to keep herself steady.

Isis felt like she might faint.

Adrianna passed the stalls but backed up and stared at her.

“Are you okay?” she asked.

“No. I’m not really feeling so good.”

“Why don’t you go home? I can cover the rest of your shift.”

“Are you sure? You’ve been here all night.”

“I’m sure. Besides, you look like crap and I’ll be getting paid.”

Isis tried to manage a laugh but failed.


“Don’t worry about it. Feel better.” Adrianna walked away and entered one of the empty stalls.

Isis needed to get out of there and into her bed. She stood and exited the stall, because she couldn’t remember what happened in the bathroom, she washed her hands.

Isis stepped out of the bathroom and nearly ran right into Dr. Taylor. This was not what she needed right now. She didn’t remember what happened but if he had caught her, she wasn’t ready to talk about it.

“Hey. You don’t look so good. Are you okay?”

“I’ve been better. I was actually going to go home.”

“Okay,” he looked nervous. “Do you want me to take a look at you?”

“No, I think I just need to lay down.”

He hesitated for a moment like there was more that he wanted to say.

“Mrs. Carter get out today?”

“Huh?” The question confused her for a second. “Yeah. Sorry I didn’t page you. You had already signed off on it.”

“It’s okay. I found her discharge papers,” he said. He held the papers up so that Isis could see them. Oh no. If she hadn’t been caught, those papers were all the evidence he needed.

“I can take those.” Isis reached for the papers. She didn’t want to look at him but she knew that she couldn’t avoid his eyes forever. He moved the papers away.

“It’s cool. I’ll put them in her chart, you get out of here.” He didn’t address the fact that he had found the papers in the stairs.

Isis was almost positive that she saw guilt in his eyes. The thought that he was feeling guilty about something made her stomach twist into a knot. She had to get home.

Isis made it to the locker room and changed into her street clothes. Her hands were shaking. She took a seat on the bench to steady herself. What is wrong with me? Why am I getting so worked up? She had never been this way over a boy before. Isis wasn’t that type of girl. You know, the super clingy, he’s-gonna-be-my-husband, type. That girl just wasn’t Isis.

Isis was the, let’s-hangout-and-see-where-it-goes, type. It usually never went anywhere and she had always been cool with that.

At an early age Isis had learned that men were not dependable. Her mom had five daughters and not one dad was present. Men came and went. She grew to enjoy the first and not dwell on the second.

This was different. Isis had followed him because she was jealous. That only meant one thing. She was falling for Dr. Taylor.

When had this happened? Why didn’t I stop it from happening? Falling for a man only led to two things, a child and heartbreak and Isis had no use for either.

Isis suddenly had this urge to go to him. She wanted to tell him that it had been her in the stairs. That she didn’t want to hide anymore, that she was ready to tell people about them. But there was a part of her that wouldn’t let her go.

It was like the two parts were fighting each other. She knew physically that she was still in the locker room but she was sure that she was staring directly at Dr. Taylor. He was standing at the nurse’s station.

That was impossible. She couldn’t be in the locker room and near Dr. Taylor.

Isis needed to pull herself together. She closed her eyes and took two deep breaths. She opened them again and all that was in front of her was her open locker. She needed to get out of there.

Isis stood, closed the locker and left the locker room.

She walked towards the exit and stopped in her tracks. It was like an invisible wall had formed in front of her. Standing not far from the exit was the woman Dr. Taylor had been with. This day was just getting better and better. She didn’t know why she was standing there staring at her.

There was no way that the woman could know who Isis was. Isis started towards the exit and the woman turned around.

It was almost like she knew exactly who Isis was. She looked directly into Isis’ eyes. Out of pure instinct her pace slowed.

Did the woman want to say something to her? Did Isis want to say something to the woman?

Before Isis could pull her big girl panties on and approach this woman, she hurried from the hospital. Now was not the time to begin fighting over a man. Isis had made it this far having never stooped so low and she wasn’t about to begin now.


Jonah stopped at the door and let a shudder run over her. Once that feeling was gone, she carried a box of liquor behind the bar.

“Jo, are you okay?”

Jonah turned and faced her co-worker Danielle. Danielle was a petite blond who worked behind the bar with her. Jonah had recently moved up from a Hooters waitress to bartender.

The job wasn’t as bad as everyone thought it was. The tips were good and the guys didn’t try to fill you up as much as people believed. Every so often you may get a drunk who got a little too hands-on but it was always dealt with.

“Yeah. I just keep getting this weird creepy crawly feeling.”

“You mean like a cold chill?”

“No. It’s more like a million bugs are crawling over my skin.”

“Ew. Okay, now you just made my skin crawl,” Danielle said as she shuddered.

“Sorry,” Jonah laughed and shuddered again. “That is the third one in the last fifteen minutes.”


“Yeah. The first one happened a little after five this morning. It woke me up. They just keep happening.”

“Do you think something is wrong?”

When Jonah thought about her question it did kind of feel like a warning. Maybe she was just worried about Isis’ call.

“You know what? I’m probably just worried about Genesis,” Jonah spoke her earlier thought.

“Still haven’t reached her?”

“Nope. I think she might be ignoring me on purpose.”

A shaggy haired man walked over to the bar and sat.

“It’s a little early to be drinking, don’t you think?” Jonah asked him.

“It’s five o’clock somewhere,” he answered.

“What will it be, Ernie?” Jonah asked.

“Bud Light.”

Jonah took a glass and filled it with the beer. She placed it in front of him.

“What some food to go with that?”

“No, I’m fine.”

“Well, let me know if you change your mind.” Jonah turned to Danielle who was unpacking the liquor. “I’m going to go try Genesis again.”

“Okay, take your time,” she said.

Jonah walked from behind the bar and entered the back room. She took her phone out from where it was tucked into her shorts and pressed one of her speed dials.

The phone rang twice and then Genesis’ voicemail came on.

“This is Officer Genesis Battle. Sorry that I have missed your call. Please leave a detailed message and I will call you right back.” BEEP.

Jonah had already left her two messages and she didn’t want to be an annoyance. Which is why she tried to make this message shorter than the first two.

“Genie, it’s Jo. Call me back ASAP or I will come find you.”

She hung up the phone and stared at it. That should get her attention.

Genesis should be home by now and Jonah knew she wasn’t sleeping. She didn’t fall asleep immediately. So why wasn’t she answering her phone?

She sighed and went back to work. She would find out whatever it was that she was trying to keep to herself.

No secrets. That was the rule. Genesis couldn’t keep anything to herself. Not even if she really wanted to.

She would just have to stop obsessing over this and hopefully whatever was ailing her would go away.