Chapter Four

Chapter 4: Genesis


Once the words were out she wished she had never said them. They had a no secrets promise between them but the look on Isis’ face made her wish she had broken that promise. She stopped herself from reaching over and tapping Isis’ chin so that she would close her mouth. Isis would need some time.

Genesis tried to give Isis the time she needed so they just sat and stared at each other. Isis’ mouth was still hanging open.

Genesis couldn’t take the silence anymore. “Ice?”

Isis closed her mouth and took a deep breath. “Shot?”

The word came out as a barely audible whisper.


She could tell that Isis was trying to compose herself. “So what, the bullets grazed you?”

Genesis knew Isis would want more information. Here goes nothing.

“No. The bullets didn’t graze me, they penetrated skin.”

“What?” Isis’ face dropped.

“Isis please don’t freak out.” Genesis said in an attempt to calm her.

“Okay,” she said. She looked like she was on the verge of crying.

The only way to solve this was to give Isis some proof that she was okay. She just wasn’t sure how Isis was going to react.

Genesis lifted her right arm and pointed to the middle of her bicep. She knew what Isis would see. Nothing. “This is where one of the bullets went in.” Genesis remembered where she was hit because she had felt it, although it hadn’t hurt.

Isis stared at her arm. Confused blue eyes meet nervous green ones. Might as well continue.

Genesis lifted her left arm, rolled her sleeve up and pointed to just below her shoulder. “This is where another bullet when it.”

Isis looked at both spots. Genesis kept going. She pulled down the collar of her shirt and pointed out the shot that probably should have killed her. “Also here.”

Isis eyes moved to that spot. Genesis pointed to her right thigh. “And here.”

Isis looked at all four spots and then back at Genesis. Genesis braced herself for the next response.

“I don’t understand,” she finally said.

“Me neither.”

“You were shot?”


“But?” Isis raised her hand and touched the spot on Genesis right arm where she was shot.

“No wounds.” Genesis finished her thought.

“What are you saying?”

“That I got shot but I don’t have any wounds.”

“How?” Isis asked tentatively.

“I don’t know.” This whole thing was new to Genesis. Nothing like this had ever happened before. Sure she avoided sickness but this was not the same. She should be in a hospital room hooked up to machines. The bullet that entered near her collar should have done a lot of damage. She should also be completely covered in bruises.

The fall that Genesis had taken left the other guy in the hospital. Not to mention the number of times her face had taken a blow from him. There wasn’t so much as a scratch on her face. The only evidence she had to prove that she had been in an altercation was the bruising around her neck and the cut. Genesis already knew before Isis saw her neck that the bruises were fading. She had looked in the mirror when she got home.

Isis didn’t say anything for a while. Genesis didn’t want to push her so she sat back and waited patiently. She knew this was a lot to take in. She was still trying to take it all in herself.

The silence was very ominous. Genesis wished she knew what Isis was thinking.

“Let me know when we’re good cause I’m not done,” Genesis said.

“Oh God! There’s more?” She didn’t look like she could take another bombshell.

“Just a little one,” Genesis said trying to reassure her.

“Oh thank God for the small things.” Isis said sarcastically.

“I think I broke a door today.” Genesis spit out.


“Yeah. I was kind of mad and the next thing I knew the door was in pieces. Literally. There was glass everywhere.”

“Okay, so, just one question. What are you?”

“What?” Genesis couldn’t believe Isis had just asked her that. What was worse was that she was completely serious.

“You say you got shot but you have no bullet wounds. You claim that you used super strength and broke a door. Those bruises around your neck are gone.”

Before Genesis had time to react Isis stood, reached behind her and removed the bandage.

“There’s nothing back there.” She held up the bandage. “This was covering nothing. So what are you?”

“What do you mean what am I? I’m your sister.”

“Are you sure?”


“Are you like my sister who was bit by a genetically altered spider? Or did you die and get licked by magical cats?”

Genesis couldn’t stop the laughter that spilled out. “I’m not Spiderman or Cat Woman. I’m me.”

Isis looked at her suspiciously. “Okay.”

“Okay?” Genesis asked. She was surprised Isis was calm.

“Yeah. I need a drink.” She got up and left the living room. Now that was the reaction Genesis was expecting.


Jonah’s head was still messed up after Isis’ call. Isis would have never called if she hadn’t thought that it was something worth worrying about and now she still couldn’t get Genesis on the phone.

It was pretty slow and Jonah had to keep busy. Although most of her time was spent behind the bar she still liked to help out the wait staff from time to time. She walked over to a table to clear up all of the dirty dishes. Jonah clutched the table to remain upright as a very intense chill overtook her body. She had been having them all day but they haven’t been this bad.

Jonah went back to cleaning up the dishes. Her life was so different than what she thought it would be. She managed to complete one semester in college majoring in sociology. But that had to be put on hold.

Genesis had given up her dream of becoming a lawyer to take care of the sisters. She had watched her struggle to pay the bills and put Isis and her through college. Getting this job at Hooters was just supposed to help with some of the struggle.

She was bringing home pretty good money from her tips but it became harder and harder to balance school and work. The only thing she could think to do was to drop out of school.

Of course Genesis had been mad at her but she had been grateful for the help. Genesis had made a sacrifice so she had to be strong enough to make one too. Maybe once everything calmed down she could go back or maybe send Genesis to school.

Jonah carried the bin of dirty dishes to the back. Another chill ran up her spine. These chills were giving her a really sick feeling. She set the bin down because her hands were shaking.

She took a couple of deep breaths and told herself that Genesis was fine. She was worried about her but if there was something serious going on she was sure she would tell her. They didn’t have secrets with each other. Jonah would just have to put this out of her head until she got home.

Putting the eerie feeling out of her mind, she went back to helping with the customers.


Isis walked over to the fridge and removed a Seagram’s Escapes. She should be more freaked out then she was. Her sister did just tell her that she couldn’t get hurt. Well, she didn’t actually say that but what else would you call it?

She had no bruises or wounds and the two that she did have were gone. Isis wasn’t even sure if Genesis actually did have a cut on her neck.

If she hadn’t witnessed the disappearing act the marks on her neck played she might have thought Genesis was playing a nasty trick on her. It wasn’t even April Fools Day.

Isis opened the Seagram’s and took a long drink. That’s it. That’s why she was not running from the apartment screaming. She had watched it happen.

At first Isis had thought her eyes were playing tricks on her. How could her marks just disappear? But the more Genesis had talked and when Isis saw that she didn’t have any wounds from getting shot Isis knew that her eyes weren’t playing tricks on her.

It happened. It actually happened. What was happening she had no idea but whatever it was she was now a witness to it, or at least some of it.

Isis heard Genesis enter the kitchen before she spoke.

“Can I get one of those?”

Isis took out another Seagram’s and turned to her. Isis knew she was taking a risk in getting the floor dirty but she couldn’t stop herself. Isis had to see what else Genesis could do.

Instead of just closing the short distance between them and handing the bottle to her, Isis tossed it at her. Isis’ throwing skills could use some work, which was why she wasn’t surprised when the bottle nearly flew over Genesis’ head.

Yet, to Isis’ utter surprise Genesis caught it. Her hand shot up and caught the bottle before it could go any further. Isis’ mouth dropped open. By all accounts she shouldn’t have been able to catch it.

“What did you do that for?” she asked.

Isis pulled herself together and closed her gapping mouth.

“I wanted to see if you could catch it,” Isis said.


“I don’t know.”

“Are you freaking out?” she asked wearily.

“No … no … not freaking out.” Isis stammered.

“It’s okay if you are. I’m still kind of freaking out.”

“What’s there to freak out about? My sister is a super human.” Isis said.

“Look, I’m not a super human,” she said. She took a step towards Isis who took an involuntary step back.

The look on Genesis’ face broke Isis’ heart. She looked like Isis had just slapped her.

“I’m sorry.” Isis moved towards her and this time Genesis stepped back.

“No, it’s cool.”

“Genesis, I’m sorry. I don’t know why I did that.”

“Are you afraid of me?” She looked so hurt. Isis didn’t know how to answer her.

“Look, I’m going to go lay down.” She turned out of the kitchen to her left and into her room. The door slammed shut, hard. The apartment shook.

“Don’t be scared, I pushed it harder than I thought,” she called from the room.

Isis felt utterly like crap. She didn’t mean to make Genesis think that she was scared of her. Isis didn’t even mean to step away from her it just sort of happened.

Now Isis had gone ahead and hurt her sister’s feelings. Genesis would understand that Isis didn’t mean anything by it.

Isis didn’t think that Genesis was a monster. Yeah there was something weird going on but didn’t the fact that she didn’t run screaming from the apartment mean anything?

Who was she kidding? If the roles had been reversed and Genesis had stepped away from her like that she probably would have started crying right there. The feeling that someone was either repulsed by or scared of you was not a feeling that anyone should have. And here she was making her own sister feel that.

Isis was going to let Genesis sleep because she had had a pretty eventful day and Isis needed some air.

Isis guzzled down the rest of her drink and grabbed another from the fridge. She stepped to the window and opened it.

Isis stepped out on the fire escape and made her way up. She stepped onto the roof and walked towards the middle to sit down. She let out a sigh.

Isis was thinking that she had really screwed up. She was hoping that with some time that Genesis would forgive her and understand. It wasn’t everyday that your sister dropped the kind of bombs she did.