Name: Lamar Murray

Nickname: Lam & Big Chops

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Date Of Birth: March 8

Place Of Birth: Rochester, NY

Ethnicity/Species: African American

Occupation/Job: Student & Drug Dealer

World/Verse: The hood

One Sentence Description: Lamar is trying to figure out what his place is in the world


     Height: 5’9″

Weight: 200 lbs

Skin Tone: Brown

Facial Shape: Round

Eye Color: Brown

Distinguish Feature: 

Other Facial Feature:

     Hairstyle: Buzz Cut

Body Type: Overweight/Heavy

Posture: Poor/Slouches

Dress: Jeans, oversized shirts, hoodie or coat

Something Always Carried/Weapon/Tools: Cash, Phone, Weed


     Other Physical Appearance:




     Strength/Talent: Humor

Weakness: Gullible



     Pets: None

Area Of Residence/Environment: Urban Neighborhood

Home Description: One story home

Neighborhood: Tough

Organization Involved:

     Income: $100 a week

Job Satisfaction: Hates it

Health: Pretty good despite weight


Personality: Fun loving

     Moral: Tries to be good

Self Control: Good but succumbs to peer pressure

Motivation: Wants a better life

Discouragement: Hates school

Intelligence Level: Does so so in school

Confidence Level: Not very


     Greatest Fear/Phobia: Becoming nothing


     Childhood Life: Was responsible for looking after sisters

     Important Past Event: Leaving school to raise sisters

    Best Accomplishment: Getting accepted into a pre-law program

    Other Accomplishment: Graduating police academy

     Worst Moment: Her split second decision

     Failure: Not finishing school


     Best Memories:

     Worst Memories: Losing mother


     Story Role: Eldest sister & protector


     Short Term Goal: Raise sisters

     Long Term Goal: Follow her dreams

     First Appearance: Working, in the police cruiser

     Plot Involvement: 


     Most Defining Moment: