Name: Genesis Marie Battle

     Nickname: Genie

     Age: 29

     Gender: Female

     Date Of Birth: January 16, 1985

     Place Of Birth: Brooklyn, NY

     Ethnicity/Species: African American & Italian/ Witch

     Occupation/Job: NYC Police Officer

     World/Verse: Modern with Paranormal undertones

     One Sentence Description: The leader and strongest more independent sister.


     Height: 5’4″

     Weight: 130 lbs

     Skin Tone: Caramel

     Facial Shape: Oval

     Eye Color: Green

     Distinguish Feature: 

     Other Facial Feature:

     Hairstyle: Curly

     Body Type: Thin, Fit, Non Athletic

     Posture: Impeccable

     Dress: Work – Uniform, Life – Casual

     Something Always Carried/Weapon/Tool: Gun & Phone


     Other Physical Appearance:


     Skills: Able to tell when someone is lying


     Strength/Talent: Her inner strength

     Weakness: Does not know how to let go



     Pets: None

     Area Of Residence/Environment: Bushwick

     Home Description: Brownstone second floor apartment

     Neighborhood: Quiet

     Organization Involved:

     Income: $61,579

     Job Satisfaction: Enjoys job

     Health: Perfect, doesn’t get sick


     Personality: Tough exterior

     Moral: Honest and loyal

     Self Control: Wanes as power grows

     Motivation: To protect her sisters


     Intelligence Level: One year of college completed

     Confidence Level:

     Philosophy: No secrets

     Greatest Fear/Phobia: Losing her sisters


     Childhood Life: Was responsible for looking after sisters

     Important Past Event: Leaving school to raise sisters

    Best Accomplishment: Getting accepted into a pre-law program

    Other Accomplishment: Graduating police academy

     Worst Moment: Her split second decision

     Failure: Not finishing school


     Best Memories:

     Worst Memories: Losing mother


     Story Role: Eldest sister & protector


     Short Term Goal: Raise sisters

     Long Term Goal: Follow her dreams

     First Appearance: Working, in the police cruiser

     Plot Involvement: 


     Most Defining Moment: