Journey To Full-Time Writer – Update – Too Ambitious

Hey, bugs,

So, I’m trying to figure out on what planet did I think I could complete about four writing projects. Those six months that I took off from working maybe, but now that I’m working a full-time job… I am completely playing myself and I think I need to take several seats and rethink this.

It helps that most of the posts on this blog have been pre-written (like months ago) and are scheduled to be posted. So, that’s one less thing I have to worry about. However, my kindle is full of books that I need to read and write reviews for and I’m having trouble fitting that into my days now.

I really need to keep reminding myself to stop trying to write more than my two hands can handle.

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November 2018 Wrap Up & December 2018 Goals

Hey Guys,

So Last month I shared with you a list of goals that I made for myself for the month on November. Here’s how I did…

1. Finish drafting The Five Sister’s Book Two – Failed
2. Start drafting Thicker Than Water Book One – Succeeded
3. Get ISBN for The Hood Diaries Book One – Failed
4. Get To work ON TIME!!!! (I seem to have an issue getting up in the AM) – Succeeded
5. Plot The Hood Diaries Book Two – I completed this but I will probably go back over it
6. (Personal Sales Goal) – Succeeded and I’m proud of it.

I think I did good considering I completed four of the six goals. However, I did add three more to the list later on and only completed one, so…

Well here are the goals for December. Here’s hoping I do better.

1. Look for office space.
2. Finish drafting Thicker Than Water Book One
3. Post a video to Journey To Full Time Writer YouTube channel
4. Post a video to Totally Random Me YouTube channel
5.Personal Sales Goal
6. Get to work on time (A daily struggle)
7. Personal goal
8. Go to the doctor

Wish me luck. I’ll be back next month.h

November 2018 Goals

Hey guys,

So I have tried making quarterly goals and I fail every time, so I decided to try monthly goals to see if I can meet them. I am going to share them with you to get some accountability.

Here we go…

1. Finish drafting The Five Sister’s Book Two
2. Start drafting Thicker Than Water Book One
3. Get ISBN for The Hood Diaries Book One
4. Get To work ON TIME!!!! (I seem to have an issue getting up in the AM)
5. Plot The Hood Diaries Book Two
6. (Personal Sales Goal)

Alright, that’s it. All of my goals for November. In December I will let you know how I did and also what my new goals are.

Talk to you soon.

Book Discussion – Bodyguard

Hey 172 followers,

Here with a new book discussion.

Remember to grab a copy before continuing because there may be spoilers.

Kindle –

Paperback –

I gave this book four stars. It was a good book. That is with that fact that I am choosing to ignore the stepbrother/stepsister aspect.

That’s right. Fox and Dani and related. Well, Fox’s mother married Dani’s father. They shared a kiss on Dani’s eighteenth birthday and Fox was kicked out by his stepfather. He joins the army. Dani becomes a famous actress using the stage name Roxie. Fox “dies” in service. Dani is attacked and Fox comes back to rescue her. Of course the two have strong feelings for each other that hasn’t faded away over the five years they were apart and eventually Fox takes Dani’s virginity.

Again, we’re going to ignore the fact that they lived as brother and sister once upon a time.

There was action. Romance. Drama and of course, sex. This wasn’t overly long and it wasn’t too short. I managed to get through this pretty quickly but it didn’t leave me with a feeling that I was missing something.

I got a well rounded story and I really enjoyed it. Four stars enjoyed it.

What did you guys think? Let me know in the comments.

Talk to you later.

Book Discussion – Billionaires & Ballerinas

Hey 172 followers,

Back with another book discussion.

Remember to grab a copy before continuing because there may be spoilers.

Now onto the discussion…

I gave this book three stars. It was alright. A bit too short. Rose is a ballerina and she is planning to retire because her knees are getting pretty bad. Drew is a lawyer working for her big shot brother. They have basically been forbidden to see each other so they spend most of their time trading glances, until they decide to sneak around behind her brother’s back.

The book ended with them hooking up at Rose’s new place. That was it. After Drew got hit by a truck, he decides to push Rose away. Then he ends his partnership with her brother and seeks her out again.

The end.

That was a little disappointing because I think that there should have been more of a story surrounding her brother and his feelings about their relationship. The whole point of why they spent years staying away from each other and then sneaking around because they didn’t know how her brother would react and all we got was an ultimatum, him trying to prevent her from moving out and that was it. That entire conflict lasted about an entire chapter.

I never understand the point of novellas. Trying to fit so much into such a confined space. There was a lot missing from this story and so it left me wanting more.

That’s all for now.

Talk to you later.

Journey To Full-Time Writer – So Many Projects So Little Time


So, I saw this meme on Facebook and realized that it is currently my life. I’m putting out one book, editing another, writing the next and plotting a fourth. I’ve been told not to pile too much on my plate but… that’s easier said than done.

I feel like I have to put out more to be able to one day enjoy my life as a full-time writer. At this point taking my time and waiting between projects isn’t going to put me any closer to being able to quit my full-time job and shout from the rooftops that I am a full-time writer.

Any other writers out there going through the same thing? Let me know and maybe we can motivate each other. I’m going to go now and do some writing.

Short Story – The Five Sisters – Revealed – Chapter Five

Eve walked through the entrance to the Coney Island Aquarium. New York City wasn’t the easiest place to live but it was where she felt she needed to be and because she wasn’t much of a party girl, she settled on spending her twenty-first birthday at the aquarium.

She walked the boardwalk and looked around. At the people, the animals, the amusements. It was the most excitement she’s had in a while.

Eve came to a halt in the middle of the boardwalk as a chill ran up her spine. She felt dizzy and lightweight. She stumbled forward as a man bumped into her.

“I’m so sorry,” he said turning to face her. He smiled. “Hi.”

“Hi,” Eve said absentmindedly. She turned around scanning the area.

“My name is Adam.”

“Anthony,” Eve breathed out as he eyes fell on the brother she hadn’t seen since their birthday five years ago.

“No, it’s Adam.”

As if sensing her, Anthony looked up and they locked eyes. He handed the small girl in his arms to the woman beside him and moved through the crowd away from them. Eve moved away from Adam and in the direction Anthony was headed.

She found him in an empty corner.

“Anthony,” she said excitedly.

“Hey, Eve,” he said as he took her in his arms. “What are you doing here?”

“I live here.” Anthony released her. “Do you live here?”

“No, birthday present from my wife. More for my daughter than for me,” he chuckled.

“I saw them. When can I meet them?”

“You can’t, because not that I know you’re here, we’re going to have to leave.”

“You don’t have to go.”

“Yes we do. Do you release that I sensed you. Before I saw you, I knew you were here. I can’t stay.”

“Please Anthony. I’ve been by myself for three years and it’s my birthday. It’s our birthday. Don’t make me be alone.”

“I’m sorry Eve,” Anthony said sadly. “My wife has already taken my daughter and got a head start. Please don’t follow me. Happy birthday.”

Anthony disappeared and Eve found herself staring at the empty space.

“What the hell was that?”

Eve spun around throwing her hand up. Adam went flying into a wall. She ran over to him, a ball of fire floating in the palm of her hand.

“Who are you?” she asked.

“Adam,” he choked out. “The question is, who are you?”

“Why are you following me?”

“I was trying to talk to you. Thought you were cute.”

Eve shook her hand and the fire went out.

“I’m sorry for throwing you.”

“That’s okay. It’s not everyday a pretty girl whips me around without touching me.” He got to his feet. “Now, will you tell me your name?”

Eve laughed, shaking her head. “It’s Eve.”

“Nice to meet you, Eve.”

Book Discussion – Again, Alabama

Hey guys,

Back with another book discussion. Remember to grab a copy before continuing with this post in case there are spoilers.

Kindle –

Paperback –

Now onto the discussion…

Cammie has to go home to run her families business and help take care of her mother after her back surgery. She is dreading being home as the center of the town’s gossip and to make matters worse, her siblings failed to mention that her ex boyfriend has also moved back home. Even worse, he’s doing repairs on the family home and business.

Now as someone who has left home and dreaded the moment I had to return, I can fully relate to her not wanting to come home. I can also relate to how it ended up being a good thing.

Cammie gets to bond with her family. Something that’s been missing for a while. As much as she tries to stay away from her ex Grey, It’s hard to do with him working on her house.

Grey and Cammie were like the perfect couple when they were younger and pretty much fated to be to marry, but after a stupid fight, Grey got drunk and then slept with Cammie’s best friend Deb. Neither of them said anything until Deb wound up pregnant and then she spun a tale about Grey taking advantage of her and Cammie ate it up. Then she fled and only returned for holidays.

Deb’s dead and Grey is raising his daughter with the help of his father. Once they reconnected as lovers they addressed the issue of Grey sleeping with Deb (she was jealous and seduced him of course) and then they were able to move on. One thing that didn’t get addressed was Grey using the name that he and Cammie picked out for their child for his daughter with Deb. I don’t know but that bothered me and I wanted to hear his explanation. First he sleeps with her best friend. Get’s her pregnant. Deb miscarries. He marries her anyways. Obviously sleeps with her again and gets her pregnant. Then names his daughter Samantha, which was the name he would have used had he and Cammie ever had a daughter. It was mentioned once or twice but then never really addressed. I still kind of want to know why he did it.

Other than that this was a cute story and I really enjoyed it. I gave it four stars and I’ve already added the second book to by wish list.

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