Book Discussion – McDowell

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Back with another book discussion. This book is a bit different than what I’ve been reading the last few months and there is a strong possibility for spoilers. So, if you haven’t yet read this please go do so and come back so we can talk.

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Now onto the discussion…

How did I come across this book? I signed up for this site where you write reviews for pay (Mama’s gotta make some money). I don’t mind reading books from multiple genres, so I clicked on this book when it was sent to me and boy did this book drag.

McDowell is about Hiram McDowell a very successful surgeon who does a lot of questionable things. That is was me trying to give a synopsis without spoiling it, but I see spoilers in your future.

So, the book starts out with Hiram climbing a snowy mountain. He is with a group I believe, but for sure he is with another guy. The other man is sick or injured and Hiram being a doctor stops to help him. Just kidding. Hiram finishes his climb, comes back to find the guy in the same spot and then leaves him on the mountain. Yes, that is right. He left the man on the mountain. I couldn’t believe it.

Then if that’s not bad enough, he returns home and his wife tells him that she knows that he has another woman and that she may divorce him and he’s so nonchalant about the entire thing. He doesn’t apologize. He doesn’t deny it. He’s like “okay”. I really started to dislike this man.

The beginning held my attention but after the whole thing with his wife, the story switched point of view. Suddenly we were learning about another doctor and his kids, and then a reporter in NYC. It was hard to keep up because not all of the stories meshed well together. The doctor’s story I sort of understand, because he was betrayed by Hiram and he wanted revenge. The son knocked up his stepsister and the daughter is a photographer. Okay. So, there was more to her story but honestly, it wasn’t that interesting. His other daughter’s story tied in more to his life because she was dealing with a son that she was scared of and he seemed to have mental problems. This becomes clear when her son kills people in school, his sister, shoots her and then tries to take his own life. Hiram then ends his life while he’s in the hospital and is convicted of murder.

That story was interesting and brought us back to Hiram who the entire book is about. Once Hiram escapes from prison and is on the run I wanted to fall asleep. It really started to drag and I just wanted it to be over with.

I will say that the author wrote a pretty convincing story. Several times I went online to double check that this was indeed fiction and not a biography. Outside of the few parts that intrigued me, I couldn’t really get into this story. It took about a month to finish reading and I’ve knocked out books in a day (I have no life). I just wasn’t eager to finish this other than the fact that I wanted it to be done.
Overall, I gave this book 2 stars. It just wasn’t for me.

Did you read it? What did you think? Let me know in the comments.

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Journey To Full-Time Writer – The Rewrites

So, I have decided to rewrite my first book. I don’t think I can in good conscience release my second book knowing that the first still needs so much work.

Sucks that my full time job is getting in the way of my writing time.

Short Story – Broken – Chapter Three

Jane found an empty seat and crossed her legs. She looked around and her eyes fell on one of the girls. She racked her mind trying to remember her name. Donna. Donna was supposed to share. Donna was staring at her. Jane realized that she had been playing with the purple scarf around her neck. She quickly lowered her hand and averted her eyes. It was a subconscious thing. At times she didn’t even know that she was doing it. Touching the scarf was a reflex. Whenever she felt uncomfortable or afraid, she found her hands moving to the scarf.

Donna picked up her purple purse that sat at her feet and moved to sit beside her. “I see you wear that scarf every time we meet. Why?” Jane looked away. “What are you hiding?”

“Donna, it’s not nice to pry,” Joanne said. She was standing in front of them and glaring at Donna.

“I thought the point of this group was to share?”

“It is and when Jane is ready to share with the group, she will. Until then, we let her have her privacy.”

“Does the scarf have anything to do with why you’re here?” Donna asked turning to look back at Jane. Jane nodded slowly. “Then I’m sorry. I just thought it was like a safety blanket, what with the way you keep playing with it. I didn’t mean anything by it.”

“That’s okay,” she said her hand moving to the scarf. She caught Donna watching her and lowered her hand.

“Donna? Would you like to share with the group?” Joanne asked.

Everyone made their way over to the chairs and sat down. Jane felt like all eyes were on her as if she was the one who was about to speak to them. She lifted her eyes and saw that no one was watching her. Everyone was watching Donna and Donna was watching her. Jane forced herself to keep from touching the scarf. It appeared to be a bit of a mystery that Donna was desperate to solve and Jane wasn’t ready for that. She didn’t think she would ever be ready to share her life story with a group of strangers.

She still didn’t talk about it with her mother and best friend. That was how she found herself at the support group. They thought it would help if she shared with people who didn’t know her.

“Well,” Donna started. She looked away from Jane. “I’ve only been hit once. Alex wasn’t the hitting type. He was more of the type that liked to control everything I did and then beat me down verbally, but that one time he hit me. That one time, was like the wake up call that I needed. I never understood women who stayed in relationships when a guy hits you. I’m not judging anyone, because although he never hit me, he was still an abusive bastard. There was just something about that time that he hit me.”


Jane stumbled into the bedroom. She was wearing a white nightdress, nothing underneath in case Mason woke during the night and wanted sex. She looked at Mason’s sleeping form in the bed, his back turned to her and bare. She leaned against the door frame resting her head against it. She stood and watched as he slept. Her eyes were blood shot and glistened with fresh tears. Her right arm swung at her side, the kitchen knife in her hand banging against her leg.

Jane moved further into the room and climbed into the bed. She sat on her knees and stared at Mason for a minute before sitting down and leaning against the pillows on her side of the bed. She reached over to turn of the lamp and stopped. She pulled her hand back and left the light on the soft glow filling the room.

She closed her eyes and let out a deep breath. A tear escaped her closed lids and rolled down her cheeks. She opened her eyes and raised the knife. In a quick motion she brought the knife down across her left wrist, slicing through the flesh and the vein.

Jane squeezed her lips together tightly to keep from screaming at the pain. She passed the knife to her other hand and raised her hand that was starting to slowly shake and sliced into her other wrist. The sight of the blood should have turned her stomach and made her sick. It would have years ago, but now she stared and the blood leaking from her wrists and felt nothing. She barely felt the pain after a while.

Jane threw her head back against the pillows, her tears soaking the case. She raised her hand and although she was beginning to feel weak and her hands shook badly, she brought the knife to the side of her neck. She didn’t have the strength to make the action quick and swift; but she had the strength to complete her task. Her wrists should have been enough but she didn’t want to chance in. What she wanted was for it to all be over with.

Slowly she pressed the knife into her neck as hard as she could muster and ran the blade across her throat. Jane could feel the blood running down her neck and falling on her chest as she dropped the knife on the bed. She didn’t struggle. She just closed her eyes and waited for the bright white light.

The blood soaked into the bed and pooled around Jane’s body. Mason rolled over and was soon lying in the blood. He jumped up furious.

“What the f-” His eyes fell on Jane’s near lifeless body. He could see that her chest was still moving with each breath but it was slight movements.

Mason grew frantic. He yanked the pillow case from one of his pillows and tried to use it to stop the blood from seeping from her neck wound. He looked down in panic and the wounds at her wrists. Mason reached onto the bedside table and grabbed his phone. He quickly dialed nine-one-one and yelled at the operator to get an ambulance to his home immediately.

Mason was covered in Jane’s blood. He had only left her for a moment as he made sure the door was unlocked and opened for the paramedics to enter. He didn’t want to leave her alone and sat with her, holding her trying with all his might to stop the blood. The paramedics rushed into the room. “I woke up and found her like this,” he said in a rush. Panic filled his voice. “You have to help her.”

He didn’t want to leave her when he paramedics had him lower her body to the bed and move away. They applied guaze to the wounds. It wasn’t enough to keep the blood from flowing but they needed to get her to the hospital. Mason threw on a shirt and followed the paramedics out of the house. He rode in the back of the ambulance with Jane, praying that she was still alive.

mason sat in the waiting room for what felt like hours while the doctors worked on Jane. Her mother raced through the doors and over to him. He opened his arms to wrap her in a hug but she stopped just short of jumping into his arms. Her hand came up quickly and she smacked him across the face.

“If she doesn’t make it, you won’t have to worry about the police because I’ll kill you,” she spat out.

“I didn’t do anything,” Mason said defensively.

“That’s the running theme isn’t it? If she survives, you will never see her again.”

“She’s my wife.”

“And she’s my daughter!” she shouted. “I will not let you take her life too!”

Mason lowered his head and ran his blood soaked hand over his head. “You can’t keep her away from me.”

“Watch me.”

The doctor came in to give them an update on Jane. She had survived. Her mother told them all that Mason was not allowed anywhere near her daughter and she alone went to sit with her.

When Jane opened her eyes the first thing she did was cry. Her mother rushed to her side and pressed the button to let the nurses know that she was awake. She wiped at the tears. “You’re okay. You’re going to be okay,” she said soothingly.

“Why?” Jane cried. Her neck and wrists were bandaged and her neck hurt with every breath she took, but she cried. She didn’t want to be alive. She wasn’t supposed to be alive.

When everyone was sure that she was okay to leave and after her mother refused to have her committed in case she attempted suicide again, she left the hospital with her. Jane hadn’t seen Mason since the night she had tried to take her own life. Her mother had sent her best friend to the house she shared with him to grab her things. Jane went to go stay with her mother and was assured that she would never have to see Mason every again.

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Book Discussion – Undercover – Winged Enemy MC Romance – Book One

Hey Lovebugs,

I’m back with another book discussion. As always spoilers are a possibility. So, if you haven’t read this book go do so and then come back so we can talk.

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Now onto the discussion…

Right from the start, I knew what this book was going to be about. It starts out with a dream, hold on. It starts out with an erotic dream. Now, I try not to judge books by their covers but even I could admit that the cover was a dead giveaway as to what I could expect from the story. The problem that I had with this story and others like it is the fact that the author gives a little taste of an actual story but it is quickly overshadowed by the endless sex.

Leslie is an FBI agent who goes undercover with a biker gang because they are dealing in drugs. Thing is, Leslie has been fantasizing about the VP of the gang, Jed and enter the endless sex.

The story would have been how Leslie was working this case and she had become compromised and how was her relationship with Jed going to affect her ability to do her job. This was all very evident in the story, but because this was a novella it was super short and there was no build up. Everything kind of happened at a fast pace. Leslie meets Jed, Leslie sleeps with Jed. Leslie falls in love with Jed. Danger. Leslie’s cover is almost blown. Jed believes Leslie. Leslie’s cover is blown. Danger.

I wanted more of a build up. I wanted to really sink into the story but there was no time for that, so I was left wanting more. Unfortunately, I don’t think I’m going to get that more from the second book so I will not be reading it.

Did you read it? What did you think? Let me know in the comments.

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The next book up for discussion is…

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Short Story – Broken – Chapter Two

Jane didn’t think she would go back to the support group. Listening to women talk about the abusive relationships they were in was not how she wanted to spend her time. It was depressing and she questioned whoever thought it was a good idea. She thought all of this, yet she walked into the building and made her way to the meeting.

Joanne smiled warmly at her when she stepped into the room.

“Ladies, please find your seats,” Joanne called out. She beckoned for Jane to join the group and sit beside her. It was as if Joanne was protecting her. At least until she was ready to share her own story.

All of the women filed over to the chairs and took their seats. “Jenna,” Joanne said. Jane found Jenna immediately. Jenna was pretty. A classic beauty. She had red hair that fell in waves down her back, green eyes and full lips. She ran her hands down the front of her purple skinny jeans and sat forward.

“When I was a little girl, like maybe ten or eleven, I fantasized about my wedding. All girls do that right?” Jenna looked around for affirmation. Every head in the room nodded. “I always thought it would be the happiest day of my life. That I would walk down the aisle and stand beside my prince charming and when he vowed to love and protect me forever, that he would mean it. I should have known not to go through with it when I got ready to marry Liam.”

Jane closed her eyes and took a deep breath. Jenna’s recount of her wedding day sounded a lot like her own. She had been terrified of what it would mean to be married to Mason, and yet she was more afraid to tell him that she didn’t want to marry him. Her mother was a big fan of Mason and always gushed about him whenever the two of them were alone. It had a lot to do with the fact that her mother was unaware of what a monster Mason truly was. If she told her mother to help her run away. To help her get out of marrying the man her mother trusted, she would have had to tell her the truth and that was something Jane didn’t think she could do.

She had kept everything a secret for so long, she figured she would just have to live with it. It had been her choice to start a relationship with Mason, and her choice to stay when things had turned sour. Making the decision to tie herself to him until death, had not been an easy one and she knew she couldn’t take it back.


Jane stood in the dressing room staring at her reflection in the mirror. She had to admit that she looked beautiful in the gown that Mason had helped pick out, no amount of makeup could hide the fear in her eyes. At least not to her.

Her mother walked over and stood behind her. She placed her hands on her shoulders and looked into the mirror meeting her eyes. “You look absolutely beautiful,” she said. Jane forced her lips into a smile. The act seemed false to her but her mother was oblivious.

“Thanks ma,” she said.

“You and Mason are going to be so happy,” her mother squealed. She gave her shoulders a tight squeeze and walked away. Jane’s smile faded from her face. She wished that she could believe what her mother said was true but she didn’t.

The wedding planner stepped into the room and announced that they had five minutes before the ceremony started. Jane closed her eyes and sent up a quick prayer that her marriage would somehow change Mason for the better. That her becoming his wife would make him become a more gentle person. The person she had met and fallen in love with. Her best friend walked over to her and caught her eyes in the mirror.

“it’s not too late to run. I could have you out of here in three minutes.”

“You know I can’t run.”

“You can’t marry him either.” She lowered her eyes from her best friend’s. The only person who knew the truth. She had found out after wrapping her arms around Jane for a hug and instantly stopping when Jane winced in pain. When Jane had tried to brush it off, her friend wouldn’t let it go. Even going as far as to yank up Jane’s shirt and finding the bruises around her torso. She constantly tried to talk Jane into leaving Mason but it was no use. Jane wouldn’t leave him and soon she would be in it for life.

“I have to go get married,” Jane said turning from her and following the wedding planner from the room. Jane stood at the back of the church from view as her best friend walked down the aisle. She took her spot at the altar shooting eye daggers at Mason the entire time. When the music changed, Jane took her mothers hand and they walked down the aisle together. She stopped beside Mason and he took her hand.

“Friends and family, we are gathered here today to witness the union of Jane and Mason,” the pastor began.

Jane lowered her eyes and blocked everything out. She didn’t hear a thing the pastor said and wasn’t sure where they were in the ceremony until she felt a tight squeeze of her hand. She winced and tried not to cry out. Her eyes raised to meet Mason’s. She could tell by the tightness of his jaw that he was angry, though he was trying to hide it with a smile.


She turned to the pastor. “Yeah?”

“We’ll try this again,” he chuckled. The patrons followed suit. “Repeat after me. I, Jane.”

Jane turned to Mason and opened her mouth, that felt like she had eaten chalk, and repeated the words the pastor said to Mason. She stayed focused through the rings and kiss. Mason bit her bottom lip. Not in a sexy erotic way, but in a way that was meant to cause her pain. She pulled her lip into her mouth and tasted the fresh blood there. Mason took her hand and led her down the aisle while everyone applauded and congratulated them.

They took their pictures and were ushered to the limo so that they could get to the reception hall. Once the door was closed, Mason pushed a button that made the partition separating them from the driver rise. Jane watched the glass move higher with dread filling her.

When Mason was sure they were alone and would not be overheard he turned on her. Her hands flew up to clutch his hands that were tight around her throat.

“What the hell was that?” he spat out.

He was squeezing too tightly for her to respond. Her eyes bugged out as she sat there, her hands on his hands but not fighting, and waited for him to remove his hands. He let her go and sat back.

“I didn’t hear him. Sorry,” she said gasping for air.

Mason stared as her, fury in his eyes. “Fuck!” he screamed. He reached across the seat and grabbed her bag. Tossing it to her he said, “You’re going to bruise.”

There was no concern in his voice. No worry or even regret. He no longer regretted the things he did to her. Only if he left a visible mark that might be seem by anyone.

Jane opened the bag and removed a mirror, her foundation and sponge. The limo stopped outside of the reception hall. Mason told the driver to give them a minute. He took the mirror and help it up as Jane blended the makeup on her neck to cover the brusies that were already starting to form.

“You bruise too damn easy,” he said rolling his eyes.

“Sorry,” Jane said. She didn’t know why she was apologizing. It seemed that when Mason stopped being sorry for hitting her or grabbing her too roughly that it left marks, she started being sorry for making him do it. They were some pair.

When she had successfully covered the fresh marks, she packed everything up and put the bag down. Mason opened the door and stepped out. He held his hand out for her to take and helped her out of the limo.

They walked into the reception hall hand in hand, both wearing large grins, Jane’s forced and Mason’s more natural, as they were announced and their friends and family stood and applauded. She had always wondered how he could smile as if he didn’t have a care in the world. It was as if he had not just nearly chocked her death in the back of a limo. Instead, he looked like a man who had just married the love of his life.

Jane wished that she could wear two faces like he did. She was sure that she did not pull off the happy newly wed as well as he did.

End flashback

“I always wonder why no one tried to talk me out of it,” Jenna said. “Why didn’t anyone stand up and object when the minister gave them a chance? Then again I know why. I had gotten so good at pretending that everything was okay, that everyone believed it.”

Book Discussion – Anything You Want – River Jewel Resort – Book One

Hey Lovebugs,

I’m back with another book discussion. Remember, spoilers are a possibility. So, if you haven’t read this book please go do so and then come back so we can talk about it.

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Paperback –

Now onto the discussion…

So, this may be a short post because I don’t really have much to say about this book. I read this weeks ago but never got around to posting my thoughts so let’s see if I can remember.

Sydney is a married woman in her late thirties I believe. It’s quite possible that she is in her thirties. She is mostly a stay at home wife who is in love with her very wealthy husband. One day she decides to take a picnic to her husband’s office to surprise him and instead she ends up with a surprise. Her husband banging his accountant on his desk. She is devastated and leaves. Sydney rents out an apartment and stays there for a while. Her husband calls her constantly to apologize and beg her to come back. He tries to put an end to the divorce that she had filed for.
One day she decides to go hear him out and stops by their massive home. He doesn’t answer as she calls out his name. She searches the house for him and finds him in their bedroom… banging his accountant. (lol…sorry not funny). She doesn’t say a word (because he doesn’t see her) and leaves the house, not before leaving her key, ring and the signed divorce papers. Sydney then decides to go to this resort to get away and relax and it turns out the resort is all about fulfilling sexual fantasies.

This book was basically all about having your sexual fantasies fulfilled. That’s it. There is no romance (it’s implied) and outside of the story about Sydney and her husband, no real story. It’s an erotica for crying out loud. Can’t really expect too much from it. If memory serves me right, this was a novella, so it was a pretty short read. A woman goes to a resort and has her number one fantasy made real. It’s labeled as a romance, but being a romance girl there is no way that I could call this book one. Maybe if it was longer and after Sydney left the resort she just had to return to be with Mark because they were madly in love (ew).

I’m not sure if I would want her to be with Mark. Call me a prude but Mark works at the resort day in and day out. How do we know that he is not more hands-on with fulfilling other fantasies? I don’t even think it was mentioned that he used a condom (yikes). Plus, does anyone really like insta-romances? That’s exactly what this would have turned into.

I gave this book two stars. I wouldn’t read it again and I have zero interest in reading book two (unless it was free).

What did you guys think? Leave me a comment and let me know.

The next book up for discussion is…

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