Book Discussion – Angel’s Halo – Book One

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Raven is the only girl with four older brother’s who are very protective of her. They are a motorcycle family who run a bar which is the hangout for their gang Angel’s Halo. There is just one rule in this gang. Nobody touches Raven. Except Bash of course. Bash is the gang’s enforcer and after Raven turns eighteen he makes his move on her. They sneak around until her brothers find out and the oldest, who happens to be the club president, beats Bash to a bloody pulp before given his consent for the two of them to be together. But instead of claiming his prize, Bash takes off for two years. Now he’s back as club president when current president asks him to take over in his absence.

I gave this book four stars. I read a few of the reviews and people weren’t happy about the multiple points of views but I didn’t have a problem with it. It sets up the rest of the books by focusing on the other characters as well. I also felt like it helped make the story more well rounded.

Raven was a bit of a spoiled brat. Sure, Bash up and left her without so much as an explanation. Sure, he had a child and didn’t tell her, but the way she acted upon learning that news irked me. It wasn’t until she met the little girl that she warmed to the idea of being a step mother. Before that she was all up in arms about how he could leave her for his child. This was even after learning why he did it.

Felicity running off was interesting and I was a bit interested in learning what was going on with her and Hawk but then the author had to introduce Gracie and you just know the two of them are going to be an item.

I want to read the rest to learn what is going on with all of them. It was a pretty good book.

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