Journey To Full-Time Writer – So Many Projects

Hey guys,

So, I have decided that I’ve put way too much time between my projects. Not that that’s a bad thing but I’ve sort of been in a bit of a slump while taking my sweet time to publish again. With that said, I decided to no longer wait.

Right now I am editing OSTS book one in the THD series. Writing the first book in The Vampire Hunter series and plotting the first book in my Thicker Than Water series.

I know. So many projects. Will I be able to juggle them all?

We’ll just have to wait and see.

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Short Story – The Five Sisters – Revealed – Chapter Two

“Eve!” A girl, thirteen with light skin and unusual multicolored eyes lifted her head and turned in the direction of the voice. A girl, late teens with the same light skin complexion, long curly hair and brown eyes ran over to her and wrapped her arms tightly around her. “Oh, Pretty Girl.”

Thirteen-year-old Eve stood motionless in her sisters’ arms. She couldn’t bring herself to move. Not even to wrap her arms back around her sister.


They both turned to see a tall girl running towards them. She was a darker complexion and wore her hair straight. Jasmine released Eve and caught the other girl in a tight embrace as she flew towards them.

“Please tell me it’s not true. She’s not gone. She can’t be gone,” she sobbed.

Jasmine held her as she cried. She reached over and grabbed Eve and pulled her into their embrace. They held tightly unto each other until the door behind them opened. Jasmine raised her head and turned to the door. The tall dark skinned boy standing in the doorway stepped out and walked over to them. He hugged them each and wrapped his arm around Eve’s shoulder.

A nurse walked by, quickly excusing herself.

“Come on,” he said. He led Eve into the room, the girls following behind.

“Jasmine. Nikki.”

“Marcus,” Jasmine said. She walked over and gave him a quick hug. He was tall, the same complexion and the younger boy and very handsome.

Nikki barely spared the man standing in the corner a glance. Her eyes were focused on the woman lying in the hospital bed. No monitors beeped. Her chest didn’t rise and fall with her steady breathing. She was still. Too still. Nikki walked over and sat down on the bed beside her. Nikki picked up the woman’s hand and held it.

“How did this happen?” Nikki asked.

“Doctor said it was a heart attack,” Marcus said.

“I don’t get it.”

“her heart failed,” he said. “Anthony and Eve were home when it happened and they got her here but there was nothing the doctors could do.”

“No,” Nikki said. “I don’t understand how a woman who can heal herself dies of a heart attack. Why didn’t she heal herself?”

“Nikki-” Marcus started.

Jasmine shook her head and walked over to Nikki. She placed her hands on her shoulders and rubbed them gently.

“It was just her time,” Jasmine said.

“I just want her here,” Nikki sobbed.

“Me too.” Jasmine wiped a tear away.

No one spoke for a while. Anthony held onto Eve. No tears fell from her eyes. She didn’t utter a sound. Nikki glanced over her shoulder at Eve before turning back to their mother.

“Is she okay?” she asked.

“She hasn’t said a word since we got here,” Anthony said.

Nikki wiped her tears and cleared her throat. She got up from the bed, Jasmine taking her place, and walked over to Anthony and Eve. She ran her hand down the side of her face and looked at her lovingly.

“Hey, Pretty Girl. Do you want to go for a walk with me?” Eve didn’t say anything. She didn’t move. Nikki looked over to Marcus. He shook his head.

“I gotta get out of here,” Jasmine said getting up from the bed. Her face was stained with tears. She quickly rushed from the hospital room not waiting for her siblings to follow her.

“We should all go,” Marcus said. “We have a funeral to plan and other arrangements to make.”

Eve looked up and caught the look that Marcus and Nikki shared. Anthony took her hand and led her from the room. Marcus draped his arm around Nikki’s shoulder and they followed them out of the room and down the corridor. Jasmine was nowhere in sight.

Marcus handled everything for their mother’s funeral all while packing his things and moving them back into the family home. Eve got up from her bed when she heard the front door open. She walked downstairs and through the house. She stopped at the back door and looked out. Nikki and Marcus were in a heated discussion. Eve couldn’t make out what they were saying.

“She should come with me. I understand you keeping Anything, but Eve should come with me.”

“We’ve been over this. They both stay here. With me,” Marcus said.

“What could you possibly know about raising a young girl?” Nikki asked.

“I helped mama and papa raise both you and Jasmine. I think I can handle our thirteen-year-old sister,” Marcus said. “Besides, I think it will be better all around if she stays with me.”

“And why is that?” Nikki asked. “Is it because you don’t think I’ll be able to do what needs to be done? You don’t think I’ll be able to let her go.” Marcus didn’t say anything. Nikki chuckled and shook her head. “I can do it, you know.”


“No!” she yelled cutting him off. Nikki ran her hands through her hair. “I can let her go. When it’s time.”

“It’s time now,” Marcus said.”As the oldest I will raise both Anthony and Eve and all of the hard decisions will fall on my shoulders.”

“Fine. Whatever,” Nikki spun on her heels and stalked around the side of the house. Marcus turned to walk into the house and spotted Eve standing in the doorway. He walked up the steps and entered the house.

“You should get some sleep. We have a long day tomorrow.”

Without uttering a word Eve turned and walked back through the house and up to her bedroom.

Eve woke the next morning and dressed in the black dress that Jasmine had laid out for her. She sat down at the kitchen table and had breakfast. Marcus, Nikki, Jasmine, and Anthony joined her. When they were done they left the house, Nikki and Jasmine taking their own cars.

They sat in the front pew of the church while the minister presided over the funeral. Jasmine wiped the tears from her face. Her other hand held Anthony’s. She glanced over at Eve who was staring straight ahead. Jasmine held her hand out for Nikki to take. Nikki glanced down confused before taking her hand.

Jasmine’s voice flooded her head. She’s not even crying.

Nikki glanced over at Eve. She might be in shock.

Did you talk to Marcus? Is he going to let you take her?

No. He’s not budging on that.

Book Discussion – Billionaire In Vegas

Hey Love-Bugs,

I am back with another discussion post. Remember to grab a copy and read it before continuing because there may be spoilers.

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Now onto the discussion…

I really enjoyed this book. I laughed, I cringed at all of the embarrassing parts and I gave it four stars.

So, Lacey takes a job as personal assistant to one the wealthiest men in the city and meets his son. After her new boss sends her to Vegas for her birthday and she runs into Jude. The two spend the night together drinking and when they wake the next day, discover that they’re married. When Oliver, the wealthy boss, learns of this he insists that they remain married or else Jude won’t receive his inheritance. So they agreed to remain married for six months and of course they fell in love.

Guys, this was too short. I wanted more. Jude fell for Lacey first and talked her into staying married to him but we didn’t get to witness it happen. It just did. He was in love with her. Wanted to stay married to her and then she fell in love with him.

If this story had been a bit longer it probably would have gotten five stars from me.

Lacey was such a believable character. She wasn’t described as a lowly girl who didn’t know she was beautiful like most female characters in erotic romances are written. She was just believable because she did many things that are common but you wouldn’t think somebody would do.

Guys I need more. Why can’t I find a good full-length romance novel? Everything is novellas. Either way it was still pretty good and I would read book two in this series.

Journey To Full-Time Writer – When Was The Last Time I Wrote?

Hey guys,

So, I was on a roll. Formatting one book, editing another… and then I stopped. I’m not really sure why. I haven’t been doing much of anything so I don’t have anything to post about.


How’s your day going?

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Short Story – The Five Sisters – Revealed – Chapter One

“What’s for dinner?” Eve asked as she stepped into the kitchen. She sat down at the small table and crossed her arms over her chest.

“Spaghetti,” her male companion said. He glanced over his shoulder at her. “How much time do we have?”

Eve closed her eyes for a second before opening them. “It’s lights out. As long as my body is in that cell, the guards will leave me alone.”

“Why don’t you go change?”

Eve looked down at the orange jumpsuit she wore every day for ten years. She stood and began undoing the buttons as she walked into the bedroom. Eve opened the closet and stared at the few dresses hanging inside. She took one out and quickly dressed in it.

She reemerged and sat down at the table. The man sat a plate of spaghetti in front of her.


“I can’t.”

He busied himself with cleaning up.

“Adam.” He continued with his clean up. “Adam?” He stopped and turned to look at her. “Will you sit down and eat with me?”

He wiped his hands on a dishrag and sat down across from her with his own plate of food.

“What’s wrong?” she asked twirling her fork around in her food.

“Do you know when it’s going to happen?”

“In a couple months,” she said. Eve looked down at her plate. “Is that why you’re acting so standoffish right now.”

“It’s not every day that you have to deal with the fact that your wife, the mother of your kids, the love of your life, is going to be killed.”

The sat silent for a while.

“You should let me see them.”

“You see them every day.”

“”You know what I mean, Eve. Let me get close to them.”

“I probably should have that wine,” Eve said as she stood up from the table.

“Don’t change the subject. It’s been over twenty years. They are going to need their father.”

“Why? So, they can know how much of a liar I am? Is that really the memory you want to leave them with?”

“Maybe you can fix this before you die and then it will give them some time to move past this.”



“Adam, I said no.” They stared at each other. Eve broke eye contact first and walked into the living room. She plopped down on the couch. “It wasn’t supposed to get this bad.”

Adam got up from the table and walked over to sit beside her. Eve turned to look at him. She ran her hands through his salt and pepper hair.

“I just need you to keep your promise to keep your distance.”

“It wasn’t really a promise,” Adam said. He turned to look at her. “Will it wear off when you-” his voice trailed off.

“I’m sorry. No,” she whispered. “It won’t.”

“So, nothing good comes out of this?”

“You know the rules.”

“Yeah. I can’t make contact unless they initiate it.”


“Eve, you know I love you. I will always love you, but I will never forgive you for what you did to me.”

Eve let out a sigh and moved her arm.

“Why do we have to talk about this right now?”

“When are we going to talk about this, Eve?”



“Those are my girls.”

“Those are our girls,” Adam said frustrated. “You didn’t make them yourself. I have always wanted to be apart of their lives but you won’t let me. I would think that with what’s coming, you would want us to know each other and you would want them to know everything about themselves.”

“You know how I feel about this.” Eve stood up. “I want them to be together always. I know that you think I’m doing the wrong thing. Hell, if my mother was still making visits she would probably agree with you, but I can’t do what you’re asking me to do. I just can’t.”

“Then there’s nothing left for us to say.” Adam stood and grabbed his jacket and keys. “Make sure you change before you leave.”

He walked out of the apartment without saying another word. Eve hung her head and her shoulders slumped. She only had a limited time with Adam and her girls and she didn’t want to spend that time arguing with him.

She stalked back into the bedroom and stripped out of the dress. She stepped into her orange jumpsuit. Eve tossed the uneaten food into containers and placed them inside of the refrigerator. She stood on the step that led from the living room into the kitchen and took a deep breath.

“You’re right. I do agree with him.”

Eve opened her eyes and sat up. She looked around her dark cell. An older black woman stepped out of the shadows.

“I haven’t seen you in a while,” Eve said.

“You are a grown woman. There wasn’t much reason for me to keep showing up. Besides, I’m dead. My time on this earth ending a long time ago.”

“Still. It would have been nice to know you were looking over me.”

“I will always watch over you. Just like you’ll watch over them when the time comes.”

“Don’t tell me you’re here to tell me that I should tell them the truth.”

“You made up your mind a long time ago and I know that there is no changing it. I just wish that you had done right by them.”

“I did the best I could ma,” Eve said. “They are going to need each other and they wouldn’t be able to have each other if I had been honest with them.”

“I know. Let’s not argue. I know you’ve had enough of that tonight. Rest. I’ll sit here while you fall asleep.”

“Eve lay back on the bed and closed her eyes. “I love you mommy.”

“I love you too, Pretty Girl.”

Book Discussion – Billionaire Biker

Hey Love-Bugs,

Here comes another discussion. Remember to grab a copy and read it before continuing because there may be spoilers.

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Now onto the discussion…

About this book: Katie is a rich girl, working for her family’s business but she feels trapped and on a whim she stops in a biker bar where she meets Morgan and on instinct lies about what she does for a living and a relationship between the two soon starts.

I gave this one three stars, not because I didn’t like it but because it was just too short. The ending felt too abrupt for me. Katie lies and says that she is the assistant to the very family she was born into. She and Morgan sleep around and when he learns the truth, he’s not the only one. A rival bike club learns to and threatens to kidnap her and hold her for ransom. By the end they are convinced and she’s able to start a life with Morgan. Ugh, I just don’t buy that. It would seem more likely that the other gang would come after her and Morgan would do everything he could to get her back.

That’s why I feel like it stopped too abruptly. There was definitely more that could have been done with this story and that made me sad because it was actually a pretty good story. I just wish the author had expanded it a bit more. Maybe into a full-length novel.

Journey To Full-Time Writer – THD – Book One – Chapter One

Hey guys,

So last we spoke I told you that I was getting ready to edit chapter twenty-six in the first book to TFS. Well… I am completely done. Right now I am waiting for the back cover and spine to be designed and for it to be formatted and then we’ll start working on the release. While I wait for all of that I am starting my final round of edits with the first book in THD series.

Chapter one, here I come.

I’ll keep you guys posted.