Book Discussion – McDowell

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Back with another book discussion. This book is a bit different than what I’ve been reading the last few months and there is a strong possibility for spoilers. So, if you haven’t yet read this please go do so and come back so we can talk.

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Now onto the discussion…

How did I come across this book? I signed up for this site where you write reviews for pay (Mama’s gotta make some money). I don’t mind reading books from multiple genres, so I clicked on this book when it was sent to me and boy did this book drag.

McDowell is about Hiram McDowell a very successful surgeon who does a lot of questionable things. That is was me trying to give a synopsis without spoiling it, but I see spoilers in your future.

So, the book starts out with Hiram climbing a snowy mountain. He is with a group I believe, but for sure he is with another guy. The other man is sick or injured and Hiram being a doctor stops to help him. Just kidding. Hiram finishes his climb, comes back to find the guy in the same spot and then leaves him on the mountain. Yes, that is right. He left the man on the mountain. I couldn’t believe it.

Then if that’s not bad enough, he returns home and his wife tells him that she knows that he has another woman and that she may divorce him and he’s so nonchalant about the entire thing. He doesn’t apologize. He doesn’t deny it. He’s like “okay”. I really started to dislike this man.

The beginning held my attention but after the whole thing with his wife, the story switched point of view. Suddenly we were learning about another doctor and his kids, and then a reporter in NYC. It was hard to keep up because not all of the stories meshed well together. The doctor’s story I sort of understand, because he was betrayed by Hiram and he wanted revenge. The son knocked up his stepsister and the daughter is a photographer. Okay. So, there was more to her story but honestly, it wasn’t that interesting. His other daughter’s story tied in more to his life because she was dealing with a son that she was scared of and he seemed to have mental problems. This becomes clear when her son kills people in school, his sister, shoots her and then tries to take his own life. Hiram then ends his life while he’s in the hospital and is convicted of murder.

That story was interesting and brought us back to Hiram who the entire book is about. Once Hiram escapes from prison and is on the run I wanted to fall asleep. It really started to drag and I just wanted it to be over with.

I will say that the author wrote a pretty convincing story. Several times I went online to double check that this was indeed fiction and not a biography. Outside of the few parts that intrigued me, I couldn’t really get into this story. It took about a month to finish reading and I’ve knocked out books in a day (I have no life). I just wasn’t eager to finish this other than the fact that I wanted it to be done.
Overall, I gave this book 2 stars. It just wasn’t for me.

Did you read it? What did you think? Let me know in the comments.

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