Book Discussion – Marry Me Twice – Rose Quartz – Book One

Love-bugs have I ever told you guys that I absolutely love Hallmark movies?

As always, spoilers are a strong possibility, so if you haven’t yet read this book go ahead and do so and then come back to tell me what you thought.

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Now onto the discussion…

You guys, this book read like a Hallmark movie. I could picture it all in my mind. It had all of the elements that makes those movies so sweet and slightly cheesy but super adorable.

Janie and Mason get married after only knowing each other for a week. Mason needs to get married because of a contract that he signed for his grandmother that said his ranch will be sold if he doesn’t marry by thirty. Tell me that doesn’t sound like a Hallmark movie? lol

It was clear that Janie was going to be the one that he ended up marrying. Everyone was trying to push the two of them together. It also helped that they had major chemistry between the two of them. And it was not a shock that they fell in love.

I also loved how it was all surrounding this small town that specialized in love and there was this legend about to lovers who couldn’t be together and their love soaked into the ground. Again, Hallmark movie.

That is what made this such a sweet read for me, because I could clearly see it as a movie and I know that if I had watched it I would have smiled all the way through like I did when I was reading it.

This got five stars from me. It was just so sweet.

What did you guys think? Leave me a comment and let me know.

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Short Story – Till Death Do Us Part – Chapter Two

Keara glared at her best friend. The person she trusted more than anyone.

“You knew?” she asked through clinched teeth.

“Of course I knew who his best friend was,” Dinah said matter of factly.

“And you didn’t think it was important to share that bit of information with me?”

“I knew if I told you, you would have backed out of this weekend and I need you here with me.”

“Avi and Nyle walked over to them and stopped. Avi said hello to Keara and gave Dinah a quick kiss. Nyle walked over and draped his arm around Keara’s shoulder wearing a large grin.

“This weekend is going to be so much fun.”

Keara shrugged off his arm. “I’m going to my room.” She turned and stalked away.

“Okay, meet us in the bar at seven!” Dinah called to her. Keara waved her hand in a dismissive gesture and pressed the button for the elevator.

She wasn’t sure if she was going to be able to tolerate an entire weekend with Nyle. It was bad enough that they had most of their classes together. This weekend was supposed to be about blowing off steam and releasing stress and her stress had followed her.

She rode the elevator up in silence pondering what she would do. There was no way that she could get back on a plane and fly home. That would only hurt Dinah and she had hurt her once already.

That was it. She was just going to have to suck it up and try to get through the next three days. The only good thing was there would be liquor. Lots and lots of liquor. Even better was the fact that she didn’t have to wait for the bar to get started. She opened her mini bar once she was in her room and grabbed two of the small bottles they provided. She set her alarm on her phone and downed both drinks before curling up for a much needed nap. Sleep and alcohol. She couldn’t ask for a better way to spend her weekend.

When her phone buzzed to let her know that she had fifteen minutes to get down to the bar, Keara climbed out of bed and undressed for a quick shower. She pulled her hair up into a ponytail, applied a little mascara and lip gloss and headed down to the bar.

Keara walked into the bar and found that they had arrived before her. Dinah and Avi were making out at the table and Nyle was busy chatting with a girl at the next table. She sat down with a sigh.

“I ordered you a martini and some food,” Dinah said coming up for air.

“Thanks.” Keara picked up the glass and took a sip. She cast her eyes up to find Dinah and Avi going at it again. “Am I supposed to spend the entire weekend watching you two make out?”

“No,” Dinah said. “We will spend time on the strip and by the pool and whatever else we want. We really just wanted to spend this weekend will our maid of honor and best man having fun before all of the craziness of planning the wedding starts. Plus, we both know how you two feel about each other, so we thought maybe you guys could spend a little time together.”

Keara’s eyes bugged at the last part. “So this weekend is a set up?”

“No. It’s not a set up,” Avi said. “We’re not expecting you two to have a double wedding with us. We just want you two to learn to tolerate each other.”

“We are going to be spending a lot of time together getting this wedding together and I for one do not want to spend all of it listening to you two snark at each other.”

“I can be as civil as Miss. Moneybags over here can be,” Nyle said turning back to their table.

“Why? Why do you insist on calling me that?”

Nyle opened his mouth to respond but Dinah held her hands up cutting him off. “See? This right here is what I’m talking about. We haven’t even been together for thirty minutes and you two are already about to go at it. Would you please try to get along this weekend?”

Keara rolled her eyes and grabbed her drink and downed it. “Fine,” she said placing the glass on the table.

Avi and Dinah turned to look at Nyle. He held his hands up in surrender.

“You have my word.”

“Good,” Dinah said standing. “Now we are going to go to our room. A little practice for the honeymoon.” She winked at Avi as she took his hand.

“You two behave,” Avi said. They walked away from the table.

Keara and Nyle turned to look at each other clearly surprised to be left alone. The waiter walked over and placed a burger and fries in front of Keara.

“Can I get you anything else?”

“Whiskey, vodka and tequila,” she rattled off.

“Which one?” the waiter asked confused.

“All three. And keep them coming until I say stop.”

“I’ll have the same,” Nyle said. “And one of these burgers.”

Keara suddenly wished she already had a drink in front of her. Nyle pushed his drink over to her. “Thanks.” She grabbed the drink and pushed her plate in between them. She threw back the drink and Nyle picked at her fries.

The waiter returned with their drinks and Nyle’s food. He grabbed the extra plate from the table and placed his fries on it and then did the same with Keara’s setting the plate between them.

They ate in silence, nursing their drinks. When her whiskey glass was empty, the waiter quickly replaced it. Nyle finished his three drinks but ordered a beer next.

“This will be my last. I’m not trying to rack up a huge bill,” he said.

“You can keep his beers coming. I’ll cover the bill,” Keara said.

“I don’t need you to pay for me.”

“Never said you did. What I did was offer.”

“That was a offer? Because it sounded like you basically just took it upon yourself.”

Keara downed her whiskey and followed it up with her vodka.

“You must be used to getting what you want.”

“I am, but I was honestly trying to do something nice.”

“How about asking next time?”

“Aren’t we supposed to be getting along? Drink. It will make this go so much smoother.”

Nyle started to disagree but changed his mind.

“Keep them coming,” he said to the waiter.

Keara grabbed her tequila and held it up. “Here’s to getting along.” Nyle raised his beer and tapped it against her glass.

Keara moved the sheet from over her head and squinted at the brightness of the sun shining through her windows. Her hair looked as if a bird had tried to make a nest in it. Her head throbbed and her stomach rolled. She cursed herself for not pacing herself. The drinking had started as a way to get over the uncomfortable-ness of dining with Nyle. What happened next was anybody’s guess.

She realized that she was laying at the foot of the bed and turned her head coming face to face with a pair of feet. Her face scrunched up. Keara threw the sheet back over her face and crawled to the head of the bed eyeing the naked male body beside her.

She didn’t remember picking anyone up.

She flung the sheet from her head as she sat up and looked over to see who she was lying next to. When her eyes landed on Nyle’s sleeping face she let out a loud shriek and jumped from the bed taking the sheet with her.

Nyle jumped up and grabbed his head at the throbbing.

“What the hell is going on?” He looked up and his eyes fell on Keara standing at the foot of the bed with the sheet wrapped around her body. His eyes fell to his naked body before looking back up. “You have got to be kidding me.”

“Oh my God, I slept with you,” Keara said. She covered her mouth to stop the bile she was sure was about to come up.

Nyle jumped out of the bed. “This is not happening.”

Keara spun around turning her back to him.

“Would you please put on some clothes?”

Nyle grabbed a pillow and held it in front of him to hide. Keara squeezed past him and headed into the bathroom.

“Please be gone by the time I’m out,” she said through the closed door. She quickly jumped in the shower to cleanse herself of whatever she managed to do with Nyle the night before. Nyle stumbled around the room looking for his clothes. He dressed as fast as he could and bolted from the room.

Keara stood in front of the bathroom mirror scolding her reflection for allowing herself to get so drunk. She grabbed the brush to run through her freshly washed hair and her eyes widened in shock at what she saw.

“This isn’t happening.”

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Book Discussion – Highland Wolf Pact – Book One

Love-bugs here is your spoiler alert. If you haven’t yet read this book, please go do so and come back so we can chat about it.

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Now onto the discussion…

So, I managed to read a book that wasn’t an erotica lol. Seems weird considering that seems to be all we’ve been reading lately, but I can’t help what’s on my tablet.

I enjoyed this book. I got a story that I could get into and although the characters weren’t entirely relatable, they were still characters that I cared for. Considering this is a problem I had some books back, I’m happy that I could feel for these characters.

I really liked the authors way of telling the story. The descriptions of the wolves, it was almost as if I could see their massive bodies before me. Every movement they made. When they were hurt and even when they shifted from human to wolf form.

You would think that something like that would be hard to describe and make it so visible but the author nailed it. It was so clear as to what happens to them when they shift.

I had a little bit of trouble in the beginning because there were Scottish words used that I had to look up so that understood what the characters were saying to each other. When they started speaking in English it became easier to follow along.

I also like how the author had the MC clearly frightened and not willing to believe that it is possible for people to turn into beasts. Sometimes I think in books when someone is coming face to face with something new, the writers make them too accepting and I just do not believe that we as a people are that accepting. Yes, I know that it is fiction but I enjoyed that there was a bit of push back as this character had to come to terms with what was going on around her.

Four out of five stars for me.

What did you guys think? Leave me a comment and let me know.

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Short Story – Till Death Do Us Part – Chapter One

“There is a reason why romance novel are so popular,” the professor said.

“Yeah, because women enjoy reading fantasy wishing that stuff like that happened in real life,” Keara said. Everyone turned to look at her and her best friend Dinah snickered beside her.

“Well, it seems that Miss. Mathews is up for a debate today.”

“Not really, just stating my opinion,” Keara said quickly. The last thing she wanted was to get into a debate in class. Again. Everyone already called her argumentative and her adviser had challenged her to try to not be. If a debate started she would already be failing and she hated failing at anything.

“Nonsense. I’m sure that their is someone who disagrees with you and wouldn’t mind giving us their opinion,” the professor egged on.

Keara closed her eyes and prayed that everyone remained silent. Her prayers went unanswered when he spoke. Nyle Smith. The person who most of her debates seemed to happen with. it seemed that he always had something to say in opposition to something she muttered.

“I don’t think women read them because of the fantasy of them. I think women read them for the message.”

“And what is the message Mr. Smith?”

“the message that true love exists,” Nyle said.

“And if you read this you too can find love when the next billionaire approaches,” Keara said.

“So much for not being argumentative,” Dinah whispered.

“This coming from our resident billionaire,” Nyle stated.

“I’m not a billionaire. We’re barely in the low millions.”

“Whatever,” he said. “You can’t tell me that you don’t read romance novels, as cheesy as they can be, and not feel a sense of hope that there is true love out there and that there is someone for everyone.”

“No. First, I don’t read romance novels, unless they’re assigned,” she smiled at the professor. “Second, I live is the real world . My feet are firmly planted down here on earth. But clearly you do. Tell us Nyle. Who is this girl?” She turned in her seat to face him.

“That’s for me to know,” he said and winked at her. Keara rolled her eyes and turned back in her seat. “Your parents divorce must have been hard on you.”

“My parents are happily married, I’ll have you know and they didn’t fall in love in a day. It took time and they work at their marriage everyday. It’s not all flowers and picnics like these books would have you believe. That is why women end up being so screwed. A guy winks at them and suddenly they tell themselves that that it must be love because the last guy didn’t make them blush, so that has to mean that this new guy is their soulmate.

“Then when the relationship blows up in their face, they stuck lying in bed eating tubs of ice cream crying about how they will never find love again because they lost their soulmate. Love does come after one look. It’s not real. Love is something you build towards.”

“I beg to differ. I’m getting married soon and we’ve only been together for six months and I know he’s my soulmate,” Dinah said.

“Yeah, well I know a good divorce attorney when you need him,” Keara said before she could stop herself. She quickly cursed herself and turned to Dinah to apologize.

“Anyway he can help me divorce you and this friendship?”

Keara could see how hurt Dinah was by her comment. When Dinah had come to her to ask her to be her maid of honor, she had wanted to tell her right then and there that she was crazy. She couldn’t marry a guy that she had just met, but she kept her mouth closed. Keara’s father was the top divorce attorney in the state and he had been telling her since she was a child about all of the couples he had to deal with on account of they rushed into marriages thinking it was true love.

She didn’t want that for her best friend but when Dinah Harris made up her mind about something, it was nearly impossible to get her to change it.

“Alright class. That’s all we have for today. Enjoy your break.”

Everyone gathered up their things and filed out of the room. Keara tried to get Dinah’s attention but she was currently ignoring her. She couldn’t do it forever because they would soon be in Vegas for her bachelorette weekend.

“You really fucked that up.”

“Bite me Nyle.”

“Tell me when and where,” he smirked.

“Gosh.” She rolled her eyes and walked away from him.

She made it back to her dorm room and finished her last minute packing. Keara wasn’t happy about Dinah marrying so soon but she was so ready for the weekend. She needed to blow off some steam. Working to keep her grads at a 4.0 or higher was draining her. As long as she kept her grades up her parents allowed her to continue towards her liberal arts degree. If they dropped, she would have to transfer to pre-law or business. One would think that they wouldn’t be able to get her to change majors her third year in, but her parents could do just about anything.

Keara sat all of her bags on her bed and went to find her adviser.

“How did it go in class today?” she asked when Keara was seated across from her in the cafeteria.

“I failed.”


“I don’t understand why it’s so important that I not argue with people of voice my opinion.” That was a lie. She knew why it was important. That was why she sought out a communications major to be her adviser. She had to try to learn to control her mouth because her parents were getting pretty tired of her speaking her mind.

“So tell me what happened.”

Keara recounted what occurred in her Lit class to her adviser. They both agreed that she had been pushed into the debate. However she was advised that she could have shown a bit more tact and that she did not have to engage so fully in the discussion.

Keara left her adviser and jumped into her BMW, driving to her parents house. She found them both on the terrace having a late lunch.

“Mommy, daddy.” She placed a quick kiss on her fathers cheek and an air kiss on her mothers so that she didn’t smudge her makeup.

“What brings you by Keara,” her mother asked looking up from the magazine she was reading.

“I thought I would come see you guys before I left for Vegas.”

“Oh, I don’t understand why you are choosing to go to that place,” her mother said in disgust.

“I didn’t choose to go, it’s where Dinah is having her bachelorette weekend and what did Vegas ever do to you?”

“Watch you tone.”

“That Dinah is rushing into that marriage and it is only going to end in divorce,” her father said.

“I know daddy, but she thinks she’s in love.”

“You should really talk to her.”

“You know how stubborn Dinah is. If I tell her I think she’s making a mistake, she’ll disown me.”

“Well, I’ll represent her in her divorce. I’ll even do it for free because she’s like my own daughter.”

Keara shook her head and laughed. She had basically said the same thing in class and that had afforded her the silent treatment from her best friend. There wouldn’t be much for them to split because they were two colleges students but he would make sure that she got out quickly and smoothly.

When it happened, Keara wouldn’t even say ‘I told you so’, her parents on the other hand would likely go on a tangent about how they knew the marriage wouldn’t last.

For Dinah’s sake she almost prayed that they stayed married forever. No one should have to listen to a lawyer and the most successful business women in the tristate area, recount everything that you did wrong.

Keara’s phone beeped and she took it out to see that she had a new message from Dinah. The silent treatment was over. Keara said goodbye to her parents and raced back to the dorm. She collected her things and followed Dinah down to the car. They drove to the airport.

Dinah went on and on about how much fun they were going to have. They were going to meet up with her finance and his best friend. Unfortunately for Keara the two had decided to forgo a traditional bachelor/bachelorette party and decided to choose a week to go to Vegas and spend their time together. With their maid of honor and best man. It was turning out to be a couples weekend and Keara had yet to even meet the best man. In fact she knew little about Dinah’s finance, so it was no surprise that she didn’t know who his best friend was.

Keara had sprung for first class tickets, so they boarded the plane and slept during the ride to Las Vegas. When they arrived at the hotel and checked in, Keara took her key card and turned to go up to her room.

“I have to tell you something,” Dinah said in a rush.

“what is it?”

“I never told you who Avi’s best man was>” Dinah looked like she was afraid to continue.

“It doesn’t matter. I don’t really care who he is.” It was the truth. Keara could care less to know who this guy was.

“But you’re gonna want to,” Dinah said.

“Well if it isn’t my favorite person.” Him.

Keara looked past Dinah and saw Avi walking towards us. Nyle was at his side dragging his luggage. Keara turned to look at Dinah, steam coming out of her ears.


“Sorry,” Dinah said sweetly.

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Book Discussion – Hate F*@k – Forbidden Bodyguards Book One

Hot, Hot, Hot

Hey love-bugs as always spoilers are a strong possibility so if you haven’t yet read this one please go do so and come back to tell me what you thought.

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Now onto the discussion…

This book was all sex all the time. Like literally.

There was a bit of a solid story there, although I would have liked for it to have been fleshed out a bit more but I was actually quite fine with this book. Even gave it four stars.

So, Cole works as a bodyguard of sorts for the Reid family and he is determined to keep Hailey Reid out of her family’s problems. Her dad may have murdered someone and his team covered it up and her older sister slept with the vice president and filmed it. She may or may not have leaked the photo, which has put Hailey back into the spotlight of the press.

Of course these two can’t resist each other and decide to have a relationship that just centers around sex but once they get started,they can’t deny their ever growing feelings for the other.

Things get a bit interesting when it turns out that the whole fixer upper group that Cole is involved with may just be a front so that he can help bring down a guy who has been kidnapping young girls and holding them as sex slaves.

Hailey ends up becoming one of those victims when Cole decides to take her with him to Miami where he was supposed to be working. Hailey is drugged and kidnapped the first chance she is out of Cole’s sight. This is where the action part of the story comes in that has nothing to do with all of the hot, hot sex that Cole and Hailey has.

The reason I didn’t give this story five stars is because although I got a pretty good love story and happy ending (you know how much I like that), the underlying story dealing with her shady parents and the corruption in the government wasn’t fleshed out fully. I felt like there was a pretty intriguing story there but we didn’t get to know too much about.

What did you guys think? Leave me a comment and let me know.

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Short Story – Werewolves, Vampires, Witches Oh My! – Chapter Five

Nuttah followed her mother out of the cabin and back to the arena. Akecheta and Jabari were already present. She wanted to steal a glance at Bahiti but she couldn’t make her eyes lift to catch her gaze. She tried to will herself to turn to Bahiti but couldn’t.

Nuttah’s gaze dropped to the gold bangle on her wrist. She realized that the moment Bahiti placed the bangle around her wrist, she had not looked at her. Not once. She tried to remember the last time she had seen her face that had not been just from closing her eyes and conjuring up a memory. It had been when Bahiti sunk her teeth into Akecheta’s neck.

From that moment she hadn’t been able to bring herself to look at her and it wasn’t because she didn’t want to. Bahiti had enchanted the bangle to do more than suppress her magic. She had enchanted it to keep Nuttah from engaging with her.

Nuttah let out a sigh and took her place before the two remaining chiefs. Chief Hiamovi regarded her for a moment before addressing everyone.

The warriors turned and entered the ring. They each stood at a different end. When Chief Haimovi announced that they could begin, Nuttah looked up to see both Akecheta and Jabari looking in her direction.

They were going to do what she thought they would. They were going to work together to take her out. They both advanced on her not regarding the other. Nuttah tried to run to keep her distance from them. Jabari grabbed her from behind and twining his arms around her waist. He squeezed with all of his might as he lifted her from the ground and held onto her. Akecheta lunged for her his hands outstretched for the red cloth around waist.

She kicked out and hit him in the chest causing him to stumble back. Jabari lowered her and went for the cloth. She spun away from him pulling at the blue cloth around his waist.

The cloth didn’t come undone but she managed to put some distance between them. It didn’t last long because they both came for her again. They were coming at her with full strength. She would not be able to compete against that, so she tried to think of a strategy.

Akecheta lunged again his arms outstretched. She dropped to her knees and grabbed for the end of his green cloth. She crawled away tugging at the cloth. Akecheta turned and grabbed her legs stopping her. Her grabbed at her cloth trying to untie it.

Jabari must have seen how loosely Akecheta’s cloth hung around his waist, because instead of continuing his pursuit of Nuttah, he lunged for him releasing the cloth from his body and holding it up in victory.

“Enough!” Chief Hiamovi bellowed. Akecheta stopped and looked down to find his cloth missing. “The wolf and – the girl – will move on.” He shook his head sadly at Akecheta.

Akecheta turned to Nuttah open mouthed. He didn’t understand how Nuttah had managed to succeed him.

Nuttah didn’t understand it. She turned from the ring and reached down to remove the cloth. She would not have much time to rest before engaging in a sword battle with Jabari, her most difficult challenge yet. She tried to remove the cloth but it was tied to tightly. Her mother walked over and looked into her eyes. Nuttah thought she saw a glimmer of satisfaction as she removed the cloth and stepped away. She watched her walk away confused.

Akecheta stalked away and sat at his fathers side. Chief Naiser wore a victorious grin. The sword fighting was last and there was no way that Nuttah would be able to defeat his warrior.

They had to make a cut. One cut. It seemed so easy for Jabari to do.

They each were handed a sword and ushered back into the ring. The sword was heavy in her hands. Chief bitterly ground out that they could begin. Jabari swung his sword up and charged. Nuttah screeched and held hers up blocking his attack. She quickly backed away and held her sword out in front of her protectively.

Jabari swung at her midsection and she jumped to the side to avoid being cut. He raised his sword again and advanced. Nuttah swung out in an attempt to make him retreat.

He stopped, his arms raised abouve him. His head lowered, his eyes drifting down. Nuttah followed his gaze and spied the fresh line of blood spilling from a wound across his abdomen.

Chief Naiser sat at the edge of his seat a deep scowl on his face. Jabari lowered his arms and dropped the sword at his feet.

“I can’t believe it,” Akecheta whispered.

Nuttah’s mouth fell open. She had won. She had actually won. Jabari looked defeated as he turned to his father and presented the wound.

“Impossible!” Chief Naiser shouted. He turned to Chief Hiamovi, his canines taking shape. “You set this up!” he roared.

“I did no such thing!” he said in defense. “You agreed to allow her to compete. I didn’t want her anywhere near the arena. What good is she as the winner?”

Nuttah’s heart sank. She had won and yet they made it seem as if it meant nothing.

“Maybe to embarrass me. Maybe you are still planning to mate her with him after we have left!”

“Nonsense! The rules were clear. Whoever wins will be her mate. I would not go back on my word.”

“Maybe we should hold this again? I could get word to Chief Athanasios and this time just our warriors will compete.”

Nuttah stepped forward to speak but she didn’t know what she would say. She wanted to look to Bahiti for confirmation or something but she couldn’t. She turned away and dropped the sword at her feet.

“She just proved that she is a warrior,” Jabari spoke.

“Don’t be foolish,” Chief Naiser ground out. “She is a woman.”

“A woman who has managed to beat three of the strongest men,” he said. “She won.”

Chief Naiser glared at him. He stalked down from his throne and took off for his cabin to prepare to leave. Jabari nodded at Chief Hiamovi and stared at Nuttah in wonder before turning to follow his father out.

Everyone fell silent, not sure of what to say or do next. Things had not played out the way that they thought it would. Bahiti would be remaining with them but she would not be Akecheta’s mate and she would not bare a new generation of tribrids. With Nuttah as the winner it was all for naught. They all looked to Chief Hiamovi for guidance as to what would happen next.

Would he do what the werewolf chief had accused him of and pair Bahiti and Akecheta together anyways?

Nuttah looked down at her wrist and saw that the bangle was being removed. She turned to a grinning Bahiti.

“Did you know this would happen?” she asked.

“You have always been my mate,” Bahiti said. She took Nuttah’s face in her hands and placed a sweet kiss on her lips. Nuttah encircled her arms around her waist and pulled her against her body.

The onlookers gasped as a golden light encircled around the two. Bahiti wrapped her arms around Nuttah’s neck and kissed her passionately. The golden light snaked from them a shot towards the sky, ripping through the dome ceiling. There was a burst of light and then golden sparks rained on everyone inside.

Nuttah broke the kiss and stepped out of Bahiti’s grasp and gasped for air. Bahiti smiled at her adoringly. Nuttah’s eyes shone bright gold. She screamed out as new fangs broke through her gums. Her canines came next. She looked down at her hands as they morphed into sharp claws, gold fur forming on her arms. Bahiti’s skin shimmered and she transformed into a wolf. She grazed around Nuttah’s legs.

Nuttah smiled widely. Everyone watched in amazement as she too turned into a wolf.

“Your eyes,” Akecheta gasped as he looked at his father. Chief Hiamovi’s eyes had gone from brown to gold. He raised his hand and touched his teeth, feeling the newly formed fangs and canines. Akecheta stretched his mouth as his too formed.

A ripple effect moved through the dome. Bahiti and Nuttah, still in wolf form, watched as everyone began getting fangs and canines. There hands and feet briefly morphing into claws, before morphing back to hands and feet. Nuttah’s mother walked to the center of the arena where a torch lay unlit. She picked the torch up and blew on it lightly and a small flame appeared, growing. She turned to the two wolves smiling brightly.

They had become a tribe of tribrids, with power that matched Bahiti’s. They had become the powerful tribe they assumed they could only become if Bahiti birthed children.

Bahiti nuzzled up against Nuttah and turned and ran from the arena. Nuttah quickly gave chase. They ran through the village and through the woods side by side.

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Book Discussion – April Yellow Moon – Book Four

And another one.

As always love-bugs if you haven’t yet read this story, please do and then come back and let me know what you think. Here’s your spoiler alert.

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Now onto the discussion…

I’m so glad that I am done and although there is a fifth book, it is not on my tablet and now neither are the first four.

I have an actual headache after reading. Usually I get so engrossed in what I am reading that I’m typically shocked when it comes to an end. Not with this book. I found myself watching the pages count down. I was eager to be done with it.

The problems that I had with the other three books in this “series” I have with this book. There is no consistency. it jumps around a lot. There are so many gaps that needs to be filled in order to make this a good read.

The author could have put all of these in one bind up of short stories. She could have filled in those gaps I spoke of and make these at least a novella.

I am glad that I got these in ebook format because if I would have purchased them in paperback I would have been thoroughly pissed. For the amount that I would have paid (I’ve done it before so I know) it would not have been worth receiving a pamphlet.

She’ll mention something like Cat thinking her relationship is moving too fast and she wants her boyfriend to stop dictating her life but then turn around and act as if the character was okay with it all. This went on for three books.

The dialogue was written in a way that was supposed to evoke emotion but because it wasn’t well written (no character mannerisms) it was hard to feel anything for these characters.

I’ve never been so happy to be done with a book before.

What did you guys think? Let me know in the comments.

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