Tip Tuesday – Outline Your Story

Hey writerly love-bugs,

Why is outlining so darn hard? I guess if you’re one of those super overly organized people outlining comes to you naturally. For me, outlining feels like I’m trying to perform emergency surgery yet I don’t have my medical degree.

I thought that I was a pantser, but writing with out a guide leaves my story feeling slightly out of whack. So, I guess I am a plantser. I need an outline. I can’t write without one, but I have a hard time doing an outline.

Instead I write a chapter by chapter guide. Nothing too in depth. Then I go from there.

A full page summary doesn’t work.

I can never figure out that snowflake method.

Scrivener brought back that emergency surgery feeling.

A couple sentences for each chapter telling me what happens helps me keep a little order to my story.

How do you guys outline your stories? Any tips for a hopeless outliner like me? Leave your tips below.

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