Short Story – Werewolves, Vampires, Witches Oh My! – Chapter One

Nuttah stepped onto the beach, her bare feet sinking into the sand. The wind blew softly lifting her long brown hair. She strained her neck and listened intently. A soft growl reached her ears and she turned in the direction of the sound. A small golden wolf appeared in the distance and walked slowly over to her. Nuttah kneeled and faced the animal as it approached. The animal stopped in front of her and gazed at her with golden eyes.

Nuttah sat down on her knees at waited patiently. The wolf let out a howl and its fur shimmered. A girl sat on her hands and knees in front of Nuttah. She looked up her eyes a dark gray and smiled.

“Decided to go for a run?” Nuttah asked.

“I needed to feel the wind in my fur,” she said. She sat back on her heels and snapped her fingers. Her naked body was quickly covered in garbs similar to what Nuttah was wearing. A skirt that fell inches above her knees and a sleeveless top. Both made of buckskin.

“You’ve been needing that feeling a lot lately.”

“I will be twenty-five tomorrow. You know what that means. The man who wins my hand may not want me to roam so freely.” She looked at Nuttah with mournful eyes.

“You are too powerful for any man to tame,” Nuttah said. She had always marveled at Bahiti’s power. She herself had some power as a witch but Bahiti was more powerful. No one, not even Nuttah’s entire clan of witches had the power that coursed through her veins.

Bahiti was a rare breed. She was part witch, part werewolf and part vampire. A true tribrid. She was the only one of her kind and everyone wanted her. The three chiefs, Hiamovi – the witch chief, Naiser – the werewolf chief and Athanasios – the vampire chief, decided that after Bahiti turned twenty-five years old, they each would send their strongest warrior to participate in tournament. The winner would win Bahiti’s hand in marriage and with her power, make that clan the strongest of all the clans. They would be truly feared.

“No one knows what will happen,” Bahiti said.

“You do.” Bahiti had the ability to see into the future. She chose when to use this power. Chief Hiamovi had tried to pry out of her if his son Akecheta would be the winner of the games. She always refused to alter the future by telling them. “When was the last time you fed?”

“A week ago.” Being part animal, Bahiti refused to feed on other animals. The meat would be presented to her after being prepared and she lied to herself to allow herself to eat it. She did not go hunting in the surrounding woods. She did not want to take a life. She wouldn’t feed on anyone in the clan either and there was no other food source by.

Nuttah raised her arm and presented her wrist. They had grown up together and Nuttah allowed Bahiti to feed from her at times. Other times the chief would provide someone from her to feed from. Bahiti exposed her fangs and sunk them into Nuttah’s wrist, drinking deeply. Nuttah ran her hand down her silky golden hair which lay sprayed across her back. Her light brown skin glowed in the moonlight and shined as she fed from Nuttah.

Bahiti raised her head in a rush and gasped in the fresh air. Her fangs slowly retracted and she licked her lips, cleaning the blood from them. Nuttah’s wrist seeped blood slowly. Bahiti lowered her head to her wrist, pursed her lips and blew softly. Her warm breath grazed across Nuttah’s skin and the wound slowly healed itself.

Nuttah wiped the access blood on her skirt and rose to her feet. She held her hand out to Bahiti. “Come. The chief would like a word.” Bahiti took her hand and they turned started back to the village that they lived. When they got closer to the village, they let their hands fall apart and fall to their sides. Nuttah leads Bahiti to the small yet impressive cabin where the chief resided. She knocked softly upon the door before entering.

Chief Hiamovi sat in the great room. Akecheta sat at his side.

“I was beginning to think that I had sent the wrong person to fetch our Bahiti,” the chief said.

“I went for a run,” Bahiti spoke up for Nuttah.

“It is unwise of you to be out alone so close to the games,” Akecheta spoke.

“I am more than capable of caring for myself,” Bahiti said defiantly.

“We are all aware of your capabilities, but I think you understand how far some will go to have you in their mists.” Akecheta puffed up strong, his solid chest bare. “I can protect you if you stay close.”

There was no attraction between Akecheta and Bahiti but he was determined to be the one who won the games. Although over the years he had his eyes on another villager, he took his responsibilities very seriously. If marrying and mating with Bahiti was what he needed to do to make his clan powerful and breed more tribrids, then he would do just that.

Bahiti and Nuttah often talked about how they were surprised that Akecheta hadn’t run off with her and had his way. It would have broken all the rules and though it would have put the witches at the top of the hierarchy, he was not one to break the rules.

Bahiti opened her mouth to speak but quickly shut it when the chief began to speak.

“Bahiti, we want to ensure that you are safe and that you remain with us. Once you are mated to Akecheta you will have free reign of all that surrounds us,” Chief Hiamovi said.

Nuttah tilted her her head slightly to Bahiti waiting to hear what her response would be. Chief Hiamovi was hinting to Bahiti that he wanted to know if she could tell him what Akecheta’s chances were of winning the games. The corner of Bahiti’s lips turned up but her face gave nothing away.

“Thank you for ensuring that I will not be a prisoner if Akecheta wins and we are mated,” Bahiti said.

Chief Hiamovi groaned outwardly. Akecheta visibly sighed and shook his head.

“May we be excused?” Bahiti asked.

The chief waved his hand dismissing them. They turned and exited the cabin. Bahiti smiled slyly at Nuttah as they walked to her living quarters.

“Why don’t you just tell Chief Hiamovi if Akecheta will win? It will put everyone at ease,” Nuttah said. she raised her hand and motioned around the village. Young children ran around playing together. Women were busy cleaning or cooking the food that had recently been hunted by their mates.

“Or it could cause great distress if Akecheta is not fated to be my mate.”

Nuttah stopped walking. Bahiti stopped and turned to face her.

“That’s it. Have you seen someone not of this clan as your mate?” Nuttah asked. “Is it the werewolf warrior?” Nuttah had not confessed to Bahiti that she had gone to find her on one of her runs and instead found her in human form swooning over a male wolf. Nuttah was sure that the warrior had traveled to their land to get a look at who he assumed would be his mate.

Bahiti took two steps and came to a stop in front of her. She raised her hand and placed it loving on the side of her face. “As much as it pains me to keep it from you, of all, I can not tell what will be.”

Nuttah closed her eyes and leaned into Bahiti’s hand. When she opened them, Bahiti’s eyes glowed golden.


Bahiti’s hand fell to her side and Nuttah straightened before turning to the voice. She glanced back at Bahiti once more before backing away.

“Coming mama!” she called. She turned and ran over to her waiting mother.

She was instantly put to work. When she had turned sixteen, her days of spending all of her time with Bahiti had ended. Bahiti was treated somewhat like royalty. They all thought that she would soon be mated to Akecheta and he would take over as Chief once Hiamovi moved on.

Bahiti already had free reign to do whatever she wanted. Nuttah, like the rest of the clan, had work to do. At the moment they were to prepare for Bahiti’s twenty-fifth birthday. There was to be a big celebration before the games were to begin. Even then they were to make sure that their guests, which included the other chiefs and their best warrior, had a comfortable stay in the Romara.

The witches prided themselves on being the most superior species and they wanted to be sure that they witnessed their graciousness. Everyone had agreed to be civilized. Chief Hiamovi wanted to prove that they were the most civilized being more human lycans who transformed into animals and the vampires who needed to feed on the blood of humans to survive.

Nuttah got to work to make sure that Bahiti had the best birthday before the games began.

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