Book Discussion – Stay With Me – Book One

So Lovebugs,

I took a day off from writing but I managed to get my reading in and I’m so happy I did.

As always spoilers are a strong possibility so if you haven’t yet read this book, leave, read it and come back to tell me what you thought.

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Now onto the discussion…

I loved this book guys. It was emotional, sweet and funny. Like, I actually laughed out loud so many times. Let me start out by saying that I hate embarrassing moments. In my life. The lives of people I know and don’t know. Even fictional characters. So when Thano’s mother overheard him and Kilyn having sex in the the shower and tells Thano that it’s okay to masturbate because she didn’t know Kilyn was over, I died. I almost didn’t want to keep reading because I cringed at the complete embarrassment of it. I also laughed loudly for about five minutes. I’m currently chuckling right now thinking about it.

Thano’s comes from this large Greek family and everyone expects him to marrying a Greek girl. Especially after his fiance died. She happened to not be Greek and they were going to let that slide. I was surprised and happy that the family accepted Kilyn considering she was Irish. Marrying Greek seemed so important to them but in the end Thano’s happiness was more important.

I knew that Thano’s would end up falling in love with Kilyn but there was a moment there that I thought it was going to be grabbed out because of his unwillingness to let go of his dead fiance. Kilyn seemed to let him in a little sooner then he let her in and she was dealing with her own issues from being hurt.

They fell for each other kind of earlier on in the book that I thought it would wrap up quickly like most novella’s but Elliott managed to drag the story out giving us possibly heartbreak and these incredible highs in their relationship. We got to see these moments were they were extremely happy.

I gave this book five stars.

What did you think Lovebugs? Leave me a comment and let me know.

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