Film Friday – Christmas Belle (2013)

All this extra cheese.

Hey Love-bugs,

Back with another Christmas movie for Film Friday and here is your spoiler alert.

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This movie was super cheesy and you know I like cheesy. However, it was almost a little too cheesy for me.

Christmas Belle is supposed to be a cute little retelling of Beauty and the Beast. At least that’s what I got out of it. Isabelle aka Bella works as an estate planner or something like that. Basically she goes to estates to catalog their items for sale. Her father Rex gets her to go to the Lowell estate, even though he was supposed to be the one to do it. Right away Hunter Lowell is distant and cold (we know that won’t last long) and he doesn’t want her there. But because he is trying to sell his home before Christmas he agrees to let her say and do her job.

I can’t say if there is an immediate attraction there like you can pick up on in most movies like this. Hunter is determined to keep his distance and Belle who is friendly with everyone she meets tries to be warm to him. It’s just her personality. She’s nice to everyone she meets.

Then there’s Tony. The guy who wants Belle but who Belle doesn’t want.

It got extremely cheesy for me when Hunter yelled at Belle once, count it once, and she was ready to run for the hills. She just couldn’t take him being rude and talking to her with little respect. I guess that would have been fine if he had been a complete a-hole the entire time. The only thing I saw him do was keep his distance. When she went into a room his estate manager was sure to tell her was off limits, was the only time that he exploded on her.

Then he chases after her to get her to come back and finish working for him and suddenly the sparks are flying. I’m still trying to figure out how we got from point A to point Z. Trying to wrap my head around that.

They start spending time together and feelings grow. Typical for this type of film.

When Tony showed up and started causing problems for the two I knew that was coming. Tony was determined to get Belle to marry him and there was no way that he was going to let Hunter win. He went as far as to call himself her boyfriend and then lie to Hunter that she was using him for his library (which wasn’t that impressive).

Hunter believes it and then when he learns the truth he goes after her, asks her to marry him and they wed on Christmas day.

Whoa, whoa, whoa. They’ve known each other for like four days. Can you really know that you’ve met your soulmate after only four days? And then they don’t even have a long engagement to get to know each other better. My head is still spinning.

I mean, by all rights it is a cute movie and I think Haylie Duff is a pretty decent actress. There was just more cheese then I tend to like in my movies and I love cheese.

What did you guys think? Let me know.

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