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I was going to break this review up into 12 different posts but considering I read this back to back with no space in between to write down my thoughts, I decided one post will do. Since I am horrible at keeping spoilers to myself this post may have some spoilers so, if you haven’t read any of these books, click out, read them and come back.

Now on to my thoughts.

I thoroughly enjoyed this entire series. PC & Kristin Cast painted a world where vampires live among humans. You can identify the vampires by the tattoos on their face, a filled in crescent and tattoos framing their face. Fledglings, teenagers who have been marked and has yet to complete the change to mature vampire, are identified by an outline a crescent moon.

The story follows fledgling Zoey Redbird who has just been marked but instead of a crescent outline, hers is filled in. Zoey has been chosen by the Goddess of Night and tasked with helping to identify the light and evil in the mortal realm.

I love reading familiar stories that are written with a twist. Vampires born and not bitten? Who would have thought that such an idea would work out. Zoey has been gifted with a special affinity for the five elements, thoughout the series her tattoos grow every time she does something that the Goddess approves of. Things escalate from a simply task of removing a mean girl from her place of power to taking down a powerful and dangerous immortal.

There was romance, adventure, evil, goodness, a goddess, Native America traditions, a fallen immortal with wings and half bird half man beasts.

There is an eternal struggle between light and darkness and everyone has a choice, even vampires. The unthinkable happens when fledglings reject the change and die but then they come back to life as a new fledgling/vampire. These new vamps are the stereotypical vampires we are used to reading about and watching. They can’t go out in the sun or they will burn up, they have to be invited into people’s homes, they have the power to compel humans, they MUST have blood to survive and they are faster and stronger.

I like that the writers wrote that their were rules that vampires had to follow and there is a council who makes sure that those rules are followed.

Warriors, imprints, consorts, bloodlust, white and black Bulls. I could go on and on about all of the things I loved about this series.  It’s a bitter sweet moment that I made it to the end. I’m happy I got a resolution but I’m sad that it’s over.

The authors added a lot of pop culture references in these books. At first it made the characters more relatable. After a while it became quite annoying, which is why not all of these books got five stars from me. It was a bit much to constantly have to read about oft her books or movies that are out now. There was at least five references in each book. As you can imagine after like the third book it became repetitive and slightly annoying. I felt like the authors were trying so hard to make these books seem relatable and to make the teenagers seem just like every other teenagers that they over did it. One or two would have been enough but none would have been better.

Aside from that, I didn’t find too much wrong with this series as a whole. I would recommend you read it. It’s supposed to be made into a movie and I want the people who bought the right years ago to please hurry up. I’ve even casted this movie. It was that good that I could see a series of movies from it. Dragging it out in tv form would probably be too much but movies, yes.

That’s all I’ve got for you guys. I hope you check them out and if you have do you agree with me?

Like and comment and I’ll see you back here.

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Dawson’s Creek – Complete Series Thoughts – Click Image

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So, I just completed binge watching Dawson’s Creek, over ten years too late, and I am going to share with you my thoughts whether you like it or not. This will likely be filled with spoilers, so if you waited to watch this show like I did, click off this post watch it and come back to see if you agree with my ramblings or not. Now on to my post.

I am widely known as a repeat offender, to the people who know me that is. Which means that if I love a show I WILL watch it again. There is some debate on whether I have watched The Vampire Diaries four or five times and it is no secret that once I complete it, I will watch something else and then return to TVD for the fifth or sixth time. But enough about my intense love for all things Delena, Damon Salvatore and Stefan’s abs. I’ll give you a post on my thoughts if you ask really nice. This post is about what I thought of Dawson’s Creek.

Now, I don’t want to upset any of you Creekers, is that what you call yourselves? If not, that’s your new name.

It’s not that I hated the show. I laughed, I swooned, I fell in love with actors I had never paid much attention to and I even shed a few tears. Okay, more than a few. Call me a sucker for a death scene. Give me a death, words some great writer has written, fantastic acting, sad music playing in the background and then in the forefront as a sappy montage is playing and it’s no wonder I’m sitting on my bed balling my eyes out like I knew these characters personally. The series finale was even pretty good.

In fact, the show was good. I just would never watch it a second time. It made me mad. Quite often. To begin with, it apparently took me six seasons to figure out what the show was really about, or rather who. It’s titled Dawson’s Creek for crying out loud. Yes, it has all of the makings of an ensemble cast but I was under the impression that the show was about Dawson Leery. Yet, when Dawson is describing his movie about his life he says it’s about a girl i.e. Joey. So, was the actual show about Joey? This confuses me and pisses me off. I wondered why poor Dawson continually got the shitty end of the stick. He loved so hard and so fully yet, every girl he loved left him and that whole thing with Joey. Man could that girl have been more flaky? You long after a guy for fifteen years, get him and then tell him you need to be alone? Then she wasn’t alone. She fell right into Jack’s arms. When he turned out to be gay she went back to Dawson. Dawson didn’t work out and then came Pacey and then back to Dawson.

The girl gave me whiplash. I love that they figured it out and remained friends and Dawson could be happy that his soulmate choice his best friend over him, but let’s be realistic. I don’t know one friends, guy or girl, that could have survived that. Plus, Joey went on and on about wanting Pacey and Dawson to be friends again, but refused to let either of them really go. That would have been the mature thing to do. All this talk of growing up and she couldn’t find one guy to be with other than the two of them and she had options. The next time one of my guy friends talks about taking us out of the friend zone I’m going to make him watch this show. Bad things happen when you hook up with your friends.

Forget about the fact that she show was actually good and that Kerr Smith was amazing. I could never watch this show again because I can’t deal with being mad for a good six seasons. Did I mention how cute Jenson Ackles was? Anyways.

I think that about covers my rant. Comment if yo agree or if you think I’m just plan crazy. Plus, leave a comment on what show you want me to binge and review next from Hulu or Netflix.

Until we meet again… I love you, thanks for stopping by and be sure to bring your sexy asses back. (Was that too much? Oh well. Can’t take it back now. Or can I?)

Marked: House Of Night – Thoughts – Click Image

Hey There 136 Followers,

So, I’ve read, for the second or third time, the House of Night series and here is my unsolicited thoughts on MARKED. Spoilers.

I flew through this book every time I picked it up. Marked follows a girl named Zoey Redbird who has been chosen to be a vampire and also chosen by the Goddess of Night to be her eyes and ears in the mortal world. I was intrigued by the idea that vampires weren’t bitten but more or less born. They are chosen in life and even then it is not guaranteed that the will complete the change and become a full vampire.

Vampire with powers doesn’t seem like a new concept. Heck, crazy Drusilla from Buffy the Vampire Slayer was psychic. Certain vampires are given special affinities from their Goddess. Zoey stands out because instead of having a outline of a crescent moon on her forehead like most fledglings, hers is filled in like a mature vampire. She is then quickly gifted with an affinity for all of the five elements.

The authors, PC & Kristin Cast, created a world that is completely beautiful and like any YA novel it is full of teenage anxiet. Zoey can’t seem to stay away from her human boyfriend and she is somehow dealing with bloodlust when she shouldn’t have to deal with such a thing for another three years. She is also interested in an older fledgling boy and is not sure how to juggle to the boys because she never had to when she was human.

Zoey also has the added pressure of dealing with a stepfather she can’t stand a mother who doesn’t take her side, with anything.

Outside of the magic and vampirism I found Zoey to be shockingly relatable. This book was such an easy read and I found myself not able to put it down, eager to find out how it finished.

I give this story ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️😍