Getting Friends and Family Support

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This week I want to talk about the role friends and family play in your success.

Anyone who knows me knows that I’ve wanted nothing else but to be in the entertainment industry. My first passion is acting and it has been since I was three years old. Writing was a happy accident at the age of fourteen and I hope to one day produce and direct.

Everyone knows this. Everyone supports this. With words.

There are tons of, “I’m going to purchase your book/movie when you put it out”, “you’re going to be big”, “I will support you in any way I can.” That is until you actually ask for that support.

This is something I’m experiencing at the moment. This is not a negative towards the few that purchased my first book. I truly appreciate the support. This is more about the wide lack of support.

It’s no secret that I quit my job to pursue writing full-time (plus the job was sucking the life out of me) and when I did, I thought of ways to supplement my income until I started making income from my writing. One of the ways was creating fun t-shirts on teespring. The other was starting a Gofundme account. I felt weird about the latter, like I quit my job and then ask for donations? It’s safe to say that page did not last long (although several people do it). I then discovered a platform that made me feel less scavie. Patreon. It’s dedicated to helping artistic types fund their careers. How great is that? So, I created an account.

They tell you to share your Patreon account on your personal Facebook page. That your first patrons should generate from family and friends.

So… What does it mean when your friends and family doesn’t become a patron?

I had this sinking feeling that if I can’t even get my F&F to pledge $1 towards my career endeavors, how do I get complete strangers to do it?

Then there’s the feeling of maybe no one really believes in you.

It’s an awful feeling but it’s what floats to the surface. I mean, it’s a dollar. I couldn’t even get one dollar from ONE person. No wonder no one else will do it, my own mama won’t.

These thoughts and feelings are not good for my depression. My anxiety flares up. I feel like I’m standing in quick sand sinking fast.

So, I had to realize something. Your family and friends do not determine your worth. If you sit and wait for them to acknowledge you, you will be waiting forever and completely missed out on making your dreams come true.

This is a sad realization but a necessary one.

You have to go out there and fight for what you believe is yours. For me, it’s my place in the entertainment industry. When at first my feelings would be hurt, now I am more determined.

I hope this courage so anyone in a similar situation. It’s very unlikely that anyone will even read this because no one reads my posts. If you do happen to read this and would like to become a patron, click the image below.

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Until the next time…