#WriterWednesday #1

Hey 128 followers,

Welcome to Wednesday when I will share excerpts of my writings from the past 18 years. These excerpts are whatever was written on all of the loose paper I had piled up. Some may be pretty short. FYI, some of it is pretty bad. So, bare with me. Also, before deciding to write books, I wanted to write screenplays so many are being written in book format so they can be slightly understood but they are not edited. If you want to be able to see exclusive content from what I am working on you can make a small donation on Patreon at Patreon.com/TaQuandaCreates

Now on to my writing…


In an airplane bathroom, Dominique rises and looks in the mirror. She brushes her hand under her nose and fixes her hair. Dominique leaves the bathroom.

In the airplane cabin, Dominique walks back to her seat.

“You okay?” Terell asks.


In the Clark’s kitchen, Cassandra, Whitney, Keimi, Aubrielle and Sharde are preparing dinner.

“What time does aunt Roz’s plane get in?” Whitney asks.

“Four,” Cassandra answers.

“Who’s picking her up?”


Wow. That’s it. Told you it was pretty short. I vaguely remember writing this. There are a couple of characters I can’t remember creating but what are you going to do huh?

Well, that’s it for this week of Writer Wednesday.

Let me know if you lik this idea and want more posts like this.

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Until we meet again…