Wattpad Stories: Post I

Hey guys,

Welcome back to my blog. Before we dive into the point of this post I wanted to go over a few things.

1: I am going to start blogging three times a week. That’s right. Three times. Monday’s will feature my musings of a starving artist. Wednesday’s will be all about sharing my writing and Friday’s will be book reviews. So, this will be the last Wednesday you have a review related post.

2: At the end of each blog will be a icon for the FEATURED BOOK OF THE WEEK. This will likely be the last published book that I reviewed. If you’re interested in purchasing a copy, just click the photo.

3: My book will also be at the end of each post if you are interested in purchasing (I hope you are).

4: I will also feature a link for some fun t-shirts available for purchase and a Gofundme account for anyone interested in making a small donation.

Now onto the blog.

So Wattpad. For those of you who are not familiar with Wattpad, in a nutshell it is a free story sharing app. That’s it. Professional and amateur writers and write stories and share them with the large community.

I learned of Wattpad about a year ago and started sharing my work on the site. In the process, I’ve read a bit as well. Some really good ones that should be professionally published.

This post is not about those great stories, however.

This is about the story I just had to DNF (Do Not Finish).

I will not share the name of the book or author.

I was so frustrated reading this last story. It is hugely popular on the app, gaining thousands of reads, votes and comments, but this book was horrible and no one seemed to notice. It had a good premise that is working but something went horribly wrong with this book.

I don’t have a big problem with insta-romances, but this was super insta. The way the two MC’s fell for each other gave me whiplash. Things weren’t adding up within this story. The entire week that I pushed myself to try and finish this book I kept trying to keep everything in order in my head. There were just so many inconsistencies.

I’m still trying to understand how a book that needs a major overhaul, could be one of the most popular books on the site. That was the whole reason why I wanted to read it (lol).

Back to the drawing board, or the Wattpad story recommendations.

This weeks featured book

My book



Until the next time…