Book News: The Hood Diaries Postponed


It has been awhile since my last post. So much has been going on but I will not bore you with the details. I have decided that I am going to attempt to post more in the new year. I’m trying to build up my fan base and get more views to my blog.

Enough about that, let’s get to the reason for this post.

I made an announcement last year that my new book #HoodDiaries would be released in November of 2015. If you haven’t noticed I haven’t posted much about the release of this book and that is because I had to postpone it.

The reason behind this decision is because I am trying to bring you all the best book that I have ever written. I am mature enough to admit that my first book had some problems. I like to consider that my learning experience. However I was about to make the same mistake that I did the first time around and that was rush the project and attempt to do everything myself.

Once it got closer to that release date I made the decision to do better this time around. So I have postponed this book so that I can make sure that it is my best yet. I should have made this announcement sooner but better late than never. (HeHeHe)

For everyone that has been sticking it out with me. I am trying to hard not to disappoint you all.

Until the next post (which will hopefully come soon) Love, Peace & Chicken Grease


Author: TaQuanda Taylor

TaQuanda Taylor is a native of Rochester, NY. She studied at School of the Arts high school as a drama major. TaQuanda moved to Brooklyn, NY in 2007. In 2011 TaQuanda made an active decision to pursue a career in writing. She enrolled in the Creative Writing for Entertainment program at Full Sail University where she is working on her Bachelors degree in Fine Arts.

3 thoughts on “Book News: The Hood Diaries Postponed”

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