Something In Her Body Took Over

Something in her body took over


He turned the gun on her and fired two shots.
Genesis could feel the bullets hit her. She was shot just above her vest and then in the right arm.
The impact of being shot stunned her but that was it. She wasn’t in pain. She didn’t hit the ground like she thought she would or feel a burning sensation she thought would accompany being shot.
The man was sure that he had done some damage and turned to take off down the street. Chris jumped out of the car and ran towards her. She had a choice to make. She could stay and make sure Chris was all right or she could catch the man who had shot her.
Without really thinking about it, she chose the latter.
She wasn’t sure how she was able to run after being shot two but she was and if it were possible, she was running faster and easier than before. She was beginning to close the gap between her and the man. He looked over his shoulder and she saw the surprise of her appearance flash across her face. Something about that reaction gave her a little joy.
He took his gun out and fired at her again. Genesis was shot in the right leg. It slowed her down a bit.
That gave him the opportunity to duck into an abandoned building. She ran in after him. She stopped within the entrance and looked around searching for him. A noise caught her attention and she looked up. The man was running up the stairs. Genesis didn’t even think she just reacted. She took off up the stairs. He heard her and fired over the banister.
The bullet hit her in the left arm but it didn’t stop her. She continued up the stairs.
The man stepped on the landing of the third floor and she was right behind him. She reached out to grab him and was surprised when he spun around.
Before Genesis had a second to react, she was punched in the face. She felt her head bob back from the impact. Something in her body took over.
She threw a punch as hard as she could.
It sounded like she had broken his jaw, but that was impossible.
He screamed out in agony. Genesis reached for her handcuffs. She was going to have a lot to explain if he did indeed have a broken jaw.
Distracted, she didn’t notice that he had mostly pulled himself together. So she wasn’t ready for the slap across the face that came.
“Son of a-“ Genesis stumbled and almost fell down the stairs. She reached out and grabbed a hold of the railing to steady herself.. the man moved towards her and all she could think about was getting him away from her before her pushed her down the stairs. She kicked out and he stumbled back.
Genesis moved farther onto the landing making sure that she was nowhere near the stairs. She couldn’t imagine taking that fall.


Author: TaQuanda Taylor

TaQuanda Taylor is a native of Rochester, NY. She studied at School of the Arts high school as a drama major. TaQuanda moved to Brooklyn, NY in 2007. In 2011 TaQuanda made an active decision to pursue a career in writing. She enrolled in the Creative Writing for Entertainment program at Full Sail University where she is working on her Bachelors degree in Fine Arts.

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