Hey guys,
I am going to share something personal with you all.

I am struggling. I’m struggling to finish my second book. You may remember that I preset a date to release the book before I even begun writing it. You may also remember that I then postponed the release date. I’m struggling to finish because I am afraid. I’m afraid of failing. I want to one day be able to stop working my day job and write full time. As is stands, I am no where near reaching that goal.
My first book didn’t do so well. Despite all of my efforts to promote it. That is where my fear comes in. I think I have a good story. I think I have a really good story. I thought I had a good story with the first book as well. And despite everything I did to get it recognized it only sold 8 copies.
It’s a little disappointing. I wasn’t to sell over a million copies right of the bat but I expected to sell more than 8 copies. Especially considering the amount of friends and family who were told about this book and the amount of Facebook groups I am in.
One of the marketing tips I picked up was to post in as many Facebook groups as possible but I’m starting to question that method.
I don’t think anyone is reading the books that are posted there. Everyone is a self published author and is trying to get there work out there. I don’t think they are also taking the time to check out any of the other books.
I’ll admit I was like that as well. I spent so much time posting the link to my book in these groups but I wasn’t paying much attention to the other posts.
I did start to notice some of the books and I’ve even purchased a few.
But posting in these groups was not working for me so I created my own group. It doesn’t have many members but I was trying to put together a group where people actually read books and would be willing to buy the books purchased. I’ve purchased at least three books from this group but I keep getting the run around from everyone.
It makes me feel a little defeated.
I’m preparing to leave all of those groups and even deleting the one I created.
I’m trying to get over this bit of fear I’m experiencing because I want to finish this book.
Any other authors out there who may have struggled with the same thing?
How did you get over it?
Answer below and as always Love, Peace and Chicken Grease.


Author: TaQuanda Taylor

TaQuanda Taylor is a native of Rochester, NY. She studied at School of the Arts high school as a drama major. TaQuanda moved to Brooklyn, NY in 2007. In 2011 TaQuanda made an active decision to pursue a career in writing. She enrolled in the Creative Writing for Entertainment program at Full Sail University where she is working on her Bachelors degree in Fine Arts.

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