First Post

So, I wasn’t sure of what my first blog post should be about. So, I decided to give you a little excerpt from my premiere book. Hope you enjoy.


Chris knocked again and she stepped away from the door. Something made her turn and look towards the drive-thru.

She couldn’t believe what she was seeing.

A man climbed out of the small window.

“Hey!” Genesis called out.

The man hit the ground and turned to look at her. Chris backed away from the door to see why Genesis had called out. The man turned and took off running. An employee ran to the door and unlocked it. Chris ignored him and ran to the car.

Genesis didn’t know why but instead of getting in the car, she took off on foot after the guy.

The car was right there and it would have only taken a few seconds for her to get to it but the same feeling that told her to look at the drive-thru window was now telling her to run.

“Genesis!” Chris called out her name.

But she couldn’t stop.

She could hear the door slam shut and the engine start up. The man had a little of a head start and Chris would probably catch him before she did.

Genesis made it to the street and chased after him. He was pretty fast. She couldn’t help but think that he had probably ran track in high school. Maybe he could have had a career as a cross-country runner.

The man sprinted down the street. She pushed herself with everything she had to try and keep up. It felt like her legs were going to give out from under her. It was taking everything that she had to keep up with him.

She felt like passing out but then it quickly faded away. She suddenly had a surge of energy.

The man made it around the corner. Chris sped past her and he too made it around the corner. She knew he would get to him first. Why didn’t I get in the car?

She heard the shots before she made it around the corner. Chris swerved the car to avoid being hit. The front of the car crashed into a light pole.

She turned to find the man. He was standing, aiming the gun at the car. Genesis reached for her own gun but she wasn’t quick enough.

He turned the gun on her and fired two shots.

Genesis felt the bullets hit her. She was shot in the chest, the bullet narrowly missing her vest, and then in the right arm.



Author: TaQuanda Taylor

TaQuanda Taylor is a native of Rochester, NY. She studied at School of the Arts high school as a drama major. TaQuanda moved to Brooklyn, NY in 2007. In 2011 TaQuanda made an active decision to pursue a career in writing. She enrolled in the Creative Writing for Entertainment program at Full Sail University where she is working on her Bachelors degree in Fine Arts.

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